Simple Modern Flat Roof House Design

Traditional architecture is actively changing with houses in the form of a complex of volumes that either interact with each other or closely contact the environment. A dynamic environment is being created for comfortable living, recreation, work, and games with children. The fashionable simple design of a house with a flat roof in the high-tech style fully corresponds to the concept of closely interacting volumes, spaces that, depending on the purpose, are distinguished by seclusion, locality or, conversely, openness, free access.

The courtyard with a swimming pool has become a central part of the architecture of the building. On one side of the courtyard, a section with social spaces is designed, and on the other, a building with comfortable private bedrooms, which no longer interact so closely with the patio.

Simple flat roof house design in tandem with a courtyard

simple flat roof house design

The patio and two sections of the house form a single, inseparable object for a large family. It is located in an urban environment, therefore, to ensure privacy, we had to strive to equip zones inside without contact with the surrounding landscapes and landscapes.

It is not for nothing that the simple design of a flat roof house has this shape. The task of the architects was to achieve a high-quality supply of light and fresh air to the indoor area. Therefore, high gable roofs that would clutter up the territory, create the feeling of being in a confined space, would shade the site here are unacceptable.

simple flat roof house design

The architects designed the house with a patio and a swimming pool so that the building has minimal impact on this space. The low flat roof and the design of the exterior walls were the ideal solution. By design, they complement the terrace, pool, emphasizing the unity of solutions. In general, everything was created for one purpose – a comfortable space inside and outside the house.

Simple flat roof home design with an emphasis on privacy

The location of the house was the reason that instead of the traditional arrangement of the local area around the building, it was made inside. This was reflected in the privacy and seclusion of the courtyard. Residents can relax by the pool, play, completely hidden from the views outside. Although at the same time neighboring areas are located end-to-end.

simple flat roof house design

We get a balanced, ergonomic solution for the modern family. The simple design of a flat roof house is a tight interweaving of spaces. Internal volumes are intertwined not only with each other, but also with the adjoining territory. The patio becomes the centerpiece of the property, from which all living and social spaces depart.

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