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Terrace House Design

The terrace is an attached part of the house, which can be of a different design plan. The design of the veranda occupies a significant part of the idea of decorating the entire housing. This part is located on one foundation, depending on the intended use of the recreation area, it can be glazed or open.

Modern terrace house design

Terrace House Design should be thought out to the smallest detail, because this zone should be comfortable, predispose to rest, coziness. Photos for inspiration will be a great way to learn something new, to bring fresh notes to the stylish interior.

Choose the type of terrace correctly

Based on the fact that the site is near the main entrance, the main emphasis should be on creating an atmosphere of hospitality, openness, good mood. Guests and family members should have the desire to be on the terrace, to spend time here. The design of the summer terrace provides for the availability of the most necessary furniture – chairs, a table, deck chairs, fresh flowers for decoration.

The decoration gives illumination, which should be pacifying, not create a strong tension. For this, designers use small lamps, decorative lights. In the evening, they will bring softness to the space, make it unobtrusive and restrained.

TIP! During construction, part of the foundation is not always laid under the veranda. But do not be upset, because you can attach the site, allocate part of the adjacent territory under it and create an original design of the veranda.

Terrace with open walls design

Terrace house design provides two design options – indoor or outdoor. An extension in a country cottage, in which most of the time spent in summer, will look better in an open type. This decision will allow you to enjoy the natural landscape, feel the aromas of the forest, flowers, to retire to the singing of birds.

It will be practical to combine the entrance from the terrace to the living room, kitchen or bath, since the project has full walls. The approximate distance to the room will make it more convenient to use other rooms, take the necessary dishes, set the table. The design of the open terrace with spacious walls should be combined with the facade of the building in order to have a harmonious look.

Terrace – the main part of the house

In the case of choosing the enclosed space of the terrace, it can be a single part of the house – an ordinary room. Such a solution provides for the direction of the glazed part to the sunny side to fill the room with natural light. In addition, you can provide a small decorative corner in the form of an artificial waterfall, fountain, mini lakes with plants. The approximate design of the terrace in the photo is presented above and makes it possible to appreciate the beauty of the idea.

The closed form of arranging the terrace is noteworthy in that the interior is created in the style of an ordinary living room. Here you can arrange a couch, TV, various kitchen units. Large panoramic windows and glazed doors allow you to visually see the surrounding nature, but do not feel discomfort in the form of coolness, wind or precipitation.

The highlight of any design is transparent walls

Modern terrace design performed by a covered, transparent room provides the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the garden, mountains from all sides. As a rule, country houses are located in the outback of forests, where only natural elements reign. In this embodiment, you can use sliding glazing, lightweight structures made of wood or aluminum. Here you can use various styles, directions of design. It is better to focus on space and freedom. For space, a small table and chairs are enough, more plants that will turn the room into a garden of paradise.

The option of a closed or glazed terrace design provides for the location of the zone under the roof of the house. Small terrace design will not differ from the general one, which will create a single project. Bright sunshine, rain do not fall here, you can always cover the wall, especially when the evening is accompanied by mosquitoes.

Terrace without a roof – original and spacious

Many people prefer the terrace in a private house to be completely open, without a canopy. The advantage of this type of space is that, sitting on a sunbed, you can get a great tan, enjoy the scorching sun. The multilayer structure is made of wood, and the flooring of the terrace boards.

Outdoor furniture is the perfect solution for your decor. Such products do not fade, do not lose their strength, reliability. Moisture-resistant materials will not only ensure the excellent design of the simple terrace design for small house, but also preserve the integrity of the structures for many years.

Comfortable extension – we correctly divide zones

If the site is not provided for by the construction project of a country house, you can equip it yourself. But this will require strength, knowledge and a lot of patience. Of course, that the architects and the construction team will carry out the installation much faster and better.

Bungalow terrace design should correctly distribute the entire area. Here you need to highlight several areas – dining and recreation. In the corner or at the end you can place a dining table, comfortable chairs or benches. It is also important to arrange hammocks, armchairs and sofas, which will look in an extensive part overlooking the natural landscape.

It is not necessary to clutter up the space with furniture, as this will create discomfort, the territory will look cluttered. If a pool is provided in the zone, then you definitely need to place sunbeds, have room for various jumps and parties by the water.

Furniture – creating maximum convenience

Not only decoration, but also furnishing of the terrace with furniture should include the use of quality materials. Terrace room design focuses on the use of natural wood. The style of hand-made is the most popular in recent years. Various wicker tables, rocking chairs, a swing bed, hammocks have become a real find of practicality and originality.

