101+ Exterior House Design Ideas

Exterior Home Design Ideas

In the world of architecture and design, first impressions matter. The exterior of a house plays a pivotal role in shaping those initial perceptions. It is not just the protective shell of your abode but a reflection of your personality, style, and taste. The design elements you choose for your home’s exterior are vital because they communicate your home’s story to the world. This blog aims to inspire and guide you through the process of creating an inviting, stylish, and personalized exterior for your home.

As you navigate the exhilarating journey of exterior house design, there are a multitude of factors to consider. From the architectural style to the choice of materials, from the color scheme to landscaping details, every element requires thoughtful deliberation. It is a balancing act of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Whether you’re leaning towards a traditional aesthetic or are captivated by modern minimalism, the goal remains the same – to design an exterior that you’re proud to call home.

In this blog, we will delve into a plethora of exterior house design ideas that cater to diverse preferences and requirements. We’ll explore trending architectural styles, innovative materials, striking color combinations, and unique landscaping ideas. We’ll also keep a keen eye on practical aspects such as durability, maintenance, and energy efficiency. Our aim is to provide you with a holistic understanding of exterior house design, enabling you to make informed decisions that resonate with your style and lifestyle.

So, whether you’re embarking on a journey to build a new home, planning a renovation, or simply seeking design inspiration, this blog is your go-to resource. We believe that a house’s exterior should be more than just visually appealing – it should resonate with the people who live inside it and make them feel truly at home. Through insightful articles, detailed guides, and inspiring visuals, we hope to empower you to bring your vision of the perfect exterior house design to life. Stay tuned and let us embark on this exciting design journey together!

Exterior – this is without exaggeration the “face” of the house, which reflects the character and taste of the owner. The facades of houses, the design of which is accurate, special style, can advantageously elevate the building from among the rest. For wall cladding to be reliable and aesthetic, it is important to choose high-quality materials and to select the technology of work. Just look at our house exterior design ideas – we are sure you will find what you were looking for!

You can see that the beautiful facades of private houses look harmoniously with the landscape and architectural design. In addition to the aesthetic side, the cladding can perform a role:

Home Outer Design

Protection – the thicker and more resistant the material, the better it protects the walls from moisture, temperature, vibrations, and other environmental influences. Sound insulation – plaster, polystyrene, wooden blocks, stone, and other materials can significantly reduce the sound effect from the street to the house.

External Design Of House

Warming – the outer covering of the building plays the role of an additional layer between the wall and the environment. Often, users make the facing of the building foam, and on top of it perform decorative work. Finishing private houses can be done with plaster. This material combines the parameters “profitable and beautiful”. Mineral plaster is considered the most common material, which is available in a wide color palette. Resistant to weather conditions, as well as sterility, does not allow mold to develop, microorganisms. In addition, such material is not afraid of direct sunlight.

House Exterior Design Ideas

Decorating the facades of houses with bark beetle is a popular technology today. The surface of the building will have a symbolic abstract pattern. For example, the design of walls with a fur coat is an older method that is common among administrative and government institutions.

House Outdoor Design

The decoration of the facade of a house made of bricks is the most economical and reliable method. Clinker brick is very popular – it is available in a huge range of colors. Facing buildings from porcelain stoneware looks aesthetically pleasing and quite solid. The surface can have almost any texture and imitate a natural tree or stone.

Home Outdoor Design

The decoration of the facade made of natural stone or wood is the most expensive, but the most aesthetic format. The house acquires status and charm. Modern styles of the exterior dictate the rule – to combine ultramodern materials with natural ones. Steel, concrete, plaster with wood, and natural stone.

Exterior Home Decor

Making the front of the house with your own hands is a creative process, so you have the opportunity to create your project. Design facing is custom made in the style of a certain region (France, Germany, England), a specific era. German-style veneer will reflect the economy and rational views of the owner.

External Home Design

Fachwerk style – the most vivid reflection. Facing the house is done in light and warm colors (white, peach, sand, sometimes gray) and is complemented by wooden beams symmetrically to each other. This format resembles all the famous houses of Bavaria.

Villa Exterior Design

The decoration of the facade of the house in the Provence style is romantic and, at the same time, simple decoration. The bias is made in a rural, provincial style using natural stone, wood, carvings, and plant paintings. The colors of the facing are light, refreshing, and tender: pastel, turquoise, light lemon, peach, lilac, white-blue, and lavender. The style of Provence is French chic, so it’s important to convey the mood of lavender fields and the connection with nature.

Stone Exterior House Designs

The design of the facade of the house in the style of the chalet is a very expressive and original solution. The walls here are made of natural stone in combination with wood, and concrete. The main bias is on the panoramic windows that create the impression of freedom and space.

Home Exterior Visualizer
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Do not forget that the well-known chalets in the Swiss Alps have direct protruding roofs to protect the house from snow and moisture.

Exterior Wall Design Ideas

The decoration of the facade of a private house in the English style will appeal to every connoisseur of the classics. English style is inherent special care: windows with thin columns, monotony in a calm color, straight lines, and small windows.


You do not need to develop a project for your future home by yourself, because you can choose the right idea by creating an exterior design online. There are special programs that everyone can use. Or you can find the exterior you like at home (photo) and show it to the construction company by adding your wishes.

Outside House Ideas

The house, decorated with white columns, always looks luxurious. Design in bright color gives the building a special nobility and emphasizes its status. Stucco molding on the walls of the house makes it more interesting. Such a structure would like to be considered by studying every element, every detail. An excellent solution will also be a balcony where you can place flowering plants or set a small coffee table, behind which you will enjoy sunrises or sunsets.

Exterior House Decorating Ideas

Brick cladding is one of the most popular options today. If you look at the exterior of a single-story photo house, you will see for yourself that this type of building design always looks stylish and prestigious. In this case, the walls are decorated with a material of a pleasant chocolate color, and doors and window frames are also matched to this color. The exterior design of the house did not look monotonous, it is diluted with some details. For example, the door is not a solid metal sheet, but a very interesting structure with a forged insert.

Small House Exterior Design Ideas

The combination of white and light brown in this building looks impeccable. These colors in the exterior design give everyone who looks at the house, an indescribable feeling of comfort. Special attention should be paid to the form of construction. Perfectly smooth lines are visible in every centimeter. Low forged fences complement the house with its elegance, and the windows are unobtrusively decorated with white elements of different shapes. You will enjoy spending time on the spacious terrace on hot summer days.

