How to Ensure Comfort in a Small Flat House Design

Creating comfort in a small flat house is an art that combines clever design strategies, smart furniture choices, and thoughtful decor. This guide will walk you through the process, showing you how to transform a limited space into a comfortable haven that caters to your lifestyle and personal preferences. From planning your layout to choosing … Read more

Innovative Flat Concrete Home Design Ideas & Inspiration

Flat Concrete Construction is a rapidly growing trend in homebuilding that takes advantage of new materials, designs, and construction methods. It leverages Insulated Concrete Forms’ insulation properties to create lightweight, energy-efficient, and incredibly resilient homes. By incorporating flat concrete construction into your home exploration journey you can confidently choose a design that will best suit … Read more

The Future of Flat House Design: What We Know and What We Expect

One of the most significant changes in the history of architecture was moving from using a 3D approach to designing buildings with a 2D approach. This change was made possible by the invention of the elevator and steel-frame construction. The first flat house was designed in 1853 by Joseph Paxton, who designed it for an … Read more

Flat House Style To Integrate Modern Design & Tradition

Traditional, natural materials and architectural solutions remain among the most comfortable and demanded, even against the background of the growing popularity of innovative solutions. You can beat ideas that have been established for decades using the flat style of the house. This decision made it possible to combine classics and modern motives. The materials and … Read more

Flat Roof Double Storey Houses in Minimalist Style for a Modern Family

Over time, the development of technology changes the interests and needs of people. Architectural bureau WOHA by Antonio Maciá presented an ultra-fashionable monolithic two-story house with a flat roof in a minimalist style with elements of eco and high-tech. Let’s consider the main features of the house, due to which it looks like a revolutionary … Read more

Small Flat Roof House on the Brazilian Slope as a Standard of Modern Trends

Architectural bureau Gustavo Penna Arquiteto e Associados has presented a modern small house with a flat roof on a hillside in the scenic area of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. This facility embodies several elements, followed by chasing the design and construction of a small suburban housing. SELF-SUFFICIENCY AT COMPACTITY The area of the … Read more

Flat Roof Modern House On The Slope

The nature of Bowen Island National Park in Canada is the perfect place to enjoy the silence, the majesty of the environment, the picturesque scenery as part of a family vacation. A modern flat-roofed home on an island in the region is a haven from the hustle and bustle. The architects managed to design the … Read more

3 Small Flat Design Ideas

Flat ideas in the design of a small house help to rationalize the space inside and outside, achieve its ergonomics, spaciousness and provide all the necessary functionality. This solution was used by the JMA architectural bureau in its next project. Consider the basic flat techniques used in the presented villa. It has two symmetrical recessed … Read more

Flat Roof Single Storey Extension / Original shape with panoramic windows

The stylish roof of the extension to the house due to the glazing and the original shape made it possible to beat the space in a special way, to make it light and light. The room is flooded with daylight even in cloudy weather. And on the terrace near the entrance you get the impression … Read more