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Partition Design Ideas: How to divide the space in a room without walls

Popular ways to divide the space in a room using furniture, structures, lighting, and decoration – examples, and descriptions of zoning options.

Zoning has become one of the most popular ways to share space in a room. This approach to the division of functional zones allows you to maximize the use of living space, get rid of cramped rooms, and increase the space visually – especially true for small apartments. In addition, due to such techniques, it is possible to realize unique ideas in interior design.

Zoning is performed in several ways – we will consider the most popular and effective ones using the project example.

Room partition ideas 👉 Divide the space in the room into two zones with furniture

Sofas, racks, shelves, cabinets, and other furniture are increasingly used by designers as a tool to distinguish living space. An island-type sofa in the middle of the room divides the space into two independent zones, although the room remains one.

Racks and cabinets allow you to more effectively separate one part of the housing from another. The space behind such a design is almost localized. This is convenient, for example, if necessary, to separate the study area of the room from the game room, to delimit social space for relaxing in front of the TV and at the table near the window. To complement the zoning will help with flowers in pots, and decor.

partition design for home – to divide the space in the room with designs and decoration

The most affordable and one of an effective method of visual differentiation of living space is to use different finishes in functional areas. For example, in the kitchen studio, the cooking zone can be tiled, in the place for the dining table, use wall painting and tiled floors, and in the living room – lay a laminate and glue the wallpaper.

You can limit yourself to one type of finish, but use it in different colors and with different textures. The main thing is that all this be harmoniously combined. This method allows you to divide the space in the room into two or more zones only visually – functionally it remains a single room. Such zoning looks especially impressive when contrasting tones are used – the cooking zone is dark, and the resting place is in a light palette.

As a design for the demarcation of living space, podiums, arches, and two- or three-tier ceilings are used. A step or a different level of the ceiling creates a clear boundary between the functional spaces.

home partition ideas – divide the space in the room with the help of light

Each functional area must have its local lighting. You can also use common central lights for the entire room. In the example of the project, we see how designers propose to distinguish between rooms using spots, and spotlights – these types of lighting equipment can achieve the desired level of light in one part of the room, practically without affecting the lighting in another corner.

To more effectively divide the space in the room using non-traditional partitions, zoning methods can be combined – it is practiced in most cases. For example, you can install a sofa or a rack near the podium. In this case, each functional area gets even more pronounced boundaries, but at the same time, the room remains one whole – it is possible to get rid of the effect of crowding and isolation.