Outer Wall Design Architecture

In this embodiment, the combination of several types of cladding looks very original. Part of the building is decorated with brick, part – with decorative plaster. The foundation of the house is lined with stone, which emphasizes the elegance of the whole structure with its heterogeneous texture and dark color. An elongated window makes the building presentable. Here it is framed by an extraordinary frame of white-brick color, which makes this exterior unique. A small decoration of the house in the form of elegant stucco below this window gives it an extravagance.

House Exterior Wall Design

The two-story home is decorated like a castle, in which the princess is located. Openwork, gentle, elegant – only these words can describe this structure. Each bend of the arch or the seemingly insignificant decorative insert plays a role in the overall image. Plants will help to make the territory more interesting, to add an oriental accent to the building, however they should not close most of the facade. It will be enough bulk palm trees. It forms a certain game of bright and cream colors on the exterior of the building.

Exterior Renovation Ideas

The exterior of the photo is a house with an extraordinary and completely individual design. This building turned out to be unlike any other. A very compact two-story building has a spacious terrace, which is decorated with curtains to match the whole house. A well-landscaped area around it refreshes the overall picture of the facade, making it more natural. In the design of this building is seen a special style. A small forged balcony makes it aristocratic, and original.

Beautiful House Exterior Design

Buildings with a symmetrical design always look especially majestic. In the forms of this building, one can see conciseness and simplicity, and this is now in vogue. Living in such a house, you will feel like the owner of the castle, no less. The design of the facade, where the facing is combined with brick and decorative plaster – is stylish and modern. The transition of one texture to another causes the desire to look at such a building, making it atypical. This type of finish can have many colors. And with the help of bricks, you can even create a different ornament – in this case, the design of the exterior of the house will be truly unique.

Modern Exterior Design

A carefully planned exterior of a private house can be a real architectural masterpiece. The design of the exterior should certainly be seen as a general idea, which manifests itself in every part of the building. Beautiful white columns visually draw the building, making it more solid, and luxurious. The monochrome and the use of predominantly light shades in the cladding of the facade is something that today is very popular. And the rays of light throughout the day will differently complement the beauty of the house with its bright highlights.

Best House Exterior Design

Here is one of the most popular exterior styles today – minimalism. Attractiveness in simplicity is how you can describe the exterior design of this building. White edging gives it elegance but does not make it too elaborate. When working on the design of the exterior is important to take into account the color of the house trim. You might like the idea of combining the coffee color of the walls with cream and emphasizing all this with dark orange brick. On the exterior of the cottage, there are no parts to which the eye clings. You can add them yourself by hanging several openwork decorated lanterns or by surrounding the building with a beautiful garden.

Home Outlook Design

What is the exterior of the house? This is the taste of its owner, embodied in the architectural intent. If you want to make a house lining with decorative plaster, then you can make the most courageous and extraordinary decisions on its design. This material can have almost any color and texture. In this case, it looks nice to transition from one color to another, although in the same way you can make the building more contrasted.

Exterior Home Decor Ideas

If in the design of the usual everyday home, many prefer minimalism, then the design of the exterior of a country house requires imagination. Coming to your perfectly equipped abode, you can enjoy plenty of time spending. Facing the house in a gray-white color deserves special attention because this building gives the impression of a palace. In his style there is something noble, such exteriors of houses are not common. The decoration of the walls of natural stone is great combined with tinted plaster.

Townhouse Exterior Design

Making a building in warm colors is always a good idea. The house seems cozy even before you go inside. Ideally suited to this design option is a reddish-tiled roof. A small space in front of the entrance to the room allows you to place their chairs and a table where you will surely enjoy spending the evening with a glass of wine.

New Home Exteriors

Country house – a place where you want to hide from all the every day worries. In the evenings, sit at a small, beautiful table on the balcony under the light of several lamps, have something deliciously delicious for dinner and chat with your family about everything in the world. The exterior of a country house, stylized as a classic, will be an excellent place for such events. The territory around the building can be decorated with thujas and other coniferous trees.

Best Exterior Home Design

Exterior – this is the first impression of your home. With a competent approach to the design of the building, you can make your home look like a real paradise. It does not matter if you create the exterior of a wooden house or plan to build a structure that is finished with plaster. In any case, your abode has every chance of becoming the place where you want to come back with pleasure every day.

Exterior House Visualizer


Making the facade of the house requires not only accurate calculations and high-quality materials but also a lot of creativity. Design options for the house, the photos of which are given below, are those cases where a specialist in his field managed to combine different textures, colors, and facing materials with amazing accuracy. The buildings in the photographs are not only special for the finishing of the walls – there are details on the exterior of these structures that catch the eye.

Exterior Ideas

Majestic house, whose beauty I want to admire. It is about this building that little girls dream of playing princesses. Luxurious and refined in style construction, the facing material for the facade of which was a brick. It is delightfully complemented by bas-reliefs placed across the entire surface of the building. Such textured elements can revive the construction. If you do not know which facade is better for the house, take more time to choose the decor. Then any facing will become only a background for creative products.

Change Exterior Of House

To be comfortable in a big house, as much light as possible should fall inside. That is why such a luxurious building can not do without the volumetric windows on the floor. This is something that today enjoys incredible popularity. The facade system for a private house deserves special attention. A great combination of light and dark colors, as well as an elegant balcony, which you want to go out in the morning – the style is suitable for those who are looking for sophistication everywhere and in everything.

Outside Design

Not sure which facade to choose for your home? In this case, you can combine several finishing materials. For example, the brick cladding of the main part of the facade is complemented by beautiful columns, which are decorated with decorative plaster. By the way, the latter allows visually stretching of the building, making it slimmer and more attractive. This idea for the facade of the house has been used for a long time, but each time it is implemented, the designers create more and more creative constructions.

Bungalow Exterior Design

Delight and delight – are the feelings that immediately cause this building. Looking at how the cladding material for exterior walls is in harmony with the perfectly trimmed lawn and stucco around the huge windows, it is impossible not to worry about living in such a monastery. In the mornings, the living room will be flooded with bright sunshine, and if you look at the building from the outside at this time, you will see all the shades of the facade material used here for the house.

House Window Exterior Design

The fantastic exterior of this building embodies the best ideas of classic decor. Relief patterns covering the walls of the cottage, give it a look of solidity and luxury. To improve the area around such a house, it is necessary to plant coniferous trees around it – the perfect choice would be slender Tui. They conquer their beauty and simplicity at the same time. It is worth paying attention to the tile around the house, it should be well combined with the main color of the building.

