3+ Modern Outdoor Courtyard Design Ideas

The privacy of housing and land is an important component of comfort for a modern person. But along with this, you want to have space, get rid of borders, and constraints, and not hide in a cramped world behind a high fence. The best outdoor yard design ideas showcase freedom to the horizon while keeping the site localized from outsiders.

outdoor courtyard design

Landscape designers’ decisions imply competent planning of the area and perspective towards the view landscape while maintaining the privacy of private areas.

Open Courtyard Design in the L-shaped House

small outdoor courtyard ideas

The presented plot is not fenced off, and from the terrace of the house, there is a panoramic view into the distance of the forest plantation, and the bay. But at the same time, this part of the territory remains secluded and quiet, not on display.

courtyard ideas for homes

This was achieved by protecting the recreation areas with a special form of the house. The courtyard remains invisible from the road and is completely open toward the panorama. To avoid the feeling of being in an open area, landscaping has been thought out on the site, creating barriers from the outside, and saturating the landscape when viewed from home.

small paved courtyard ideas

Shrubs and lush tall trees have been planted just outside the private area. They partially localize the territory. And then there is a vineyard. It adds charm, and sophistication to the area, but at the same time, it is also a visual barrier to access from the outside. In this case, openness reaches such a high level that a clear boundary is erased even between the yard and the house.

Hill Open Courtyard Design Idea

One of the main advantages of being located on a hill is the spectacular bird’s-eye view. Moreover, such a courtyard can be made completely open from the side of the panorama, since it is visually localized due to the features of the relief – the territory is simply hidden behind a hill.

house courtyard ideas

In this case, the main idea for the design of the open courtyard was a pool with a panoramic view of the mountains. It stretches from the house and comes to the edge of the site, where a steep descent begins. As a result, we get a species pool, qualitatively localized from outside views.

private courtyard ideas

From the sides, this territory is localized with the help of a house wing and trees, and bushes. Thus, the site was visually localized without using fences and fences, so maximum freedom and comfort are felt here.

Outdoor Courtyard Design Idea with Large Pool

indoor courtyard design ideas

In this case, everything is simple. The territory is almost completely open, and its seclusion and comfort are provided by the landscape. From the sides and the house, the plot is hidden behind a hill. And in the direction of private lands, it is completely open. The central element here is a swimming pool with an area of several hundred square meters.

courtyard seating area

Proper planning allows you to practically erase the boundaries between the site and the impressive landscape, but at the same time maintain coziness and comfort. It gives the impression of being on top of the world, and no one can disturb you here.

home courtyard design ideas

Modern open yard design ideas are a balance of privacy and freedom. Note that in no case did the designers install fences or other fences. But the coziness adjacent to the majestic atmosphere is conveyed even by the photo.