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ArtFacade » Main Entrance Design ~ 111+ Front Door Ideas

Main Entrance Design ~ 111+ Front Door Ideas

One tiny thing that a lot of people often don’t even pay their concentration to is doors. Among the first pictures that sceptical visitors may see when they approach to so nice house and of course first impressing when they touch. (well, if we don’t count the doorbell). Entrance home doors should amaze their minds that will create first real and strong imagination of your lovely and unique home.

House Entrance Design Ideas

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Every present-day house is unique…but you have to understand the door designs are more consequential than you might think! The truth is when you are going to planning your amazing future home and specially when you thinking about front door design there are so many options!

Front Entrance Decor Ideas

Here we will tell you about many gorgeous and new-fashioned front door designs chosen up to inspire your mind and make you be involved the latest methods, concepts, information, or styles!

House Front Entrance Design

When we start to consider the possibility or advantages of buying or building the first or next future home, or remodeling our current one, of course first thing that cross our minds is significant general look where illustrious facade and general outstanding shape of the house come first. Will my remarkable house have simple main door designs for home or maybe teak wood main door designs for houses is better?

Which one to choose?

Home Entrance Decoration Ideas

Well…home front door design of course can be more meaningful than you might think especially when contemplating about long building your future impressive home or even remodeling the existing one. Zeroing in on the marvelous front door designs for your house is not only an expression of your sensual personal tastes like if you want to make some main door grill design but also helps increase curb appeal while giving people something to remember your house by for example front door landscaping!

House Entrance Decor Ideas

The possibilities with these main door designs are truly endless and restricted only by your imagination. Have you ever heard about front double door designs Indian houses?

House Main Entrance Design

The current front door design is often the focal point of a home exterior a door is the first thing guests see when they arrive, it’s the last thing they contemplate after leaving, it’s visited daily by the mail delivery, and it gives potential buyers something to remember the house by.

Front Door Entrance Designs For Houses

An ordinary home can become “the house with the red door” with nothing more than a simple coat of paint, while a magnificent piece of architecture can rely on a unique door style to tie its exterior design together.

Main Entrance Doors Design For Home

Why settle with normal?

So you truly have a desire to look more rich? Look at the front single door designs for Indian homes! Rich and stylish!

Modern House Entrance Design

Do you want to give a strong feeling and to let other friends and neighbors know that you are wealthy and welcoming?

Home Entrance Door Design

You never thought that door designs communicate these small and various things, so try to focus on what your gorgeous home tell all of them about you and your lifestyle.

Building Entrance Design

Door designs will talk so many secret things about (which you never thought about) us and we all have a huge wish and of course want to be presented in the most glorious way.

Main Entrance Gate Design

So simple to do a few right steps and choose the right option only for you!

Entrance Wall Design Ideas

And there is so many stylish doors you may create and pick according to your lifestyle!

Front House Entrance Design Ideas




House Entrance Gate Design

As you know, the theater begins with a hanger, and the house – from the front door, or rather from the entrance group. The perception of organizations behind it, shops, offices, etc., depends on how the main entrance is made in the building.

Modern Entrance Door Design

Whether the design of the porch of your private house or office will be decorated in a luxurious, baroque style, highlighted with neat decor, or there will be a simple plastic finish – in any case, it will please your eye every day.

Beautiful House Entrance

Registration (decoration) of the entrance group of a country house is an extremely important issue with many details – steps, shed, balustrade, cashing in the front door, etc. With the help of our photos, create your beautiful entrance to the cottage or office.

Flat Main Entrance Design

So what is the entrance group? The official definition was formed not so long ago, and it sounds like a standard set of certain structures that form a single finished composition to create a building door decorated in a single stylistic solution.

Main Entrance Double Door Design

The door group includes a whole complex of design, technical, marketing solutions, which are embodied in the design of the entrance to a particular building.

Outside Front Entrance Ideas

Marketers unanimously hold the opinion that the formation of the first impression about the building itself and the company located in it depends on how the entrance group looks.

Front Entrance Ideas Exterior

That is why the name “building’s calling card” has firmly established behind the entrance group.

Main Entrance Wooden Door

The structure of the entrance group of a cottage can be made in various architectural styles, even slightly different from the design of the facade, but the main thing is that it organically fits into the overall look.