Exterior Home Remodel

The elegance of this building is manifested in the details. Light coffee plaster for the facade of the house, flower motifs as decor, as well as the greatness of the building itself – all of this makes its image especially amazing. You begin to admire such construction without notice as if it were a work of art. Even in gloomy weather, the house looks warm and welcoming. I want to come back to such an abode after a hard day at work, to have dinner with my family on the spacious terrace.

House Exterior Design Photo Library

A stylish and modern home that looks like a painted one. The evenness of its lines, the thoughtfulness of colors, the balance of dark and light – all this is fascinating and makes consider the building in the smallest detail. A brick with a burgundy shade will be a good suitable finishing material for a house of this type. And rich green planted in a row will complement the chic of a delightful cottage.

Simple House Exterior

The original burgundy roof in this house has an unusual structure. Many small hexagons with dark vignetting give the surface a small volume. Decorative plaster with a heterogeneous texture became the finishing material for the facade of a private house. Its slightly gray color is underlined by the immaculate whiteness of window frames and decorative elements. The area around the building is covered with tiles that combine the shades of all the colors used in the design of the house.

Home Exterior Paint Design

The building, whose beauty is emphasized by a combination of several shades in its design. Decorative finishing plaster of gray color became the finishing material for the house. Moreover, the main surface of the structure is made in the darkest tone, and the columns framing the corners of the structure are slightly lighter. It is interesting to look at wide windows with white frames, due to which it was possible to emphasize the whole palette of colors used in the exterior. The bright green lawn contrasts well with the overall design of the building.

Exterior House Remodel

A brick may be the material for finishing the house outside, but this does not mean at all that the building will look ordinary. This will not happen if the facade is supplemented with a nice fence in the form of voluminous white columns, decorate windows in a classical style, and installing large cylindrical columns at the entrance. The brick itself is better to take with different shades. Just a few darkened rectangles in the exterior of the building can make it look exclusive.

House Design Pictures Exterior

One of the most modern solutions for the design of the facade of the house today is the installation of windows on the floor. Whatever materials for facade cladding you may use, voluminous glass in an attractive frame gives the house a special chic. Exterior decor for the house will look fascinating if you finish the building in the same tone and style. Dark brick rectangles of similar shades plus light gray window frames look harmonious.

Outside Of House

The structure of this house is completely atypical. The building seems to have several levels. The facade material for a private house in this case was a brick of terracotta color, the color of which the tiles were selected. The sharp corners of the roof make the house look like a castle, this effect is enhanced by the presence of a small balcony with forged fencing. The framing of the wide windows of the house coincides with the frame around the garage door. This repetition demonstrates the presence of one style in the lining of the building.



Amazing building with brick cladding. This material for finishing the facade of the house became its highlight. The dark color of the brick is successfully complemented by geometric shapes that are drawn in the decor. The design of the building is thought out in the detail. Elongated windows with timber frames are combined with great wooden inserts between the two parts of the structure. Graceful black lamps complement the modern exterior style and make the area cozy in the evenings.

Contemporary House Exterior

Living in such a house, you will be 100% sure that your abode is unique. This building looks cosmic, but it is very practical and spacious inside. The sun appears on the horizon and the brilliant surface of the finishing material for the facade turns the building into a beautiful diamond, all the faces of which shimmer with different colors. A lot of greenery on the territory of the dwelling creates a contrast between the modernized structure and the natural environment.

Contemporary Home Exterior

Reflecting on the color in which to decorate the house, we often stop at typical colors. What about terracotta? Such a bright building is impressive at first sight. Over the entire surface, the same finishing material for the exterior walls is used, but the design is fascinating with its structure. Zigzags, geometric shapes, asymmetry – such nuances turn the structure into an architectural masterpiece.

Contemporary Exterior Design

Choosing the right color for the house is sometimes so hard. But in this case, it will not be necessary to do this at all, because the design will each time take on the color of its surroundings. The building, which reflects the clouds tinted with sun flares, is something of architectural magic. This material for the facade of the house will allow it to merge harmoniously with the horizon of the sky. The ideal material for finishing the foundation will be stone for the facade of the house.

Contemporary Home Exterior Ideas

A modern building does not always have a lot of glass surfaces or design solutions that have never been used before. This building is a great example. Stylishly decorated frescoes in quality material for the facade of the house to look stunning. The image on the surface of the structure can be any, from ancient Greek motifs to works of art of the 21st century. Such materials for finishing the facades of houses allow you to make the most daring ideas a wonderful reality.

Modern Contemporary Exterior House Design

This building looks like an exhibit at an exhibition of modern art because metal panels were used as the material for cladding the facade of the house. The design of buildings can be called minimalist, but certainly not boring or typical. This house is an example of what incredible forms of simplicity in architecture take. This facing for the house is an original decision in case the building has the correct form and you want to bring novelty into its style.

Contemporary Home Exterior Design

Want to know how the application of facing bricks for the facade? Show options for finishing we are ready now. The photo shows a building in which large brick rectangles are combined with stainless steel panels. The unusual appearance of the exterior of the cottage is ensured by the wavy shape of the cladding material. It also visually adds volume to the structure. You can use these materials for facing the house, and you can – for the design of an office building.

Latest House Exterior Designs

Metal panels for the facades of private houses will look attractive if you play with the colors of this material. For example, you can combine several shades of orange or dilute the modernized style of a metal surface with a woody classic. Buildings in this shade are best complemented with black details, which will be the frame created by the beauty architect. Black frames of spacious windows, black roof, black lantern – this ensures the unity of style.

New Home Exterior Design

Impeccably smooth construction of a rectangular shape. How to destroy any boredom in its design? Panels for decoration of the facade with patterns – this is the way out. Anything can be depicted on the surface. Chaotic drawings and signs, silhouettes of people, or elegant lines of flowers will look great. The most interesting thing is that such material for the facade does not even need additional color – it looks fascinating, even when it is monophonic.

House Exterior Designs Architecture

Aluminum finishing materials for the facades of houses, or how to make every passerby pay attention to your abode – this is what will become the ideal name for the structure in the photo. Asymmetrical figures are not just decor, but rooms that are comfortably equipped inside. Such a facing material for the facade of the house, like metal, is used here only as a frame, inside of which there is strong glass. Attractive outside, comfortable inside – ideal at home.

To make the exterior of the building truly attractive, you can use bricks for decoration, and you can combine different types of decorative plaster for facades. Now in our access, there are hundreds of options for materials for exterior decoration of houses, each of which can make your home original and modern. Some facade materials for cottages allow you to make your home look like a medieval castle, there are also the most modernized ideas, filled with creativity and fantasy.

