Extraordinary Ideas for a Beautiful Double Storey Cube House

An expressive and strict modern cottage in a trendy graphite color is located on a picturesque slope surrounded by century-old sequoias. From the side of the panoramic glazing, the building, like a portal, bursts into the wild, into a peaceful, majestic landscape. And when viewed from the other side, the idea of ​​a beautiful double-storey … Read more

Modern Brick House Design in Cubic Minimalism

New architectural trends often imply eclectic solutions that combine seemingly opposite things. These are, for example, cases where traditional, classic materials and designs are applied in ultra-modern directions. This technique is demonstrated in the modern cubic style brick house design with an emphasis on high-tech and minimalism. The object consists of a pair of volumes … Read more

Beautiful Glass Cubic Hillside House Project

The presented object does not look like a traditional suburban housing, neither in form, nor in configuration, nor in design. The project of a beautiful glass cubic house with panoramic windows resembles a piece of graphite and is made in the appropriate color, and the glazing creates a characteristic reflection. He, like a stone, confidently … Read more

Beautiful Cubic House with Symbiosis of Modern Styles

The presented beautiful cubic house combines several trends at once, including deconstructivism, modern and techno. A peculiar mix of directions made it possible to create a unique, unlike the bottom of other houses, a cottage with a competent and rational layout, the location of living spaces. The architecture of the building is reminiscent of untidy … Read more

Minimalist Cube House – An example of futuristic architecture

The architecture of the future is a complex, creative configuration created with elementary simple shapes and lines. An example of such an object is the minimalist cubic house, which combines the most extravagant modern solutions. The building from the architectural bureau FGMF Arquitetos is a living space literally floating above the ground, under which social … Read more