Eco-friendly & Atmospheric Cedar Exterior Finish

A cozy country house in a park area on the outskirts of Vilnius is a modern eco-friendly refuge for a family. The atmosphere of the site is permeated with the spirit of freedom and true natural purity. The house provides for the use of only natural materials. The main thing in this context was the exterior decoration with cedar.

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And in order to achieve the uncompromising harmony of the restored, old cottage with its impressive surroundings, its architecture was left traditional.

Exterior cladding with cedar as a way to integrate the house into the landscape

Thanks to the cedar cladding, a very subtle integration of architecture into the surrounding landscape can be traced here. The building does not disturb the peaceful and majestic natural surroundings at all. The house has become a part of the area, without evoking here a sense of industrialization or human development of the territory.

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Facing the exterior of a house with cedar has become a way to comply with the rules dictated by nature. The person adjusted to the environment, did not destroy it or make adjustments. The tendency of obedience to nature can be traced inside as well, since the interior also meets the canons of a living environment – environmental friendliness, safety and comfort with simplicity.

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At the same time, the site is practically not separated from the lands behind it. They did not hide the house behind a high fence, but made it an element of the general landscape. And everything that is created on the site itself and around is the result of the creation of nature.

Exterior finish in cedar wood with modern solutions

The very idea of cedar cladding looks quite traditional, reflecting the principles of age-old housing. But at the same time, this technique successfully coexists with innovative solutions – a large glazing area, openness of the lower floor, terraces with views of the majestic landscape.

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The building is adapted to the landscape, and integrated into it, taking into account the presence of the hill. The architects did not interfere with the site in order to adapt it for themselves. This is a fairly modern, creative technique for construction. At the same time, residents received maximum comfort and efficiency from the house. Here you can enjoy the views, feel the strength and spirit of the fresh air untouched by civilization.

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By itself, an environmentally friendly cedar exterior finish corresponds to the current trends, which are manifested in simplicity, safety, purity and naturalness. The expressive, elegant silhouette of the house with panoramic windows, laconic architecture does not dominate the site, but subtly complements the rich green landscape.

ImagesNorbert Tukaj