What does the perfect facade of your dream house look like?


How to create a beautiful house? Unique, unique? Exit – decorating the facade of the house with your own hands. Why is it advantageous to update the façade by yourself:

  • The facade, made without the help of professional masters, is inexpensive. You pay only for materials;
  • The lining can be chosen to suit your taste. It can be executed in the Gothic, medieval, and Byzantine styles. Or any other – of your choice.

If you are going to decorate the facade yourself, take care of choosing a quality material. It must be waterproof, and breathable, it is good to keep warm. And also be strong and not burn.

House Outer Wall Design

Beautiful facades of houses, photos of which can be seen on our website, are painted in a natural color. Thanks to pleasant shades, they fit organically into the surrounding landscape. Today, the market can choose the finishes of any color. However, the shade of your house should be in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Building Outer Design

A good way to imagine your house facade is – a photo. Photos of the cottage you want to analyze. The qualities you like can be adapted to your design concept. A very popular type of decoration – is facial brick. It is an environmentally friendly material, it has a lot of advantages. But putting such a brick on its own is very difficult. The minus of the front bricks is a high price.

Outer Decoration Of House

Do you want to decorate the house with your own hands? The video will show all the nuances of this difficult process. An excellent option – is siding. This inexpensive material has excellent characteristics. It is durable, waterproof, and breathable. The only negative is – siding can catch fire. Fire will not spread, but in the process of burning dangerous, toxic substances are released. There are three main types of siding: polyvinyl chloride, wood, and metal.

Window Outer Design

Siding is one of the most inexpensive finishing materials. It is worth paying attention to if you have to face, not only the main floor but also the attic floor. Do you want to reduce the price of the construction? Use the siding. Do you decorate the main and attic floors with one color siding?

Outer Look Of House Design

Combine the material with a different location of the bands. For the lower level, horizontal stripes are suitable, and for the upper one – vertical ones. This will make the attic floor visually light, looking skyward.

Outer Design For House

The best way to thoroughly study the liked facades of houses is a photo. Photo Gallery – an obligatory attribute of a site of each cottage small town. Here you will get a lot of ideas for design and decoration.

Outer Design Of Beautiful Small Houses

Tiled facade – a beautiful, expensive, and difficult to install the type of decoration. Some tips:

  • the first stage – the installation of the crate;
  • the frame is strengthened along the floor line, vertically;
  • For horizontal marking, the water level is applied;
  • The tiles are laid from the bottom, starting from the corner.
Outer Designs Of Beautiful Houses

The most common way of decorating the facade is plaster. It not only insulates but also decorates cottages. The best way to evaluate the plastered facades of single-story houses is through a photo.

Homes Outer Design

Bark beetle – a popular variety of plaster for exterior decoration. The application of the bark beetle is simple. This type of plaster is environmentally friendly. It is characterized by a rich variety of textures and shades.

Outer Look Of House

The plaster is breathable and ventilated. It does not burn and does not require care. The bark beetle is sold in two versions:

  • dry gypsum mixture;
  • ready for use, diluted with water mixture in plastic containers.

Many facades of private houses, photos of which can be found on our website, are trimmed with stucco. It fits well with other types of facing materials. In the plaster, mixes are added special granules, which provide a relief pattern. The larger the granule size, the greater the amount of mixture required to process one square meter of surface.

Home Outer Design Photos

Beautiful facades of private houses can be created by combining different finishing materials. Do you want to use different facings? Treat the lower part of the building visually with “heavy” material, and the top with a light one. For example, the ground floor is faced with natural stone and the main one – is with wooden panels.


Finishing the facade of a country house, photos of which we offer in our gallery, is a laborious process, but fascinating. And it does not matter – you trusted experts or all took their hands. The very path of transforming the building from an ordinary-looking building to an attractive building is a real miracle. Modern masters are used several options for finishing facade works. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of them.

Front House Design Ideas

The most common way we borrowed from Europe is decorative plaster. The advantages of this method are as follows:

  • excellent thermal insulation properties of the material;
  • simple and easy application, absence of expensive special equipment;
Renovating Front Of House
  • wide possibilities for exterior modifications.
  • Indeed, such a finishing material for the facade of the house (photo – its appearance) allows you to choose one, two, or three shades from a hundred offered by the manufacturer. The result is a beautiful home design in the original color.
Remodel Front Of House

Another option, which has passed to us from the experience of European countries, is a panel facade decoration. For this purpose, innovative sandwich panels are used most often. They consist of two layers, between which is a heater. Its advantages are excellent thermal characteristics, easy installation, and a very stylish and attractive exterior of the building.

Front Exterior Home Designs

Stucco – special plaster material, which has very good thermal insulation and aesthetic characteristics. The appearance of the house can be compared with the tree, which chewed the very same Stucco. On the walls, there are interesting drawings of dents, protuberances, and holes. Plaster-Stucco is a very good and inexpensive option to decorate and insulate the building.

Exterior Front Design Of House

Our photo gallery offers several options for houses made by their owners. As you can see, there is nothing complicated here. The main thing is to find the right materials. It is plaster, polystyrene, or the same stucco.

Exterior Front View House Design

They do not require special equipment, they are applied easily and quickly. Having chosen such decoration of the facade of a private house (in the photo – plaster applied on yourself), experts are still required to consult.

Modern House Frontage Designs

In our photo gallery, you will be able to see how the listed materials are made up not only by private houses but also by shop buildings. In general, all the same, materials are used – stucco, sandwich panels, decorative plaster, and others. Stores look stylish, modern, and attractive to visitors.

Front House Exterior Design
Ideas For House Fronts


There are many directions in the exterior design of the house, but the most attractive for many is the idea of ​​a “house among the forest”. And it’s not surprising! In an era of constant development of technology, urban turmoil, affairs, and responsibilities, I want to find a place for something quiet. Facade work allows you to create a real oasis in the middle of the forest and wildlife. If you dream of living away from the city, where the singing of birds and the noise of foliage does not clutter the rumble of cars and people – a house in the forest will surely suit you!

Exterior Home Styles

How do we imagine a country house in the forest:

  • Two-story cottage, which has a relatively large area on the site.
  • The object is made of natural wood, combined with natural/artificial stone. The use of natural materials with ultramodern (glass, metal) is a demanded trend.
  • The roof of the house has a large area, that extends forward the facade to protect it from the natural conditions.
House Exterior Styles
  • Presence of a balcony on the second floor for admiring the views, and the presence of a panoramic window.
  • Mandatory presence of a fireplace inside the house and exit of the chimney to the roof.

Steps on the way to the house.

