7+ Stylish & Practical Small House Exterior Design Ideas

The correct, harmonious design of a compact country cottage will help eliminate the effect of modesty and diminutiveness of the object, visually turning it into a comfortable country residence. Modern design ideas for the exterior of a small house imply the use of such decorative elements and palettes so that the building looks self-sufficient and is successfully played in the environment.

small house outside design

They use neat, laconic decor, stucco molding, and light natural tones. The house visually becomes larger, it looks light and aesthetically pleasing. It is in harmony with the surrounding nature, slightly blending into it.

Stucco decoration and forging in the small house exterior design

small home exterior design

When decorating the facade of even a compact cottage in a classic style, it makes sense to use decorative stucco molding. But the patterns should be light, not very massive, and have simple shapes. Thin lines and the absence of bulky elements will serve to visually enlarge the building.

small home exterior ideas

Among the ideas for the design of the exterior of a small house can also be the use of decorative wrought-iron fences and balustrades. Such designs add charm and sophistication to the object. But on a compact cottage, they should not be very noticeable. Neatness, brevity, and small curls will look harmonious and appropriate.

small house ideas exterior

The finished, neat look of the building will be due to the laconic lines of cornices, pediments, rustic materials, compact platbands, and minimalistic framing of openings. It turns out that here you can use almost all the same elements when decorating a large country house, but it is important to adapt them to a building of compact size.

Colors in the exterior design of a small house

small house exterior ideas

It is better to paint the facade of the building in color close to the shades of the environment. The house should not stand out too much and be a dark accent spot in the background. It is worth using a natural palette with beige, gray, brown, yellow, greenish, and white tones.

small home outside design

If the colors are in harmony with the landscape, the building will not look separate from its surroundings. Due to this, it will visually appear larger.

modern small house exterior design

Aesthetics and expressiveness to the cottage will be added by decoration using stucco molding, a contrasting roof and foundation. The most successful exterior design ideas for a small house imply a neat design without massive, pompous decor, modest laconic lines and small patterns. Optimal observance of proportions and a thoughtful amount of decor will reflect on the aesthetics and visual perception of the building.