How to decorate a room with white walls? White walls and wood

Natural materials and a lot of white are the leading trend in modern interior design. On a clean surface, you can experiment with decor, focus on furniture, use volumetric shapes and non-standard openings in the walls. If you want to see how white walls and wood look in real embodiment, then we recommend an aesthetic project from the architectural studio Espaço P2. Farmhouse in Portugal reflects the truth of comfort, practicality, spiritual purity.

how to decorate a room with white walls
decorating with white walls and dark furniture

How to combine white walls and wood?

White color can become both basic and complementary, suitable for minimalism or a trendy urban style. In this case, the white walls became the central idea of home decoration. The fact is that the owners of the farm building decided to preserve the traditions of the living space of several generations. Architects also pushed off these wishes.

what color curtains with white walls and brown furniture
white walls dark furniture bedroom

At first glance, the white shade seems impractical, but this drawback is perfectly compensated by the use of moisture-resistant and dirt-repellent finishing materials. The snow-white surface serves as a backdrop for a variety of contrasts – round openings in partitions, small windows, beautiful mirrors.

white walls black furniture bedroom

Nothing complements the white walls like the natural texture of wood. Natural flooring, wooden furniture, window frames combine lightness and airiness. The material scenario of the project turned into aesthetic, creating a continuity of style. For each room, individual types of furniture were designed, and the existing one was professionally restored by craftsmen to preserve the national color.

decorating white walls without painting

How to decorate plain white walls with wood?

Of course, the light tone of the coating has many advantages.

white walls black furniture living room
White walls and wood
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But, if you finish in the monochrome version, the room will create the effect of “pressure of the enclosed space.” The fine line of this limit is taken into account by the designers of the studio. They used a unique technique for the project, alternating white plastered walls with wooden cladding. The photo clearly shows that one side of the room has a snow-white texture, and the opposite is made in natural finish.

White walls and wood
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This technique in the living room, in the kitchen and in the corridor made it possible to give the house sensuality, balance. Finely thought out wood trim small window openings and partitions. The use of several materials is responsible for the internal clarity of the separation of space and its rationality.

White walls and wood
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In conclusion, I want to say that in any interior you can find a place where experiments can emphasize the individuality of style. We need to move away from the usual standards of decoration, use new prosaic approaches. If you want to fill the house with space and freedom, be sure to choose white walls and a tree. The snow-white texture of one material is complemented by the light texture of the second. Ease of living conditions is reflected in the thoughts and way of life.

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Architects Espaço P2
Photo José Campos