The facade is made in a laconic style of high-tech, country, Provence, classic English style without the presence of special jewelry. House colors can be any, but with the presence of green or wood motifs.

House Exterior Design Styles

The most traditional for a house in the forest is the country style. Rural motives, simplicity in decoration, the embodiment of customs and traditions – all of this reminds a house in the wild west and away from civilization. The presence of wooden beams, boards, beams, the natural or artificial stone helps to make the format of the house full.

Different Exterior Home Design Styles
Exterior House Designs Indian Style

The style of Provence is characterized by elegance, and refinement in decoration. Matte pastel palette, the presence of forged products, the presence of wicker and aged furniture near the house, openwork molding, and painting – all this features a style of Provence.

Exterior Design Styles

If you want to create a luxurious residence in the forest, where you can invite guests as during the reign of kings – you will come to a romantic style. The facade is decorated in calm colors, using stucco moldings, forged lattices, and columns with intricate decoration. The house must have a balcony and a veranda.

Different Exterior Home Styles

For more practical residents and lovers of modernity, it is worth paying attention to the style of high-tech.

Different Exterior House Styles

A new direction in the design of the facade gives tranquility, monumentality, and simplicity. The concept of a modern house in the forest will be the combination of natural materials with new ones (metal, siding, glass, plastic, concrete). White, gray, black, metallic, woody – basic colors.


We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most popular solutions in the field of the exterior design of buildings – dozens on the facades of photos. The photo gallery is represented by the most famous methods of finishing works, which will be of interest to Ukrainians.

Building Outside Design

One of the main features of modern finishing of private and any other building – is dozens of original techniques that are actively used by specialists.

Building Outer Design

The choice of a particular method depends on several factors: finance, architectural features of the structure, and the personal preferences of the client. Recently, finishing with plaster, bark beetle has become very popular. And all because this method does not require special financial costs, the availability of expensive equipment. And as a result, you get an excellent building with original aesthetics.

Residential Building Exterior Design

Its structure resembles a tree bark, which was “processed” by a famous bark beetle. You can look at the facades of single-story photo houses.

Exterior Design Building

The bark beetle looks very attractive here. And besides, it has excellent thermal insulation characteristics.

Building Design Outside
Modern Building Exterior Design

But not only the bark beetle is known to Ukrainians. They are also actively used in decorative plaster (acrylic, silicate, silicone), foam plastic, sandwich panels, siding, artificial and natural stone, and many other materials.

Exterior Building Design Images

Beautiful facades of private houses are represented in our photo galleries by their best examples. The original combination of colors, the use of not only one material, but a combination of several techniques – all this will encourage you to do new experiments.

Exterior Building Design Pictures

On the beautiful facades of houses, the photos are very diverse. Here, high-tech designs, classical styles like Provence or chalets, industrial stylistics (especially characteristic of modern private houses), as well as ethnic motives, and many others.

Building Exterior Images

On the best facades of houses, photos are presented in each of the listed styles. After considering each of them, you already have an idea of ​​what you want to see the future finish.

House Renovation Ideas Exterior

Someone will prefer to polish the house in a reserved and very attractive Provence style, someone will prefer bold high-tech solutions.

House Outside Design In Indian

An important role in facing is occupied by painting works. The main thing is that all the colors were combined.

3d House Design Exterior

The best option is to make the facade of several shades of the same color. Or you can trust bold experiments – for example, an orange roof and a white facade.

Exterior Home Designs With Stone

Also, you can see how the facade of the house is made with your own hands. Photos offer several options for modern craftsmen who were not afraid to cope with facing work themselves.


Beautiful facades of houses, photos of which we offer in our gallery, are hundreds of possible options that will be relevant for Ukrainians. Here already presented ready-made design solutions are presented, but the desire to experiment is only welcome! Perhaps you will like the combination of a certain color and texture of the roof with an unusual structure of the facades. The main thing is to take into account some nuances when choosing a certain design.

Modern Home Exterior Design

A huge number of photos offers in our catalog. Here you can choose the option you like. We represent only those exteriors, which are embodied by designers.

Modern Exterior Wall Design

Very popular today is the design of a country house. The country is a distant echo of cowboys, sheriffs, and wild deserts known to us from American movies. Why not make your own house so original? Note that the finishing of the facades with panels here is hardly suitable. The most common variant of country facades is facing natural or artificial stone. And you can choose any texture. In addition, manufacturers of facing stones are offered dozens of interesting color solutions. The most popular are the gray ones.

Modern Home Exterior Ideas

A very common direction, where facades are made in the most minimalistic designs. Only clear forms and lines prevail here, everything is done harmoniously, symmetrically, and looks great in the surrounding landscape.

Modern Cottage Exterior

The most popular colors are all shades of gray. Used a variety of materials – from sandwich panels to natural stone. If you are interested in finishing the facade with your own hands, then in this style there is nothing complicated – no architectural pretentiousness, which gives advantages of simplicity and grace.

Modern Townhouse Exterior

If you want to feel like a real prosperous Frenchman, then this aesthetics will suit you. For such stylistics, it is actually to use only natural materials, with minimum or total absence of plastic, glass, etc. The optimum option – is decorative plaster, stone, brick, or tile.

Modern House Exterior Design Pictures

The unique appearance is guaranteed by the facade in the style of the “chalet”, which in translation means the shepherd’s house. Very carefully you need to consider such facades in the photo of the house. The Photo Gallery offers several options, where one can note one feature – the facing is done with the help of wooden materials. It can be, by the way, modern siding panels.


How to decorate the facade? This question is asked by each owner of a private house. The facade is the “face” and “visiting card” of the owner of the cottage. Its design is very important. It is worth spending time and resources to design an excellent facade. And then your house will become the envy of neighbors from all over the street. It will delight the sight of casual passers-by and maintain the warmth of your family hearth.

Exterior Decoration

The facades of private houses, photos of which are on our website, are distinguished by a unique design. Today, architects offer their clients a style of decoration, in which several decorative elements are combined. However, the main thing is the taste of the owner and his idea of the ideal house.

Decorative Exterior

When decorating the facade, designers recommend organically fitting it into the surrounding landscape. Is your house located near a river or a lake? Add the glass to the finish. For example, decorate a glass veranda or mansard, and design panoramic windows. The glitter of glass fits perfectly with the glitter of water. So it should be done if there is a swimming pool next to the cottage. The facades of houses, the design of which you like, perfectly fit into the surrounding nature. Is your house in the forest? Decorate it with wooden panels or siding under the timber. So your house will become a continuation of the landscape. Is the cottage in the middle of a well-kept park? A great option – design in English style or the style of classicism. Houses located in the steppe zone are often decorated in country style. If you live in a metropolis, pay attention to the style of high-tech.

