3+ Beautiful Small Two Story House Designs

The idea of building a small two-story house is relevant with a limited budget and the absence of a large plot for the construction of the building. This is especially important for young families who dream of a country cottage, but family financial opportunities make adjustments to the size of the house and its design.


Thanks to modern technology, it is realistic to create housing that will have a competent layout and original design. After all, a real house is a place where you want to return at any time. There reigns warmth and comfort, and all the troubles of life remain far behind.

2 storey small house design

And, if you have long dreamed of your own corner, pay attention to this small two-story house, which is distinguished by originality and a decent level of comfort.

Small double story house for relaxation and life

The home will appeal to natures who value romance but cannot imagine themselves without amenities. The building is located away from the bustle of the city, at the end of an old logging road in a remote Wisconsin forest. No noise or stress.

Small two story house

The building is surrounded by landscapes that are insanely beautiful at any time. True nature, enchanting with genuine sincerity and a riot of colors. It is insanely pleasant, calm and easy here, regardless of the time of year.

Comfort and style combination / Simple two storey house design

When building a house, an innovative approach was used. The facade looks non-standard and there is a special intrigue in it. The design is interesting, since the second floor unevenly occupies the area. Gray concrete, black resin and wood fragments. No pretentiousness and chic, however, the design does not cause indifference, eye-catching.

Simple two storey house design

The couple will love housing, will interest a young family. However, everyone who seeks to become closer to nature and know himself, will be able to appreciate the charms of this modest house.

Harmony in the details / 2 story small house design

Building a house did not imply a small budget. However, this did not become an obstacle to using natural and high-quality materials necessary for the construction of a home. The same can be said about the work itself. Professional architects and a team of builders took a responsible approach and tried to ensure harmony at every stage of the construction of the building.

Small two story house design

Small double storey house plans

The area of this small two-story house is 80 square meters. The plot on which the building is located has a slope, but this does not reduce the level of comfort of the room at all. Entrance door with wooden bars leads to the stairs, which directs to the center of the house.

2 story small house design

The project has been developed carefully and requires:

  • a small workshop;
  • a bathroom;
  • open living room;
  • spacious kitchen;
  • several open bedrooms.

Each zone is equipped with everything necessary, is compact.

Living room

Simple two story house design

The living room has a wood-burning stove that provides warmth and a special atmosphere. In the center of the room is a stylish table and chairs. There is also a comfortable sofa. Here you can relax and sit quietly with a cup of tea, warming your soul and body, when a blizzard rages outside the window. Or, play board games with friends and conduct heart-to-heart talks with those who are dear to the heart.


Simple 2 story house design

The kitchen has all the necessary furniture and utensils for cooking, as well as for receiving guests. Bedside tables and shelves allow compact arrangement of dishes. The working area is very clear, making cooking an interesting and fun process. Regardless of the time of day.


Рабочий кабинет позволяет окунуться в рабочую атмосферу, плодотворно решая множество важных дел. Интерьер стильный и лаконичный. Замечательное место, которое идеально подходит  для организации встреч с деловыми партнерами. Тут приятно уединиться, чтобы почитать любимую книгу либо заняться своим любимым делом, не мешая своим сожителям.

Windows are the highlight of the house

Small double storey house

It is impossible not to note the large windows. They are decorated with beautiful curtains. Made of high quality material, have a pleasant texture, effectively complementing the interior. Depending on the mood, the curtains can be tightly screened or slightly opened to fully enjoy the view from the window. Curtains add a twist to the design of the room, because, depending on the state in which they are left, the mood of the whole house is created.

If you really want to, you can become at full height and watch everything that happens around. You will witness how the first succulent leaves bloom from the buds, or how autumn boldly and confidently repaints them in their fabulous shades.

The game of colors and light / simple 2 storey house design

Most built-in furniture has a white color. The same shade prevails on ceilings and walls. White color creates a feeling of freedom in space, allows you to set the right accents. Other colors are also present in the interior, but all of them are not too catchy, but calm natural. This helps to create a good mood, tunes in a relaxing mood.

Small 2 storey house

It makes no sense to overload the room with unnecessary details. If you place a lot of things in the rooms, even if they are necessary for the household, you will get a feeling of confined space. Litter always looks ridiculous, and the house loses its individuality. It is appropriate to profess conciseness, which can be unobtrusively diluted with bright details.

