33+ Creative Interior Spiral Staircase Design Ideas

The creative ideas of the spiral staircase turn ordinary steps into a design element of the interior. The intricate swirling shape becomes the starting point for the design of the living space.

spiral steps design

That is why the owners are chasing originality, abandoning the usual clichés. The creativity of the design allows you to individualize housing, and add uniqueness to it.

Soaring Spiral Staircase Ideas

contemporary spiral staircase

Traditionally, modern construction has a rod in the center, to which the steps are attached in a spiral. But the most creative solutions involve screwing it without central support, creating the effect of floating steps leading upwards.

steel spiral staircase design

In spacious rooms, a spiral staircase can be a massive monolithic form used for zoning and decorating space. It envelops part of the room and forms a rounded functional area in the center. In the example shown, the staircase highlights the living room.

staircase spiral design

Particularly beautiful and elegant is the idea of a spiral staircase that smoothly grows into the structure of the house. Here it is not considered a separate element of space but merges with it.

spiral design stairs

One of the most creative solutions is to install a compact open-air atrium in the center of the staircase. Steps meander around a glass bulb that leads to a roof opening. A very effective technique for interacting the interior with the environment.

Minimalistic spiral staircase ideas

spiral staircase interior design

But still, since screw structures are mainly installed to save space, architects and designers pursue their minimalism.

unique spiral staircase

In addition to the fact that it is important to use a minimum of space for the structure, it must have an unimaginable, twisted design. The simplest option is laconic steps without risers on the support.

spiral staircase steel design

The architects also offer luxurious, sophisticated designs with flowing minimalist shapes. A monolithic light staircase decorates the environment, adding notes of futurism to it.

elegant spiral staircase

While some architects try to integrate the design of the staircase into the interior as much as possible, highlighting it with the help of light, others create designs that are completely taken out of the general context. But in both cases, the steps become the central object of housing.

spiral staircase design ideas

The most daring ideas for a spiral staircase involve the rejection of established forms. This is the creation of something completely new, previously unheard of. Anyway, there are hundreds of options for configurations, forms and solutions.

Fashionable Modern Curved Staircase In The Interior

A modern curved staircase is a stylish and practical solution since, in addition to the original design and beauty, it is distinguished by ergonomics, and compactness, which affects the rational use of space, its comfort, and safety. This design option can be successfully played in a minimalist style; it can be placed in the corner of the room or made a compact central element for zoning the space.

double curved staircase

The curved staircase is light and does not clutter up the room. And smooth lines add elegance and sophistication to the atmosphere.

Modern high-tech spiral staircase

contemporary curved staircase

The laconic design matches the ultra-modern interior with high technology. Looks stylish, and dynamic, and adds an element of extraordinary.

grand curved staircase

Monotonous design and contrast against the background of the interior help to highlight the structure in style, making it one of the main components of the space decor. This emphasizes the functionality of such a modern curved staircase. There is nothing superfluous on it, and the shape and configuration are thought out for maximum ergonomics.

Fashionable modern eco-style curved staircase

fancy curved staircase design

The construction of natural materials, including wood, with smooth curved lines, is closely intertwined with natural motives. Such a staircase will become a tool for integrating the interior with wildlife.

stairs curved at bottom

Due to the execution in natural tones, it looks attractive and aesthetically pleasing. It harmonizes with the environmentally friendly interior and deservedly becomes a part of it.

Lightweight modern curved staircase in the interior

To emphasize the functionality of the structure and make it almost invisible in the setting, not to clutter up the space, the curved staircase can be made visually weightless. Thin railings, no risers, and minimalism of the support allowed to simplify the product as much as possible.

curved staircase ideas

To further integrate the staircase into the space, it is made in the same colors as the interior itself. The white frame on the same background looks almost imperceptible, light, and elegant. But with all this, the design is strong, stable, and safe.

fancy curved staircase

Stylish modern curved staircase is the optimal solution for interiors in trendy styles of minimalism, hi-tech, eco. It fully complies with the trends of rationality, compactness, functionality and simplicity. Due to the original form, the structure itself is a decoration of the situation, so there is no need to add decor or make accents with the help of material or color.