For various little things in the form of decor, dishes, books, you can use wooden cabinets. The minibar, trimmed with a false beam with imitation of natural wood, will be the main highlight of the whole design. Many owners install a large brick grill, which allows you to enjoy the real art of cooking dinner.

The presented terrace in the house, the design of the photo of which we see, shows how important it is to correctly organize a large space. There is a seating area made of leather furniture, a dining area made of wood, an honor under the bar. The finishing touch to the space is given by lighting in the form of chandeliers, high-tech lamps.

TIP! To design a terrace, it is best to use modern design directions that will create a relaxing atmosphere and will not clutter up the space with antique antiques, voluminous furniture, and candlesticks.

Mesh canopy – unusual but practical

There are a lot of options for organizing a canopy. A special place is occupied by pergola, represented by a lattice structure made of bars or aluminum. Thus, sunlight is not of such intensity, which is slightly restrained by partitions. This area is suitable for sunbathing without the risk of burns.

The design of the terrace with a canopy made of natural wood with an open part will look stylish, as we see in the photo. Designers tried to bring fresh ideas to the design of the terrace, the look of which is simply amazing. This creates a closed part for relaxation, and small openings fit under the trees and fill the space with sunlight.

Terrace house interior design demonstrates another way of making the roof in the form of curved shapes. The space for furniture is protected from the sun, and plants and a small lawn can be designed under natural light. Decorative compositions, lighting are decorated around the perimeter, the recreation area is thought out in bright colors, the lawn will serve as a great place for children’s games.

Space Design Stylistics

Terrace interior design can be made in a classic representation or more modern. A country house is a place for relaxation, spending holidays with family, trips with company and friends. The design of the veranda, the photo of which shows the modern execution of the interior, has a clear idea of fashion trends. Concise geometric lines, the separation of the house from the natural landscape, non-standard execution of the transition to the second floor, the use of several finishing materials – in the complex it is a stylish modern.

You can enlarge the territory of a small terrace with the help of mirrors, which are located on the entire wall. Design veranda styles can be designed in several ways:

  • Scandinavian;
  • Colonial;
  • Eco style;
  • Mediterranean;
  • Country.

These directions maximally convey the unity of nature with the living room, are suitable for the design of a country house.

Modern house terrace should be made of the same materials as the structure itself. Natural wood in combination with ethnic styles creates the most spectacular appearance. The outer part of the house resembles an old hut of a modern person. In the photo we see wooden wall decoration, flooring, beautiful furniture, and the cottage itself is surrounded by birches. Agree that such a design of the veranda and the whole project is just perfect.

The versatility of the design style of the terrace

Some prefer to surround themselves in a minimalist style, others give popularity to bright colors. Outdoor furniture should be natural shades of wood, but there are exceptions to this rule. To give contrast, you can use saturated color in the form of sofas, tables. They will dilute front house design with terrace, make it not so monotonous, boring.

For decorating the territory of the veranda, you can use not only building materials, but “revive” the situation with the help of living and ornamental plants. Cache-pots, winding vineyards, plants, hanging flowers will look original and fresh on the site.

For convenience, you can use various decorative pillows, rugs, bedspreads, which are indispensable in the light summer cool. On sofas you can take a nap for lunch, because outdoor sleep is always strong, brings vigor and new strength. To make the space more attractive, you can purchase different rugs, decorative elements, decorations, unusual chandeliers.

All kinds of ottomans, vases, flower stands, small tables, lamps will complete the room, add to it a sense of coziness and comfort. Particular attention should be paid to the color of the fabric. The modern design of the terrace project provides restrained, cold tones – gray, black, white, beige.

Manufacturers do not limit the release of products, pleasing with their color palette. You can create a corner of joy and good mood with the help of rainbow pillows, hammocks, covers. Fabrics have special light-protective functions, impregnations, treatment care products, preventing the loss of color and appearance.

Terrace lights design

The terrace in the house should have harmonious lighting. Lamps will look best in non-standard shapes and sizes. The outdoor area looks special in the evening and at night, and lighting fixtures give a mystery to the atmosphere.

Long lamps, sconces, interior lamps – all this is a win-win choice for a country house. Forged products, handiwork, acrylic pendants give contrast, the surroundings are more delicate, soft.

In addition, you can install fans on the ceilings that will give coolness on hot evenings. Given the fact that the owners leave the cottage only during the holiday season, you need to pay attention to the organization of ventilation. Installed fans will provide a comfortable microclimate on the hottest days.

