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Natural Stone House ~ Advantages of the project from China

A private house made of natural stone is a trend in elite housing construction. It is fashionable, expensive, and comfortable. The record service life of such a property is combined with excellent performance. The modern design of the house made of natural stone was presented by the architectural bureau Dake Architectural Design.

To authentically repeat the construction technology, the company involved local craftsmen in the construction. Consider the benefits of the facility.

Natural Stone House – aristocracy and nobility

Although the presented house made of natural stone corresponds to the modern direction of housing construction, designers and architects stylized it for the construction of past centuries. The stone walls fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the city of Rizhao (China). Hundreds of historical buildings are still preserved here.

Unlike other buildings that have stood in the region for centuries, the configuration of this house made of natural stone is fully consistent with the needs of a modern family. But outwardly, he repeats the concept of a durable, safe shelter, symbolizing nobility and prosperity. This is a kind of interpretation of the fortress in a new manner. The privacy of the house has become one of its main features.

comfort and reliability of a house made of natural stone

The cottage consists of 4 buildings, combined into a single object. This made it possible to effectively separate private, utility, and social facilities. The buildings are square, forming a courtyard. It is paved with stone paths along which you can go to any part of the building.

The main windows of the cottage overlook the courtyard. This ensures privacy. Residents always observe a pleasant, cozy picture from the window. Due to the fact that the house is made of natural stone low, the courtyard is almost not obscured. It also has a positive effect on daylight through the windows.

This layout provides the secrecy and comfort of residential premises and the local area. In one part of the house with the dining room, glazing was also done from the side of the street. But in order to hide the housing from sight, a stone fence was erected there to the style of the house itself. The fence was a little removed from the building, having equipped another courtyard on this site. By the same principle, a window was made in one of the bedrooms.

environmental friendliness and pleasant microclimate

Natural stone is a safe, environmentally friendly material that provides a comfortable living environment. A heated building during cold weather retains heat for a long time, and in the heat it is fresh and cool. Here you can maintain a pleasant environment with minimal use of climate technology.

Part of the walls inside the house was left without decoration. This emphasizes the originality of the housing, and the ecological style in which the interior is decorated.

The house made of natural stone has become a tool for using the model of modern housing in a traditional format. Externally and according to the construction technology, the building meets the canons of house buildings that have existed for thousands of years. And in the context of arranging space and functionality, this is a new generation of real estate.