Futuristic Curved Staircase Design

The original curved staircase in the interior of the house is a way to optimize the space, using a minimum of space under the steps. It is also an effective design trick for creating a creative home environment. The twisted design can correspond to the most technological, trendy solutions or be a creation of nature itself.

curved stair railing

Consider different options, among which you can choose a design solution for your needs, wishes, and interior style.

High-tech modern curved staircase

curved staircase railing design

The curved shape of the stairs is, first of all, rationality and manufacturability. Therefore, it makes special sense to apply a minimalist high-tech style here. A neat construction in a monotone light color with an effect of lightness and strength. Plastic, wood, glass, and metal are used in the manufacture.

curved concrete stairs

This design meets the trends of the future due to its laconic performance and the absence of any decor. Only comfort, practicality, and safety.

curved stone stairs

The backlight focuses on the original interior element, making it stand out. A curved high-tech staircase becomes a decoration of the space. However, her beauty did not affect comfort and safety.

Steep metal curved staircase

floating curved staircase

In this case, the ladder is primarily considered from the point of view of reliability and practicality. She symbolizes strength and confidence. The design is austere and rough, therefore it fits both technological styles of minimalism and high-tech, as well as a loft, and a Barnhouse.

curved steel staircase

This is the choice of those who prefer eccentricity, wanting to make the staircase in the house not so much a decoration as an element of creativity and originality. The metal structure is durable, practical, and does not require maintenance.

Ecological motives in a curved staircase

curved stair tread

Refined, curved, twisted shapes are ubiquitous. Their abundance is especially noticeable in forest areas, among trees and shrubs. Therefore, if you are integrating a cottage into a natural environment surrounded by natural landscapes, it makes sense to borrow some elements from the outside of the house.

small curved staircase

The wooden staircase looks in classic, ecological interiors, Scandinavian style, as well as other modern trends. The design emphasizes the atmosphere of comfort and peace.

curved wooden staircase

The curved wooden staircase will become a symbol of environmental friendliness and safety of your interior. Due to the smooth lines, elegance and naturalness of the material, it seems to have been created by nature. At the same time, the design is distinguished by special comfort, strength and excellent tactile qualities.

3 More Advantages of Spiral Staircases in Home

The steep spiral staircase in the interior of the presented house from the architectural Tsutsumi & Associates is almost the main element in the design of the environment. It simultaneously fulfills the most important functional and aesthetic tasks and adds charm and high cost to housing.

steep spiral staircase in the interior: Image

The project clearly shows all the advantages of this design. Let’s consider the main 3 of them.

Aesthetic and fashionable home spiral staircase

The modern spiral staircase blends harmoniously with the stylish, minimalist interior. The design looks more futuristic and impressive compared to the classic straight versions.

steep spiral staircase in the interior: Image

The designers played it in the same style as the interior itself, adding lighting, and focusing on the singularity of the form. Due to smooth lines, it dilutes the straightforward atmosphere and adds dynamism to it, but at the same time does not draw all attention to itself, but only brings an element of home coziness, comfort, and softness.

steep spiral staircase in the interior: Image

The view of the structure is so impressive that during the design it was made so that it could be viewed from the terrace behind the panoramic glazing.

steep spiral staircase in the interior: Image

Modern spiral staircase for saving space

Unlike the classic single-flight or double-flight straight design, the steep spiral staircase takes up much less space and can be installed literally in the middle of the living space. But to achieve even more rationality, the architects built it in the corner that was least likely to be useful.

steep spiral staircase in the interior: Image

With this arrangement, the staircase does not interfere with the free use of the rest of the living space, with the installation of dimensional furniture. On the second floor, a small opening is needed for a spiral-shaped structure. Therefore, useful space is also saved.

Indoor spiral staircase to implement the original design

The spiral staircase model opens up new possibilities for designers in the context of design. In this case, the traditional pillar structure was made without this central support. Due to this, it was possible to give it lightness and a creative ultra-modern appearance. The effect of weightlessness is created, since the twisted spirals seem to hang, not leaning on anything.

steep spiral staircase in the interior: Image

A fashionable steep spiral staircase in a minimalist interior is not just an ascent to the second or third floor, but a beautiful and practical piece of furniture. Performing all the functions assigned to it, it takes up a minimum of free space, and does not clutter up the room visually.

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