Minimalistic Small Luxury Homes Interior

Achromatic interior design has become a trend. Neutral tones create a serene, stylish environment that has minimal psychological impact on the individual. Place bright accents – and you get a lively, rich interior. Add contrast – dynamics will appear. Create everything in monochrome for a striking, bright, modern space. The latter case vividly demonstrates the design of a small luxury home by Alain Carle Architecte.

small luxury home design

In order to prevent the sterility and dullness of the space, designers and architects abandoned the completely snow-white color. Therefore, we chose a very light gray tone, minimally diluting it with natural shades – wood.

How did the Monochrome Design of a Small Luxury Home Affect the Space?

small luxury house interior

Luxury requires space, openness, light. Therefore, the task of the designers was to squeeze the maximum out of the area, to make the rooms visually voluminous and light. Due to the use of white, the interior of a small luxurious house looks easy, and the visual boundaries are practically erased, scattered – we get spacious housing.

fancy small house design

The next technique for expanding the living space was high-quality natural insolation through large windows. The sun-drenched monochrome light interior will look fresh, light, open and rich. The house is located in the snowy Canadian region. Therefore, the landscape outside the windows for most of the year is harmoniously combined and practically merges with the whiteness of the living space.

small luxury house plans

Another technique that helped to make the interior of a small luxurious house light and free is the high, broken-shaped ceilings. Due to transitions, lines, a feeling of zoning space is created without the use of partitions, play of color or texture.

Minimalism As A Design Basis For A Small Luxury Home

small villa house plans

The emphasis on minimalism is placed both inside the building and outside. This allowed to unload the exterior and interior of a small luxury home from unnecessary, bulky elements, which also affected the lightness and visual expansion. The solution looks expensive and impressive.

small luxury home plans

At the same time, very small but significant accents have been made. The most striking of these are the dark wooden frames on the windows. This decision clearly demarcated the space inside from the snow-white winter landscape outside the window, adding a finished look to the setting.

luxury small house floor plans

To beat this decision, a little furniture in the same colors was added to the interior of a small luxurious house. Due to the fact that these elements are made in a natural wood color, they are harmoniously combined with the landscape, which is accentuated by panoramic glazing.

beautiful small houses interior

Outside, the design of a small luxury home follows a similar concept. The dark frames are harmoniously combined with the contrasting shade of the roof. The building has received clear lines, thanks to which it stands out stylishly in the landscape, but does not stand out from it and looks like an addition.

ArchitectsAlain Carle Architecte
ImagesFelix Michaud