For joy and inspiration / small two storey house

Such a small two-story house will allow you to fully experience the taste of life. You with great pleasure will be able to spend time here on the weekend or fully settle in it. If you invite friends, you will certainly make an unforgettable impression.

small two story house design

A small two-story house with amenities and all that is necessary for life in the very heart of nature will certainly help to realize many dreams. It will become your true inspiration, awaken in your heart the love of the world and attract positive in the coming days.

Architects Johnsen Schmaling Architects
Area80 m2


small two story house design

The idea of building a small two-story house is relevant with a limited budget and the absence of a large plot for the construction of the building. This is especially important for young families who dream of a country cottage, but family financial opportunities make adjustments to the size of the house and its design.

Making a big dream come true on a tiny stretch

small double story house design

For a creative architect, the limited construction area will never be an obstacle to construction. A striking example of this is a two-story house in black tones on a hillside, erected on the Chilean coast. The dark colors of the facade give laconicism to the external image of the structure and stand out against the background of natural greenery.

small two story house design

An open area, as if hanging over the hillside, increases the total area of the house territory and allows you to enjoy the opening landscapes of the mountain range and the sea bay.

This design requires a special approach to strengthening the hillside and the reliability of the supporting elements. Only a professional designer can calculate the permissible loads and design a safe building structure.

small two story house design

Thanks to glass sliding doors, access to the recreation area is open from the inside. This visually enlarges small rooms, provides access to them of air and light. The azure color of the cover of the recreation area enlivens the dark facade of the house and creates a special elated atmosphere.

Design solutions for the interior

small 2 storey house plans

Despite the small area of the house, it is warm and homely. Pastel shades of local wood reinforce this feeling, giving all the interior spaces a natural softness and restraint.

small two story house design

Laconic accents in the interior of the premises are dark metal beams of the ceiling, door and window openings. They emphasize the natural beauty of wooden surfaces and the splendor of panoramic glazing.

small two story house design

The kitchen in dark color looks elegant and unusual against a background of wooden abundance.

small two story house design

The bedrooms on the top floor are decorated with wood finishes and floor-to-ceiling glazings with an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. From the windows of the bedrooms in a small two-story house through large panoramic windows at any time of the day an unforgettable view of the seashore opens.

ArchitectsAlejandro Soffia
PhotoJuan Dúran Sierralta


A bright, contrasting color in private construction is a tool for expressing the individuality of the owners. Even a rational cottage built according to a standard design will look bright and creative if it is painted in unusual tones. The contrasting design of the small two-story house from the architectural bureau Nommo Arquitetos reflects how a fairly ordinary family country house can be played with color.

simple small two storey house design

At the same time, bright shades did not make the house a “white crow” surrounded by local buildings and nature, but only emphasized the creativity and individuality of the owners.

Contrast color as an addition

So that the contrasting design of a small two-story house does not stand out from the surroundings, and aesthetically fits into it, a bright accent tone was used as a secondary matter. The cottage itself is made in white, and the auxiliary structures and elements: beams, garage, stairs, windows are painted in red.

small 2 floor house design

This is enough for the secondary contrasting shade to draw attention to itself, but not to “rip out” the building from the general concept of the site and the architecture around it.

house design 2 storey small lot

The relationship of contrasting home design with the environment

For harmony between the house and the environment, you need to use a contrasting shade as a derivative of a certain element of the landscape. In this cottage, the vibrant red is formed by the local soil, which appears to be reddish.

small double storey house design

But since it is practically invisible behind the vegetation, the architects provided for the use of a similar color on the sidewalk in front of the mansion. The reddish tile does not draw attention to itself, but helps to partially connect the building’s palette with the landscape.

Compatibility with the environment palette

The next moment of harmony of the contrasting design of a small two-story house with its surroundings is due to the fact that both its primary white color and secondary red are combined with shades of local nature and architecture. The house looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, surrounded by bright, rich Brazilian greenery. It also looks spectacular in sunny weather against the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

small house 2 storey design ideas

The well-thought-out contrasting design of a small two-story house not only makes it stand out and adds exclusivity, but emphasizes harmony, preventing the object from getting out of the beautiful landscape.

ArchitectsNommo Arquitetos
PhotoEduardo Macarios