7+ Unusual Industrial Style Staircases

The most unusual and creative contemporary styles of space design imply an emphasis on the urban environment with the use of appropriate elements in the interior and exterior of buildings. In this case, a steep industrial-style staircase made of metal or concrete is often the central structure of the setting or part of the facade.

industrial stairs design

The emphasis is on the roughness, practicality of the design, and its aesthetics seem to recede into the background. But it is precisely the rough shape with welded seams, concrete steps that is the main tool for recreating an extraordinary atmosphere. It should create the feeling that you are in a former industrial building converted into a house or apartment. It is also fashionable to demonstrate the proximity of such an object to wildlife.

Industrial style concrete staircase

industrial style staircase

Concrete is considered a primordially urban material in construction, in the design of facades and interiors. Monolithic gray structures create a special rich atmosphere. Here the emphasis is placed on the fact that this habitat is the result of human labor.

industrial stair railing design

To dilute the gloominess of the setting created by concrete structures, wildlife is sometimes used right there and then. The industrial style concrete staircase in the patio, courtyard, symbolizes the line between living and urban environments.

industrial staircases for the home

The design is played in such a way as to demonstrate the peaceful existence of man side by side with nature. At the same time, a respectful attitude towards the living world can be traced, since a special, most favorable place is allocated for plants.

Industrial style metal staircase

industrial steel staircase design

The next truly industrial material is metal. Welded structures have found application in an environment where it was important to achieve the roughness of the stairs, but at the same time to make it neat and compact.

modern industrial stair railing

The robust welded form conveys the atmosphere of an industrial facility, emphasizing the dominance of technology and man. At the same time, it is compact and lightweight, does not clutter up the space. This version of the staircase in the industrial direction can be considered light, but no less atmospheric and comfortable than a concrete product.

metal floating stairs

A modern industrial-style staircase is a creative, durable and extraordinary design with an emphasis on simplicity and practicality of forms.