Outside House Decorating Ideas

Beautiful facades of private houses are faced with brick. It is very difficult to arrange the front brick yourself. It is better to hire masters. The most durable and environmentally friendly is considered to be clinker brick. It is made from natural clay by heating to very high temperatures. Clinker brick has excellent characteristics. It can be any shade. Unique colors are achieved by mixing clay of different types. The brick facade is from 50 to 100 years old.

Outdoor House Decorating Ideas

The best way to explore the beautiful facades of houses is by photos. An excellent option for finishing – is siding. It is an inexpensive material with excellent performance characteristics. Siding is excellent insulation. The only minus of the material is its combustibility. Siding burns under the sun’s rays. Therefore it is better to use a material of light shades.

Home Decor Exterior Design

Siding can be with vertical and horizontal stripes. If your house has a basement or an attic – emphasize the levels in different bands. The bottom floor is better to emphasize the horizontal stripes, and the top – is vertical. This will give the attic lightness and aspiration skyward.

The facade of the house with your own hands can be issued quickly enough. In the case of siding, it is necessary to mount the panels on the profiles and take into account their deformation. Do you want to update the old brickwork? Paint the facade. Staining will perfectly hide defects and will give the house freshness. Such design allows you to connect the old and new buildings in a single style. However, the paint burns out in the sun. It will have to be updated every two or three years. Choose a unique shade – and your house will be the most beautiful on the street.

External House Decoration
Decorating Home Exterior

The best way to assess the facades of houses – photos. The gallery shows a variety of architectural styles. An excellent option – is a combination of siding panels or bricks of different colors. A beautiful and original design solution – is to connect the old brickwork with decorative elements created with the help of plaster-fur coats. Select a picture. Designers advise accenting the corners, slopes of the doors, and the areas near the windows. Put on the selected bricks “coat”. Draw the picture with a soft-colored trowel.

External Home Decor

A popular way to clothe the facades of houses is bark beetle. Photos of plaster-bark beetle look impressive. The plaster is easy to apply by hand. It is sold in several basic colors. However, thanks to the technology of tinting, you can achieve any shade, even unique. Apply a pattern with a special tool. A great way to evaluate the facades of single-story houses – is through photos. Bark beetle – is one of the most popular and affordable ways to design the facade with your own hands.


Finishing the facades of houses, a photo of which we offer to your attention is a popular direction today not only to insulate the housing but also to make it more attractive external. There is a huge amount of opportunities for modern cladding, including a variety of materials and styles. We will dwell on some of the most popular.

Exterior Home Renovations

If we talk about the most popular and inexpensive options for today, we can highlight the most relevant today, the method – decorative plaster.

Architecture Exterior Design

This option is the most popular. The basis is taken materials of very different “origins” – innovative silicone plasters, waterproof, acrylic, silicate, and many others.

Townhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Such decoration of the facades of houses (in the photo – decorative plaster) has several undeniable advantages. First, this material has very good thermal insulation properties. The heat in the house is maintained even in the harshest winter. Secondly, it is a moisture-resistant material that does not deteriorate during precipitation or wet weather. Therefore, the durability of this facade is guaranteed for several years.

Exterior House Renovation

Thirdly, if you are interested in finishing the house with your own hands (you can also see the photo of such variants), then it should be said that such material is the easiest to use, does not require special skills, and a lot of equipment.

Exterior Home Renovation Ideas

And the choice of colors, shades, and different textures of plaster – just huge. You can choose any shade of any color at your discretion. One of the varieties of plaster for the decoration of the facades is stucco.

Beautiful Exterior Home Design

This material is named after the famous beetle, which eats tree bark. After such a “lunch” on the bark, there are small holes, various tubercles, and irregularities. It is on this picture is similar to plaster stucco. The similar finishing of the facades with decorative plaster (photo attached) has very good aesthetic merits. It looks stylish and modern. Stucco is not inferior in quality to acrylic or silicate plaster materials.

Contemporary House Exterior Design

There is another option, similar to the previous one, but having some difference is the facade cladding with a fur coat. A special stucco mixture is also used here, but the result is a more “convex”, relief pattern. Many like this particular facade structure.

Exterior Wall Designs For Home
Modern Classic House Exterior Design


To date, there is a large number of finishing materials that allow you to create an impressive and original home. Decoration of the facade requires an understanding of its specific properties. This article will show you which materials are widely used by the owners of suburban real estate.

Beautiful Home Exteriors

We often see that the beautiful facades of private houses are made of wooden blocks and square beams. The material is considered not only very natural and aesthetic but also contributes to good thermal and acoustic insulation.

House Design Outside View

Facades, beams, and cross beams from oak, pine, and cedar are used for facade cladding. These types of wood are considered to be the most durable and have high reliability under the influence of moisture, and temperature changes. Wooden lining requires special treatment to prevent the appearance of pests. The most practical project is a building with metal panels. They serve for a very long time and do not require special care, in addition to cleaning impurities. Outside, the exterior of the house will look very impressive and stylish.

Beautiful House Exteriors

In the light of the surface, the metal can shine, which further increases its attractiveness. Very original will look like a combination of metal and wood, stone. For the decoration of buildings used aluminum, and steel panels.

Exterior View Of House

Vinyl plates are used to decorate all kinds of wall surfaces: bricks, blocks, concrete, putty, etc. A wide range of colors, and a wide range of styles (imitation wood, stone) – are the advantages of vinyl panels. The material has a high resistance to weather conditions, it is considered shockproof, and insulating. With a brick, you can create an impressive view of the facade. The material is considered to be resistant to any kind of influence, therefore, when using cosmetic repair work for many years of use is not required. Pay attention to the ventilation between the wall and the heater.

Classic Villa Exterior Design

Users have reliable thermal and acoustic insulation. The combination of the wall in texture and color is creative.

Traditional House Exterior

Natural stone is considered to be one of the most expensive and most aesthetic-facing materials. A long work process is worth it – as a result, the outer part of the country house becomes similar to the cover of the magazine “Domostroy”.

Brick Home Exterior Ideas

Harmonious balance arises between the environment and the design itself.


The exterior design of the facade of a private house, whose photos we offer in an incredible variety, is a modern trend in the designer’s work, where you can see a huge number of interesting and original experiments. The most particular orders of modern masters are the decoration of facades of the one-story countryside or private houses. Here the most tested materials are used – decorative plaster, siding, and sandwich panels.

