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Wooden House Interior 👍 113 m² Japanese home wall design

Being engaged in interior design, focus on your own taste. Watch out for fashion trends. They will help to emphasize the correct accents, without violating the comfort zone. Decorating the interior of the Japanese house with wood will give you new ideas.

The presented project introduces a beautiful house, over which experienced architects worked hard. The building is compact. The plan is well thought out. Every, even small, detail is taken into account. Thanks to the attic, square meters of living space are increasing.

Among the shades of the facade, light color dominates. There is a canopy under the house for storing bicycles. The plot is fenced from neighbors by a low fence. There are paths and several live green plants.


The peculiarity of the project – interior wood decoration. Each room is simple, but tastefully decorated. Feels a pleasant calm homely atmosphere. This has a beneficial effect on adults and children.

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Panoramic windows are provided. The windows offer a view of the housing estate where life is seething. This is absolutely uncomfortable for the residents of the house. You can lower the curtains at any time.

The plan provides for:

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There is almost no clear separation between the rooms. The spacious corridor has a peculiar bizarre shape. This allows, for example, to equip a sleeping place or study room. It all depends on needs and priorities.

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The most delicious highlight of the house is a specially equipped wall for bowling. It does not cause indifference in a child who loves climbing. A great way to direct your energy in the right direction. Also, adult family members can play sports at home.

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Wood is used as a basis for a flight of stairs. The steps are wide. If you wish, you can calmly sit down and read a book, or have a nice chat with your family.

Walls and floors are decorated with wood paneling. The ceiling is white.

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Blotches of wooden elements are present even in the bathroom. The built-in furniture is wooden. It is functional, and its quantity does not overload space. Design chairs, a laconic table, a discreet wardrobe and other components necessary for a full life. Light unobtrusive shades prevail, supporting the style of the house.

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Decorating the interior with wood does not lose relevance. Natural material is in demand. Wood has several advantages:

  • provides a high level of sound insulation;
  • retains heat;
  • environmentally friendly and safe;
  • Practical to use
  • durable
  • creates an original cozy atmosphere in any room;
  • walls decorated with wood elements look spectacular and stylish.

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Wooden wall materials are expensive. It depends on the type of wood, workpiece processing, footage. There are many factors. For those who are not ready or cannot completely empty their wallet, there is an alternative. Artificial materials imitating wood. No less attractive and functional. Manufacturers offer a variety of solutions. They are no worse than true natural elements.

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Wood wall decoration is in demand for many design areas. Scandinavian, Romanesque, country, modern, gothic or traditional classics. The walls are decorated with wood, as well as wooden furniture fill the space with luxury. Not defiant, but in moderation, attractive heat.

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Advice! If you make the ceiling wooden, install additional fixtures. Such a ceiling does not reflect light very well. And to prevent the wood from drying out, to protect it from insects and mold, use special care products. This will preserve the flawless condition of each element.

Architects Horibe Associates
Area113 m2
Photo Yohei SasakuraMiki Yunagi