Flat House Style To Integrate Modern Design & Tradition

Traditional, natural materials and architectural solutions remain among the most comfortable and demanded, even against the background of the growing popularity of innovative solutions. You can beat ideas that have been established for decades using the flat style of the house.

flat house style

This decision made it possible to combine classics and modern motives. The materials and configuration of the space get new, unusual for the traditional perception of the form, but at the same time, they remain the same comfortable, to people have gotten used to all their lives.

Creative flat style home

Having abandoned traditional forms, and moving on to modern minimalism, and straightforwardness, I had to be creative. This allowed us to get rid of the boring space, to achieve good ergonomics and comfort for family living.

flat house style

The cottage consists of two buildings – a summer house and a main residential building. Between them, in the same flat, rectilinear style, a transition is made with a half-open canopy of wooden slats. Such a solution seems to unite two buildings into a single object, but at the same time, they remain independent from each other.

flat house style

The flat-style home space is demarcated into social spaces and private rooms. The area is divided approximately in half. But, if the bedrooms are made almost in a traditional configuration, then the social spaces are far from the classics.

flat house style

Here are open areas, the living room is closely integrated with the terrace by the pool. The border between the interior and the adjacent territory practically disappears. Inside, social spaces are also united, and there is no clear delineation of them, only visual.

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Flat house style and traditional materials

All structures, surfaces, and furniture in the house are made of natural wood and stone. At the same time, a natural, natural palette was left – nothing was repainted.

flat house style

Due to this, modern flat forms have found comfort, warmth, and softness familiar to a person. They are pleasing to the eye and have good tactile qualities.

flat house style

All this makes the residents feel comfortable and safe here. So the ultra-fashionable flat design of the house did not turn into an unusual, uncomfortable space for a person, but remained the same comfortable country house, but with an emphasis on modern motives.

ImagesFelipe Araújo