Entrance Architecture

The choice of materials and some of the elements that make up the group depends largely on the region where the building is located. If this is a terrain with harsh winters and low temperatures, then the front door should be a reliable shield from wind and cold, so it may be better to make it double.

How To Decorate Entrance Of House

In general, the entrance group should not look separate from the entire facade, so it is better to finish the house and the entrance at the same time.

Wooden Entrance Door Design

To get an idea of how best to arrange the entrance group, you can peek at the ready-made installation options for these structures in other houses.

Front Door Entrance Decorating Ideas

The entrance group or porch of the building is called the complex of elements intended for the design of the entrance. The entrance group can be carried out at the initial construction of the structure, or during its subsequent reconstruction. The design of the entrance group largely forms the first impression of the external appearance of the building. Various design elements have both functional and decorative purposes.

What is included in the entrance group?


The main element of the group. They are distinguished by size, style, used materials and structural device. The best way to open doors is determined by the purpose of the building. For example, for hotels, revolving doors are almost standard. At the same time, for reasons of fire safety, there are a number of double swinging ones.


This element provides protection from rain. It can be fixed console or have support. The latter, especially if the building is built in the classical style, are often performed in the form of columns. Registration of entrance groups should be in harmony with the design of the roof. Often, the function of a canopy is performed by a balcony or ledge plate located on the floor above.


Always used if there is a height difference between the ground level and the first floor of the building. The base is a reinforced concrete structure, which can be lined with ceramic tiles or laminated panels. When placing the entrance at ground level before the door should be organized flat ground.

In addition to the stairs, at the entrance to public buildings and modern apartment buildings there is a ramp. In combination with a properly organized local area, it provides the possibility of easy arrival of bicycles and wheelchairs.

Front Entrance Decor Ideas

The entrance group of a country house can be combined with a terrace designed for outdoor recreation. Terrace fencing and stair railings are designed as a single group of elements. The entrance is distinguished by window blocks symmetrically placed on the sides of the door, columns or false columns, tubs with year-round plants.

The design of the entrance group of the cottage may also include elements of outdoor lighting, sculptures or sculptural groups, a sign with the house number, a mailbox, communications and video surveillance.

Exterior Entryway Designs

The front door of the cottage can be additionally highlighted with a frame. Exterior wall decoration around the door, as a rule, does not differ from the exterior of the first floor of the house. The door can have stained glass, transparent or frosted glazing. When using a blind door, the transom above it will serve as a source of natural light inside the building.

Exterior Entryway Ideas

Properly chosen landscaping at the entrance to the cottage improves the appearance of the house and gives an additional feeling of comfort. For registration of entrance groups use areas of lawn, flower beds, flower beds and flowerpots. The accent element can be a natural wreath on the front door.

Villa Entrance Design

What is included in the design of the entrance of the store?

The project of entrance to the store or supermarket will largely depend on the location, destination and size of the institution. Registration of the store entrance group must meet the following requirements:

  • Ensure the safety of visitors, staff and product;
  • Attract buyers, be convenient for the passage and passage of carts;
  • Match both the building style and the store theme;
  • Provide the possibility of additional registration in honor of special events;
  • To be designed for a large flow of visitors and resistant to mechanical stress.

An integral part of the design of the entrance to the store is a sign. Often it is placed on a hanging bracket mounted on the facade near the door. Such a signboard requires a minimum usable area and is better seen along the sidewalk.

Building Main Door Designs

The door to the store or cafe can be made as part of a single glazing group. In this case, the glazed part also serves as a showcase. At the entrance you can arrange a comfortable bench or a small table where visitors can relax or drink coffee. Traditionally, entrance groups of stores are elements that form the urban environment.

Front Door With Window Design

In many cities that claim to be regional cultural centers, a single design code has been adopted that regulates the requirements for signage placed on the facade. This is especially true of historic buildings, the appearance of which should not suffer as a result of the placement of the store’s design elements. On the example of the flower shop, it is clearly seen how the products of the store can play the role of an element of the entrance group.

House Entrance Door Design

When choosing materials it is very important to consider the appearance of the building as a whole. For example, for a historic building, a polycarbonate canopy would look inappropriate. You can decorate the entrance arch using natural wood and other natural materials.

Office Front Door Design

At registration of entrance groups it is possible to use various decisions. The main thing is that the project does not contradict the general style of the building and provide the specified functionality.

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