Remodel Outside Of House

For single-story buildings, minimalism is relevant, so that the dimensional pretentious elements do not spoil the harmonious picture. One of the most popular styles for single-story buildings is Provence.

Design The Outside Of Your House

Such a design of a private house outside, the photo of which we offer, is now gravitating towards some monotonous, harmonious colors. The most popular are pastel colors. By the way, they are typical for the facades in the style of Provence. If we take such a painting design at the home outside (photos are attached), then here are the most relevant options – beige, light brown, and white.

Home Design Outside Look

Modern design ideas at the expense of facade decoration – a huge amount. Already mentioned above Provence – is among the most popular options. But also interesting country styles, chalets, chateaux, minimalism, and others.

Outside House Design Ideas
Diy outdoor wall art baroque | House Exterior | Home, Pictures, Photos, Images, Gallery, 3D Max, V-Ray, Sketch Up, Render, Visualization, Graphics

If we talk about the country, then for such a design of the facade of a single-story house photos can be found in large numbers.

Ideas For Outside Of House

Natural materials prevail here, the most actual is artificial or natural stone. Everything is done in interesting color combinations, on the site – a minimum of exterior elements, many colors, and greenery.

Home Design Ideas Outside

High-tech styles are interesting, one of the varieties is industrial. If we look at the design of the facade of the house in the photo, we will see that this is the most minimalistic, unpretentious exterior. Some houses do not look residential at all, sometimes you might think that this is a production hall.

Outside Designs Of Houses

In such a design of a private house, the photo is the most faithful assistant. On them, we can see that such structures gravitate toward the clarity of lines, the minimal use of exterior elements, and the use of monochrome colors.

Outside Home Ideas

Classics will never become the property of the past alone. Today, classical facades are very much appreciated by modern designers.

Outside House Renovation Ideas

In most cases, these houses take their features from European classicism, the architecture of the Victorian era, and something from the German style.

Best Outside Home Design

Very often, when a project for the facade of a house is being developed (photos here play an important role), an eclectic design is created – and using the merits of all classical styles.

Outside Exterior Design

If you want to make a classic project of the facade of the house online, the photo which you liked, then it is easy to do with the help of numerous modern services.

Modern House Outside Design

With the help of simple navigation, you can see how the classical pediments look, what colors are relevant for such aesthetics, and much more.


Villa – a country house, designed, mainly in classical Roman, Italian, and Mediterranean styles. Such an object is intended for seasonal living, but the villa may play the role of a full-fledged home. Villa in Ancient Rome was a symbol of high social status and the relationship of man to the nobility.

Remodeling Outside Of Home

Today, it is increasingly possible to notice such a format of housing outside the city limits, so the villa is gaining a lot of popularity among connoisseurs of true luxury and tranquility. If you are striving to create a picturesque “family nest” with a landscaped area, landscaping, the services of professional builders and decorators will help you.

Virtual Home Remodeler Exterior

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the section – the cost of works on the installation of the facade decoration. Presence of the land with the presence of landscape art. Green plantations in the form of planted flower beds, and neatly cropped bushes. The villa in the Roman style has two or three floors. The roof of the building is tiled or imitated.

Outside Home Remodeling Ideas

At the entrance to the house, along the facade, and on the balcony, there are columns and anthuriums. Mandatory availability of a terrace, small pond, or swimming pool. Outdoor decor for the house is made in light, pastel colors: white, cream, coffee, sand, celestial, cream-lemon, and turquoise.

House Remodeling Ideas Exteriors

Polyfoam – is a universal material, through which it is possible to perform the warming of walls and the creation of decorative elements. Columns, balusters, rustic, pediment, molding, cornice, console, bas-relief, and much more will be successfully looked at in the Roman villa.

How To Remodel Exterior Of House

We suggest that you get acquainted with the photo collection of our designers – the decor of the facade from the foam plastic photo. Creative ideas will allow you to choose the optimal concept for the villa of your dreams. The cost of installing the facade decoration depends on the complexity of the work, the quantity, and the quality of the materials.

Exterior Remodel Pictures

We ask you to clarify with our managers the actual cost of work. Permanent and large customers are given a discount. We execute orders of any complexity on an individual project or we will select the author’s solutions for you. Facing the front of a Roman villa necessarily includes many architectural elements. Columns play a primary role in supporting the balcony, and hinged thresholds, as well as giving the exterior a complete look. At the entrance to the house, there is a ladder with patterned handrails.

Remodel Outside House

Rustic is used to distinguish sections of the facade. It is densely located to each other masonry with a rough texture. With the help of rustic the exterior of the building acquires massiveness and stability. Still, have questions? Get a free consultation with the managers of our center.

House Front Design Ideas

Any process that seems complicated can be divided into less complex and simple parts. When you face the task of beautifully and correctly decorating the facade of your house, you may find this too difficult. Creating a coherent picture, obeying architectural rules, producing aesthetic pleasure, and satisfying your tastes and preferences are -e tasks. The most correct solution to this issue is to appeal to the architect or to take as a basis the ready design of the facade of the house.

We, on our part, can offer a simpler and quicker solution to the issue of facade decoration. Finding a truly professional specialist in the field of architectural decoration is not an easy task today. Thanks to our experience in this field for more than 10 years, we can pick up concrete elements of the facade decoration much quicker, more qualitatively and professionally, to create a truly beautiful facade for your house.

We make a design of the facade of the house with the same purpose – we order facade elements from us, as from manufacturers. In designing all industrial, technical, and installation nuances with which we collided during more than 10 years of practice are considered.

The general task of decorating the facade of a house can be divided into several smaller and simpler parts.

  • the decoration of the under-roof part of the house. In the examples below, various versions of facade cornices from foam and expanded polystyrene according to configuration, proportions, and stylistics are presented.
  • External finishing of the corners of the house. You can divide it into 3 main types: rusts (squares), classical pilasters, and frame design. All these options are displayed in our photo sets of exterior corners of the house
  • and decorative finishing of windows outside. All the most common configurations of window decoration from the outside with polystyrene are presented on our facade decoration sets. This is molding with a window sill, the application of the top of the window is straight or shaped, and the use of lock stones or brackets in the decorative finish of the windows outside

Kits – series of elements of facade decoration

SERIES A ready-made design of the house outside the set of architectural decorations set of facade moldings
SERIES B ready-made exterior design of the facade of a private house architectural set set of facade moldings
SERIES In ready-made design of a single-storey house outside photo set of architectural decorations set of facade moldings

On the examples of the design of the facade of the house listed below, you can see various options for solving the facade eaves, the design of the corner of the house, the combination of the decor on the facade of the window, the separation of the basement part. We have shown the typical application of such elements of architectural decor as a stone and supports supporting the decorative window sill, the main types of decoration of the corner of the house are rusts and corner pilasters.

