Reflections on Modern Living with Mirrored Houses

Perched on a hillside in the seaside city of Nha Trang, Vietnam, the Sky Villa by MM++ architects is a mirrored house that offers a unique perspective on modern living. This article explores how this architectural masterpiece reflects the current trends in home design and offers a unique, playful guest experience.

Photographs:Hiroyuki Oki

Embracing the Environment with Mirrored Houses

The Sky Villa is a perfect example of how mirrored houses can blend seamlessly into their environment. The villa’s design features an exposed concrete slab and a floating glass cube, creating a visual harmony with the surrounding landscape.

The use of glass in the villa’s design not only reflects the beauty of the environment but also allows for unobstructed panoramic views. This design feature is becoming increasingly popular in mirrored houses, as it allows the inhabitants to feel more connected to the outside world.

The villa’s location, carved into the hill, further enhances its connection with the environment. This design approach shows how mirrored houses can be integrated into the landscape, creating a sense of unity between the built and natural environments.

Finally, the villa’s mirror ceiling brings the surrounding vegetation and landscape into the villa, creating a unique aesthetic effect. This innovative design feature is a testament to the creative possibilities of mirrored houses.

Creating Unique Guest Experiences in Mirrored Houses

The Sky Villa is designed to offer a unique guest experience. The property is accessible from the lower front of the site under a suspended swimming pool with a transparent front, adding a dramatic effect and creating a unique sense of arrival.

The villa’s design also includes a variety of entertainment activities. The first floor, which is fully open and naturally ventilated, includes a swimming pool, a sunken living room, an entertainment corner, the dining area, and the kitchen.

The rooftop of the villa adds more entertainment activities with a large Jacuzzi opened to the sky, a golf put, and a sandy outdoor sun lounge. These features show how mirrored houses can offer unique and memorable experiences to their inhabitants and guests.

Finally, the villa’s bedrooms offer a sensation of floating above the immensity of the surrounding landscape. This design feature, combined with the minimalist interiors, enhances the guest experience in mirrored houses.

Maximizing the Beauty of the Scenery in Mirrored Houses

One of the key design goals of the Sky Villa was to maximize the beauty of the scenery. This goal was achieved through the use of large floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedrooms, which fully immerse the rooms in the scenery.

The bathrooms in the villa are also open, separated from the bedroom with a partition wall. This design feature allows the inhabitants to enjoy the beauty of the scenery even when they are in the bathroom.

The use of a mirror ceiling in the villa further enhances the beauty of the scenery. The multiple reflections created by the mirror ceiling bring the surrounding vegetation and landscape into the villa, creating a unique aesthetic effect.

Finally, the villa’s location, carved into the hill, allows it to enjoy a unique ocean view, overlooking the bay and mountains in the background. This location shows how mirrored houses can take full advantage of their environment to maximize the beauty of the scenery.


The Sky Villa by MM++ architects is a shining example of a mirrored house. It beautifully blends into its environment, offers a unique guest experience, and maximizes the beauty of the scenery. These features are not just influencing the design of mirrored houses but are shaping the future of architecture worldwide.