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1 Storey House with Large Windows / 4 Ideas How to Equip

By properly equipping a one-story house with large windows, it will be possible to maximize the potential of panoramic glazing, to make housing in a modern, comfortable and stylish way. Glazing into the floor alone will not be enough to achieve the effect and functionality of a home to meet the needs of a modern family.

Consider 4 techniques that were used by the architectural bureau Augusto Fernández Mas (K + A Diseño) in the arrangement and design of a one-story house with large windows, so that the cottage meets current trends.


Large panoramic windows in a private house look especially impressive and profitable with the spaciousness of the living space. Structures in the floor let in a lot of light, providing high-quality natural insolation of the space.

Considering both of these factors, the designers provided for the absence of partitions in social zones, and the ceiling was made in the shape of the roof, providing a large internal volume of housing. This configuration of a one-story house with large windows helped to focus on panoramic glazing and get the most out of it.


Due to the almost solid glazing of the facade, the interior of a one-story house with large windows is in close contact with the environment. In this case, the building is located among wildlife, so the designers used the maximum of natural materials inside.

Wood finishes, stone, natural textiles, natural palette harmonize with the surroundings. The panoramic view from the inside of the house seems to complement the setting. The effect is created that the interior is a part or continuation of living nature outside.


In the interior, integrated with the surroundings through panoramic glazing, you do not need to use intricate shapes and structures. Elementary lines will be useful here.

Simple furniture, a minimum of decor, monotony of designs affect the harmony of space. The main palette is borrowed from nature. For showiness, individual elements of the interior are highlighted with the help of contrast.


In a one-story house with large windows to the floor, the adjacent recreation areas smoothly merge into the interior space. They are closely related, so it is important to equip them in the same style. The architects and designers of the presented object have maintained the same direction on the adjoining terraces and in the social areas adjacent to them. In general, the house is decorated in an eclectic style, with a predominance of bungalows, an emphasis on technology and minimalism.

As part of the arrangement of a one-story house with large windows according to modern trends, it is important not only to install panoramic glazing, but also to comply with certain interior design rules, to beat the glazing to the floor, and to plan the space. This will allow you to get the most out of panoramic floor structures, to achieve the effect and comfort of your home.

ArchitectsAugusto Fernández Mas (K+A Diseño)
PhotoOnnis Luque