Flat Roof Double Storey Houses in Minimalist Style for a Modern Family

Over time, the development of technology changes the interests and needs of people. Architectural bureau WOHA by Antonio Maciá presented an ultra-fashionable monolithic two-story house with a flat roof in a minimalist style with elements of eco and high-tech.

2 story flat roof house designs

Let’s consider the main features of the house, due to which it looks like a revolutionary object.

Two story flat roof house designs 👉 two independent buildings

The flat roof double storey house consists of two separate parts. One is for the family and contains a kitchen, a living room on the ground floor, a bedroom and another social space for games and relaxation on the second. A separate building is a local private space of the owners, completely separated from the main house.

two storey flat roof house designs

Both buildings are built in such a way that visually form a single mansion. For this, a terrace with a roof connecting the buildings is arranged between them. In front of the terrace there is a swimming pool with equally convenient access from both buildings.

two story flat roof house plans

Reception to divide the cottage into two separate buildings, despite the fact that the total area is only 130 square meters, may seem irrational. But in fact, the owners here have the opportunity not only to retire in their room, but literally go to rest in another house. Even if a party is taking place in the main building, in the next building you can be in peace and quiet.

Flat roof double story house 👉 floristic lines in architecture

The designers abandoned the floristry typical of the classical trend. Still, the challenge was to build a two-story house with a flat roof in harmony with the local flora. To do this, they made buildings in smooth lines, added curves like plant leaves. There are no sharp corners in the house, all elements are played with smooth transitions. Due to this, the cottage looks attractive surrounded by shrubs and palms planted here as part of landscape design.

double storey house plans with flat roofs

The flat roof of the two-story house emphasizes its minimalist design. Lack of decor, large windows, monotonous white color accentuate the high-tech style. Together with this, there was a place for an eco-direction. Partial decoration of the facade with wood panels, natural materials in the interior emphasize the belonging to nature.

2 storey house design with flat roof

Monolithic construction technology made a revolution in the context of suburban construction opportunities. Facades with corner panoramic windows, smooth transitions, curves.

flat roof two story house

Thus, a flat roof double storey house is a modern family suburban housing, in which the wishes of the owners are taken into account to the smallest detail in the context of privacy. Stylish design with smooth lines unusual for minimalism made it unusual in terms of design.

ArchitectsWOHA by Antonio Maciá
PhotoDavid Frutos

Flat Roof Two-Storied Square House – 200 m² for the physical and mental privacy of the whole family

Uncomplicated geometric shapes and the apparent simplicity of the structural solutions of a two-story square house with a flat roof form a comfortable living space for all generations of the family.

double storey house plans with flat roofs

Arrangement of a two-story square house on a square shaped plot

A spacious beach house on the Australian coast serves as a secluded island for a family vacation from the bustle of the city. Indoor living spaces are filled with light at any time of the day. These are comfortable rooms for relaxing, reading, socializing, and nightly dreams.

2 storey house design with flat roof

The architectural idea was to use the simplest possible building forms. The clean lines of the building naturally fit into the surrounding landscape. The flat roof is a continuation of the general plan of the architect, does not burden the design and does not fall out of the rectangular-square concept.

flat roof two story house

The construction complex is located on an inclined square plot. The configuration of the site and the preserved natural vegetation give the whole architectural ensemble a sense of laid-back calmness and naturalness. Contribute to this and the use of natural building materials. Wood and stone are successfully combined with the greenery of the hillock and surrounding trees.

double storey house with granny flat designs

Two-story square house with a flat roof 👉 comfort and cosiness squared

Balconies and open areas allow residents to enjoy the warmth of sunlight and the fresh breath of the summer breeze. An open recreation area with a height of two floors easily turns into a closed room with high ceilings after lowering the wooden blinds. This spacious room can serve as a dance floor, and a concert hall, and a meeting place with friends.

double storey flat roof
flat roof double storey house plans

The abundance of wood in the interior decoration gives the room a homely warmth. Wooden furniture in natural shades underlines the natural cleanliness of the interior. Elegant wooden balcony railings resonate well with the deep gray color of the walls and snow-white ceilings. Against this background, multi-colored doors of the bedrooms of the second floor look like a bright color spot

2 story flat roof house plans

Wood has gained fame as an indispensable material for industrial and building design due to its texture, warmth, environmental cleanliness and extraordinary beauty. The choice of wood species, methods of processing and impregnation depends on the climatic zone and the place of application of wood. Consult with experts in this matter so that wooden structures and design elements will please you and your loved ones for a long time.

flat roof double storey houses

Zoning the internal space of a two-story square house with a flat roof with the help of light wooden partitions and thoughtful arrangement of furniture creates secluded corners for each generation of the family. Wide panoramic windows make the rooms visually more spacious and lighter, and the white colors of the finish enhance this feeling.

flat roof double storey houses

Everyday morning and evening rituals in this two-story square house with a flat roof turn into a real pleasure. Swimming among natural beauty here is possible not only on the sea coast, but also in the bathroom. To do this, just open the windows – the smells, sounds of the forest and the sea will fill the entire room.

Architects Paul Butterworth Architect
Photo Christopher Frederick Jones