As we see in the photo, terrace architecture design provides for lattice trim of the edges of the ceiling, metal poles, black framing of doors, and fans of the same shade are in perfect harmony with the common space. Lamps are small enough, but their quantity is enough to illuminate the dining place and recreation area.

Do you need a decor in the design of the terrace?

The fact is that designers do not recommend distracting attention from the natural world. If you decorate the walls with paintings, panels, photographs, decorative products, people will not notice the surrounding attractions.

Simplicity and conciseness – these are the main characteristics of the room under the terrace. There should not be anything superfluous – furniture, a place to relax, a playground for children. Terrace roof design takes into account the factor that the house is located on open areas where gardens, forests, shrubs, mountains, lakes are located. This beauty cannot be replaced with painted images or excessive decorations.

After all, there is nothing better than sitting on an armchair and having fun with a rare view of the natural idyll. Therefore, for the decoration of the entire room it is used natural materials that can harmonize with space.

Artificial decor – a custom design solution for the veranda

On a green site, and so enough flowers, grass, plantings. In this zone, the most important thing is missing – water. To make your pastime truly memorable and exciting, you can take care of a small pool. Designing an open terrace with such a solution would be just a bomb.

Soft and waterproof sofas, which you can lie down immediately after swimming in the pool, will become a thin line throughout the site. The territory of the presented project is not closed by extra tables, decorations – everything is much simpler. The rays hiding behind the horizon of the sun shine casually on the water, where you can not only swim, but just sit with friends with a glass of wine or champagne. The design of the veranda for a country house in this case will be more complicated from the constructive point of view of creating a pool.

Create a design personality

Not only the inner space demonstrates the character, manners, hobbies of the owners. Minimalist terrace house immediately shows all the subtleties of nature, the individuality of a person. You can express yourself through the arrangement and organization of the site adjacent to the house. Unusual loungers on wooden wheels, a small table, folding chairs, frame construction on stilts create the appearance of an alienated house. Such housing is suitable for people who want to be alone with nature, to stay away from the bustle of the city.

The terrace becomes a place of passion where a special atmosphere reigns. There is a place for gatherings with friends, the dim light allows you to enjoy communication with your beloved one. Virgin nature only embellishes the grace of design. Another way to highlight your character is to use unusual forms of houses.

The design of a small terrace is fully consistent with the whole idea of a country house – simplicity and practicality. A small terrace protrudes slightly from the common area, being above the entrance. The photo shows that from the territory there is an entrance to the room, large windows, which makes the structure bright and spacious.

Terrace – part of the kitchen or a separate room?

Terrace design can be represented as a branch of the kitchen. Here you can place a separate table for cooking, barbecue, grill. Such a terrace made of wood trim is saturated with special means and substances that prevent fire. Guests have nothing to fear, as the area is completely safe. Open fire only adds a spectacle to the whole picture.

This option of combining the kitchen and the terrace is suitable for winter and summer. In the hot season, you can hide from the scorching sun and enjoy the shade, and in severe frosts cooking barbecue will warm and feel the real taste of the dish. The veranda kitchen, the design of which is shown in a vivid example of the photo, includes a large table for more than ten people, spacious chairs, benches, kitchen utensils.

Such a place is suitable for family traditions, celebration of special celebrations, significant dates for the family. Relatives can comfortably sit on the site, spend hours talking and enjoying the reunion not only with hard-working people, but also with nature.

Thermal insulation of a country house terrace

The design of the closed terrace provides not only for the decoration of the premises, but also for providing a comfortable and warm microclimate. The closed type is suitable for winter trips to nature, so here you need to provide for several important nuances. In the room you can install a stove, electric radiator. A bonfire bowl is suitable for an open terrace.

Part of the terrace may remain open for the summer option, and a large area is reserved for fencing and glazing. You can also equip a fireplace, which will not only be a source of heat, but also an excellent decorative design.

Materials for the terrace

The entire article can be devoted to this section, but the main features and rules for arranging the terrace should be clarified. Do-it-yourself terrace, the design of which a person thinks for himself, or professionally equipped – regardless of these criteria, only natural materials should be used in the decoration.

Wooden bars create a presentable appearance and perform other functions:

  • Protective – resists negative environmental factors;
  • Functional – wood is easy to use, easy to install;
  • Practical – with the help of wood you can trim the veranda of any size;
  • Aesthetic – not a single drywall or polycarbonate is able to create such an effect of the appearance of a house as a tree.

