5+ Small Plot House Ideas

Non-standard ideas for building a house on a small plot allow you to build a full-fledged family cottage on an area that is hardly suitable for a small summer cottage.

3 storey house on a small plot

Modern monolithic housing construction technologies, the use of metal frame structures make it possible to create creative buildings that are far from the features of the usual classical objects.

house on a small plot with a slope

Let’s consider 5 methods of a rational approach to the construction of a full-fledged cottage in a miniature courtyard using the example of projects from the architectural bureaus Ruangrona and Aoyagi Design.

Vertical zoning of a house on a small plot

The main way to rationally use a small area is to stand not in breadth, but up. Designers and architects have delimited functional areas vertically, moving from social rooms downstairs to private rooms on the upper floors.

atrium of a house on a small plot

This approach to the construction of the house allowed us to achieve a high level of privacy of spaces relative to each other. The architects have achieved the desired effect, even if initially it might have seemed that there could be no question of any privacy here.

The idea of integrating a house with a small plot

With a shortage of area for construction, the cottage was erected not as a separate building, but as if it was introduced into the allocated space. The architects built the house into the plot, adapting the architecture to the shape and size of the yard.

house exterior on a small plot

This idea of building a house on a small plot played in favor of not only rationality, but also the adaptability of the design. It was possible to emphasize the originality of the object in the context of architecture, and to integrate the cottage into the environment as harmoniously as possible.

house facade on a small plot

Here, no rigid boundaries were created between the adjoining territory and the living space. The more open and close to nature the room is made, the more spacious and free it seems. Direct access to the garden visually expands the housing.

Home idea on a compact plot in a modern style

Modern minimalist trends in design and architecture are distinguished by special rationality, laconism and functionality. There is nothing superfluous here, no meaningless decorative structures, superstructures, extensions.

house staircase on a small plot

Each form and element in the house, each square meter has a specific purpose and does not stand idle.

kitchen at home on a small plot

That said, modern styles are suitable for non-traditional, compact housing. Even with a minimal area, it becomes possible to implement trend solutions such as free planning, stained glass, zoning, integration with the adjacent territory.

A lot of light and freedom of the interior space of the house in a small courtyard

A house in a miniature courtyard among urban buildings is in most cases surrounded by neighboring plots, buildings – they can be located almost end-to-end. It is difficult to make a large area of glazing here, since you will have to look at the neighboring wall from the window. Therefore, it is recommended to install panoramic windows from the most open side in living rooms and bedrooms. Due to them, the space will receive a lot of daylight.

balcony of a house on a small plot

Designers do not differentiate living space into many compact rooms. Instead, they zoning and keep the rooms as free of partitions as possible, visually open and light.

living room at home on a small plot

So the house is filled with air, and the impression of being in a spacious house is created. And to enhance the effect, a lot of artificial light is added. In addition to the main lighting, the designers have thought out zoned lighting.

Neutral colors and naturalness at home on a small plot

To most effectively neutralize the lack of space, it is worth resorting to the use of light natural and achromatic shades – white, light gray. They can be supplemented with contrasts in black. But it is generally recommended to dilute the interior and exterior with pastel natural tones.

house color on a small plot

White, beige, woody shades visually expand the boundaries, fill even a tight space with air and light. Visually, such an environment does not press, it seems soft, cozy and homely comfortable. It is the palette that helps to beat the premises with the highest quality.

children's home on a small plot

By resorting to these ideas of building a house on a small plot, it will be possible to build a spacious, comfortable family home in a courtyard only a few meters long and wide. At the same time, there is enough space on the territory for the adjoining recreation areas. It will be a full-fledged family cottage with the necessary level of privacy in living spaces.