Please pay attention to the size of the decor elements about the size of the house. So you can decide on the color scheme of the facade of the house – a combination of the color of the decor and the color of the walls of the house. Visiting our office we will be able to easily and quickly pick up on your preferences and individual elements on the finished 3D model of the facade of the house.

Facade Decoration Set No. 1

ready-made facade design online

The design of the facade of the house used a standard size profile-shaped figure. The windows are decorated with the use of molding, window sill, brackets, and lock stone. On the corners are applied classic rusts.

Roof cornice – 230×200 mm
Window molding – 150×45 mm
Window sill, door frame – 180×100 mm
Base element – 200×50 mm
Rusts 500×500 mm

Dimensions of the house:
Height 6 m, the width of the facade 10 m.
The windows are 1.4 m high, and 1.2 m wide.
Overhang of the roof 0,5 m.

Facade Decoration Set No. 2

facade decoration of cues ready-made facade design

In the design of the facade of a private house, a large cornice was used. On the windows, molding of small size is located at a distance from the slope. On the corners are used stepped rusts.

Roof cornice – 250×370 mm
Molding windows, plinth – 80×70 mm
Window sill – 150×150 mm
Rusts 330×600 mm

Dimensions of the house:
Height 6 m, the width of the facade 10 m.
The windows are 1.4 m high, and 1.2 m wide.
Overhang of the roof 0,5 m.

Facade Decoration Set No. 3

decor of the facade of a private house ready-made facade design

In the design of the facade of a private house, a small profile shape is used. Roof cornice is made using three stripes of profiles and painting the gap between them in the color of the decor. The windows are decorated using the top of the window and molding.

Roof under the roof – 150х150 mm, 100х30 mm, 60х40 mm
Molding windows – 130×35 mm
Window top – 230х150 mm
Base element – 150×60 mm

Dimensions of the house:
Height 6 m, the width of the facade 10 m.
The windows are 1.4 m high, and 1.2 m wide.
Overhang of the roof 0,5 m.

Facade Decoration Set No. 4

facades of single-storey houses ready-made facade design

In the decoration of the facade of a private house, a medium-sized profile of a convex, shaped shape was used. The windows are decorated using the top of the window, molding, and window sill. On the corners are applied classical pilasters.

Roof cornice – 300×150 mm
Molding windows, and doors – 130×55 mm
The top of the window is 195×95 mm
Window sill – 140×95 mm
Base element – 70×40 mm
Body width of pilasters 310 mm
Separating strip – 180×60 mm

Dimensions of the house:
Height 6 m, the width of the facade 10 m.
The windows are 1.4 m high, and 1.2 m wide.
Overhang of the roof 0,5 m.

Facade Decoration Set No. 5

beautiful facades of country houses photo ready design of the facade

The design of the facade of house used a medium-sized profile wavy, curly shape. The windows are decorated using the top of the window, molding, and window sill. On the corners are applied pilasters frame type.

Roof cornice – 250×200 mm
Molding windows, and doors – 150×45 mm
The top of the window is 170×110 mm
Window sill – 180×120 mm
Base element – 80х40 mm
Body width of pilasters 450 mm
Separating strip – 180×60 mm

Dimensions of the house:
Height 6 m, the width of the facade 10 m.
The windows are 1.4 m high, and 1.2 m wide.
Overhang of the roof 0,5 m.

Facade Decoration Set No. 6

ready-made facade design online

The design of the facade of the house used a large-sized profile concave, shaped. The windows are decorated using the top of the window, molding, and window sill. On the corners are applied classic rusts (boso).

Roof cornice – 250×210 mm
Molding windows, and doors – 150×50 mm
Window top – 210×130 mm
Window sill – 160×100 mm
Base element – 100×30 mm
Separating strip – 185×80 mm
Rusts – 330×330 mm, 330×495 mm

Dimensions of the house:
Height 6 m, the width of the facade 10 m.
The windows are 1.4 m high, and 1.2 m wide.
Overhang of the roof 0,5 m.

Facade Decoration Set No. 7

beautiful facades of private houses ready-made facade design

In the decoration of the facade of a private house, large profiles of a brightly expressed figured form were used. In the window frame, the method of profile location in the slope was used. At the corners, a simple framework is applied.

Roof cornice – 300×350 mm.
Window molding – 150×150 mm
Base element – 250×65 mm
Door frame – 200×105 mm
The width of the angular pilasters is 500 mm

Dimensions of the house:
Height 6 m, the width of the facade 10 m.
The windows are 1.4 m high, and 1.2 m wide.
Overhang of the roof 0,5 m.

Facade Decoration Set No. 8

ready-made facade design online

The design of the facade of the house used large profiles of simple, strict shape. In the window frame, the method of profile location in the slope was used. Fragmentary design of the corners rust.

Roof cornice – 400×200 mm.
Molding windows – 200×200 mm
Base element – 255×60 mm
Door frame – 300×135 mm
Rusty – 330×500 mm

Dimensions of the house:
Height 6 m, the width of the facade 10 m.
The windows are 1.4 m high, and 1.2 m wide.
Overhang of the roof 0,5 m.

Facade Decoration Set No. 9

facade decor of foam plastic photo ready design of the facade

In the decoration of the facade of a private house, large profiles of a brightly expressed figured form were used. In the window frame, the method of profile location in the slope was used. On the corners are applied rusts of the original form.

Roof cornice – 250×200 mm.
Molding windows – 180×160 mm
Base element – 200×50 mm
Door frame – 250×115 mm

Dimensions of the house:
Height 6 m, the width of the facade 10 m.
The windows are 1.4 m high, and 1.2 m wide.
Overhang of the roof 0,5 m.

Facade Decoration Set No. 10

the decor of the facade of the house from foam plastic ready design of the facade

In the design of the facade of the house, large profiles of a brightly expressed figured form were used. In the window frame, the method of profile location in the slope was used. At the corners, a framework, fragmented design is applied.

Roof cornice – 250×210 mm.
Molding windows – 140×130 mm
Base element – 180×600 mm
Door frame – 220×90 mm

Dimensions of the house:
Height 6 m, the width of the facade 10 m.
The windows are 1.4 m high, and 1.2 m wide.
Overhang of the roof 0,5 m.