33+ Creative Interior Spiral Staircase Design Ideas

The creative ideas of the spiral staircase turn ordinary steps into a design element of the interior. The intricate swirling shape becomes the starting point for the design of the living space. That is why the owners are chasing originality, abandoning the usual clichés. The creativity of the design allows you to individualize housing, and … Read more

33+ Original Outdoor Stairs Design Ideas

The most extraordinary design ideas for outdoor stairs in the exteriors of houses and on sites is a balance of original design and ergonomics. Structures become almost the main elements of decor and landscaping of the local area. In addition to comfort and ergonomics, they are distinguished by an extraordinary appearance, effectively adapting to the … Read more

33+ Most Stylish Concrete Stairs Ideas

Concrete has become an interesting and unusual tool for styling and decorating space not only in the creative directions of high-tech, minimalism, loft, fusion, but also in the classics. This is a solution for those who are ready to add extraordinaryness to their home. Now architects often use this material to implement the ideas of … Read more

8+ Cool Space Under Stairs Design Ideas

For rational use of living space, quite often the space under the stairs is not left uselessly empty. It is used as a functional area. The most practical, unusual, and convenient ideas for the design of the space under the stairs imply the arrangement of storage areas, living corners, atriums, and recreation areas here. Consider … Read more

7+ Unusual Industrial Style Staircases

The most unusual and creative contemporary styles of space design imply an emphasis on the urban environment with the use of appropriate elements in the interior and exterior of buildings. In this case, a steep industrial-style staircase made of metal or concrete is often the central structure of the setting or part of the facade. … Read more