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How Can a Grass Roof House Look?

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Georgian architects have implemented a unique constructive solution for the completion and expansion of a townhouse with a lawn on the roof of a non-standard shape.

Greentech roofing / special nuances of arranging a grass roof in the exterior of the house

When creating a green lawn on the roof, it is necessary to make high-quality hydro- and thermal insulation, drainage and filtration systems, a device for automatic watering grass. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the strength of the supporting structures of the roof and their structural features. Given the complexity and complexity of the entire process, entrust the installation of a grass roof to specialists and the result will exceed all your expectations.

The green lawn on the roof is unusual in itself, and in combination with a curved configuration serves as a unique element of the exterior of the building. The geometric shape of the pool, located in the courtyard, repeats the curved lines of the edge of the roof.

Landscaping along the edges of the pool maintains a single conceptual line for the green roof, house area and surrounding landscape. Sliding glass doors and panoramic façade glazing visually connects the courtyard and the reception area in the house.

Fancy smooth outlines of the lawn on the roof give the whole look of the house a unique look and bring unusual and special charm to the interior.

Grass roof – interior space under the grassy roof of the building

Inspired by the idea of the closeness of man and nature, interior designers created unique rooms in spirit and form as unique as the green cover of the roof. Each room with its inherent character and internal content is fully consistent with its intended purpose.

A study with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves is filled with daylight and warmth. The convenient arrangement of books will help you quickly find the right edition and sets it up to work.

The expansion of the existing premises allowed the creation of two bedrooms, bathrooms and a bright sitting area with living plants. Thanks to the abundance of light, pastel colors in the decoration and the predominance of natural materials in the house, calm, comfort and homeliness prevail.

Behind the mirrored wall of the covered area are a workshop, kitchen area, shelves for a collection of dishes and books, a small greenhouse for bonsai. Spacious wooden shelves in the kitchen for spices and bulk products will become a dream come true for the most demanding housewife.

A roof lawn, a green guest area, comfortable rooms, a pool reflecting the sky and the sun – this is a spacious house, which has become the embodiment of a creative architectural concept that reflects a person’s desire for unity with nature.

ArchitectsTonkin Liu Architects
PhotoEdmund Sumner Greg Storrar


To realize the dream of architects and designers to place in a small area for the construction of not only the house, but the garden, playground, swimming pool and recreation area will house with green roof.

green built roofing

Extensive green roof / advantages and features of turf roof

This technology of the roof of the buildings was borrowed from the natives of the Scandinavian countries. For Scandinavians, the widespread use of the grass layer as a roofing material was explained by its following properties:

  • availability and low cost of building material;
  • lack of need for special roof care;
  • roof longevity;
  • disguise from the alleged enemy.
eco friendly roofing

A modern vegetated roof performs slightly different functions:

  1. Maximum use of the construction site area.
  2. Reliable heat and water insulation.
  3. Stabilization of the temperature regime and improvement of the microclimate in the house.
  4. High environmental performance and fireproof properties.
  5. Long service life and the minimum expenses for repair and restoration.
  6. Comfortable conditions for living and recreation.
green roof building

Intensive green roof / perfect solution for a small site

Residential green roof doubles the usable area of the plot. All internal premises are not located above the garden, but under it. There is no feeling that you will not go up to the roof of the house. You climb the grass to a green hill with a garden and a barbecue area.

living green roof

A beautiful view of the surrounding area from the top will be an additional plus to the treasury of the positive qualities of a roof with grass. This review can not be compared with the contemplation of green landscapes from a cramped balcony. The spaciousness and unity with nature enhances the feeling of freedom, despite the close urban development and the small size of the site.

green flat roof

Large panoramic windows in the house with eco friendly roofing make the interior of the building something one with the green cover of the yard. The rooms, filled with the warmth of a bright sunny day, and the green riot of colors in the courtyard and on the roof of the house make this complex a unique creation of architectural thought.

lightweight green roof

Simple and clear geometric lines in design solutions give the whole structure a certain aristocracy and severity, and the abundance of greenery – naturalness and ease.

easy green roof

The location of the house with living green roof on a small plot of irregular shape solves many problems, creating comfortable conditions for living and recreation for all family members: children and the older generation. No need to go to a park or out of town for a picnic – a green lawn with a garden is located directly on the roof of your house. And from above everything looks like an ordinary grass lawn. Isn’t it unusual and comfortable?

Vegetated roof / construction features of a house with a green roof

greentech roofing

Creative solutions in the construction of a green flat roof and in the planning of a building plot do not reduce the comfort of the interior. Bedrooms, guest rooms, a kitchen and sanitary rooms fully meet their purposes, unless they sleep more calmly and think better.

The layout of the grass surface of the roof not only creates a comfortable environment for relaxation, but also meets all the requirements for a roof with grass relative to irrigation and drainage systems. This will prevent the green grass carpet from drying out or souring.

live roof systems

Note! Do not try to independently design a house with grass on the roof or remodel an existing building. Only a specialist can calculate the allowable load on the load-bearing elements of the building. Otherwise, you may find yourself under a pile of earth and snow in one of the snowy winters. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Architects AMZ Arquitetos
Photo Maíra Acayaba