Beautiful Cubic House with Symbiosis of Modern Styles

The presented beautiful cubic house combines several trends at once, including deconstructivism, modern and techno. A peculiar mix of directions made it possible to create a unique, unlike the bottom of other houses, a cottage with a competent and rational layout, the location of living spaces.

the cube house

The architecture of the building is reminiscent of untidy building blocks stacked on top of each other. At the same time, here we also see unpredictable, curved, broken shapes, including a spiral staircase, sharp corners. All this was done not only for the spectacular architecture, but also in terms of comfort and practicality.

house cube

Perspective views from a beautiful cubic house

The creators of the cottage wanted to achieve the best views from each area of \u200b\u200bhousing. Therefore, the levels, terraces and facades of the beautiful cubic house are designed in such a way that they offer the most spectacular views of the town and nature.

cube shaped house

Panoramic windows near the dining area overlook the picturesque slope. There is also a terrace with chairs and tables for outdoor gatherings. The part of housing intended for rest, goes towards the ocean – the most fascinating panoramic view opens from here.

cube house concept

In addition, due to the different orientation of the facades of each level, the premises receive natural light from a different direction at one time or another.

concrete cube house

Rational arrangement of a beautiful cubic house

A cramped and irrational building site on a mountainside cannot be called convenient for construction. Therefore, the architects made the first level as a support for the floors with living spaces.

small cube house

The monolithic construction technology made it possible to support an intricately shaped structure on the lower floor, which seems to hang over a part of the local area. Due to this, an ergonomic covered functional area for recreation and entertainment appeared near the beautiful cubic house.

cubical house

As a result, on a small, uncomfortable site, it turned out to build a spacious, comfortable cottage with all the necessary areas. And at the same time, the owner has enough space left for arranging a garden, an area for family recreation, parking a car, and other tasks.

cube house interior

The dynamism of the spaces of a beautiful cubic house

The owner received a playful house built from asymmetrical volumes. It seems that they are collected in a chaotic manner. The alternation of walls and panoramic structures further influenced the dynamism of the living space.

qube house

An unusual beautiful cubic house combines a number of non-standard solutions that contradict traditional architecture. But due to this, he became unique, as comfortable as possible for living. Due to the large amount of glass, the building looks light and spacious. The rooms get plenty of daylight and have the best views.

cube house inside
ArchitectsOffice Shogo Onodera
ImagesIchiro Mishima