The priority is the choice of species such as beech, pine, ash, oak. The exact choice of terrace design will depend on the budget. Expensive finishes have enhanced performance properties, which is ideal for arranging a country house in a mountainous landscape.

The outdoor terrace can have horizontal, vertical or combined rails. They can be made of different shapes, lengths, have several sections. Due to the versatility of the structure, wood is suitable for various structures of the construction of summer houses and country houses.

The combination of materials in the design of the terrace allows you to increase the strength of structures. The use of polycarbonate is the most common option among builders. Thus, one part of the house looks more modern, and the tree is a classic version of the terrace

Are the windows large or small?

The design of the terrace windows is an urgent matter, because natural light and the appearance of the room depend on their size. In the case of a closed terrace, sliding window systems are gaining more and more popularity.

Terrace sitout design provides for the presence of one open and closed part, which is very functional and convenient to use. Sliding glass walls in the form of panoramic windows are easy to operate, can be mechanical or automatic control type. Dimensions include the installation of windows from the ceiling to the floor. On such a terrace, a beautiful view of the infield is opened, and effective protection against wind, insects and rainfall gives excellent comfort.

When designing a home, architects prefer to install just such high windows. The design of the terrace looks very different due to the open inspection area, fills the room with light, sunbeams. This option is suitable for summer and winter recreation. The window frame is made of natural materials in the style of the whole house.

Remarkable outdoor terrace design

In the space of a country cottage, everything should predispose to a cozy and carefree vacation. The design of open terraces provides a minimalist style – a minimum of details and a maximum of practicality. To create a truly paradise for spending time, it’s enough to select a small area of the house for furniture. Wooden floor, the same furniture and decorative plants become the central idea of improvement. From this zone you can fully explore the territory of the forest, mountains, admire their views from high windows.

An interesting idea will be design for house terrace with a staircase. In the photo you can see that the builders thought out two exits from the recreation area. This allows you to conveniently go down to the garden. The adjacent part has a natural landscape, not asphalted. The grass cover does not need to be planted with an artificial lawn so as not to spoil the natural plantings.

Wooden stairs are convenient in that you do not need to pour concrete, perform the time-consuming process of laying slabs and other facing materials. The descent corresponds to the style of a country house, which is the central idea of the project.

Plants in the design of the terrace

If housing is located in a wooded area, then planting and flower beds are not necessary. Nature itself will take care of the decorative design of the site.

Rocks, trees, grass, mountain slopes – all this, surrounded by a summer house, becomes an integral part of space. It is impossible to come up with something better than the natural landscape. In this case, the veranda should overlook the sunny side, lake or forest, so that during the rest you can see an amazing landscape. 2nd floor terrace design will harmoniously look in a completely open form without a canopy and roof.

On the site, designers also do not bypass the green spaces. As you can see in the photo, there are small decorative zones in the form of small bushes, plants, and dense green grass spread around the terrace. If you place the veranda in the opposite direction, the picture can slightly increase the atmosphere, as it is adjacent directly to the terrace. It is better to leave a short distance to the forest.

Small terrace design

Not all houses have the ability to place a large and spacious part under the recreation area. But this is not a problem, because in a space limited in space, you can easily position a bench, sofa, arrange chairs or rocking chairs. Small victorian terraced house interior design shows how functionally the owners arranged the furniture and divided the zones.

Just a couple of folding chairs and a miniature table are enough to sit down, drink soft drinks and chat to the sound of the wind and the fragrant smell of flowers. The main thing on a small terrace is not to clutter up the territory and not to use too bright shades. The classic white or beige tone of the furniture is ideal so that the look is relaxed and free.

Winter terrace

Not everyone likes to travel out of town in the summer heat. Many people prefer to spend time relaxing in the country in the winter, when nature creates a special atmosphere, bewitching landscapes. There is nothing better than looking at the powdery branches, hearing the crunch of snow under your feet, while sitting in a warm veranda and warming yourself with mulled wine. The design of the closed terrace can be combined with the open.

The closed part of the house with panoramic windows offers views of the surrounding nature, and in the open area you can safely cook hot dishes, sit on soft sofas. This is a practical solution in which a multi-functional division of the site. Most of the canopy shelters the dining table, and places to relax, on the contrary, are located opposite the sun to keep its warm in the winter.

In any terrace design project, there are a thousand options for arranging the site, and each is individual in its execution. Owners of country houses can independently determine what they like and which terrace will meet their needs. The main thing is to maintain balance and adhere to one line of style.