Creative Planning & Designs for One Floor Modern Houses

The design and construction of a one-floor modern house are the same as the design and construction of any other house. The difference is in the layout. One-floor houses are usually built with open-plan layouts so that they can be easily adapted to meet the needs of different families. One-floor houses are more practical for … Read more

5+ Practical Single Story L-Shaped House Designs & Plans

The maximum comfort and privacy of your personal space is the single story L shaped house. Your home protects your personal space from prying eyes most naturally. After all, you can dive naked into your pool – isn’t that great? By applying the L-shaped design for this one-story house, you can safely realize complete openness … Read more

Narrow & Long One-Story House ~ Barn Style In Hampshire

A long one-story house in the English county of Hampshire has become a real embodiment of the dream of the customer farmer – the creation of a residential building, which would be a continuation of the general architectural ensemble of the previously built farm on this site. The barn-type structure naturally fit into the surrounding … Read more

3+ Simple One Storey House Design Ideas

Simplicity is the key to success. This approach is best suited to the simple one-storey house design. Take a look at our examples of interesting one-story houses, characterized by the maximum simplicity of construction and materials used. Simple one-story house design with wall cladding by the roofing material A common technique in modern design is … Read more

Impressive Single Floor House Design @ White minimalism on the slope

Taller Aragonés architects have created and executed a stunning single-floor house design in pure whites and crisp lines in the hills of Los Angeles. White as the main color of the house serves as a blank canvas for the artist against the backdrop of a riot of colors of the surrounding nature. Through clever planning … Read more

33+ Single Storey Flat Roof Houses @ Modern Design Ideas

We present to your attention fresh design ideas for a single-story flat roof house. Modern forms, sizes, and solutions will not leave you indifferent. Shortly, there will be a sequel! MODERN ONE-STOREY FLAT ROOF HOUSE 👉 VILLA BENEFITS FROM GALERIA ARQUITETOS A modern one-story flat roof house from Galeria Arquitetos, Terra Capobianco is a villa … Read more

Modern Single Storey House Designs with Wooden Facade

Hidden among the green Brazilian nature is a luxurious modern house with spacious outdoor seating areas. It consists of sections with a concrete frame and an eco-friendly wooden facade. The designs are as simple and practical as possible. At the same time, the design of a modern one-story house with a wooden facade is distinguished … Read more

1 Story House with a Shed Roof: Fine-tuned simple-shaped architecture

Architects skillfully design constructive variations of the arrangement of the roof. A competently created project will be able not only to provide a beautiful appearance of the coating but also high operational features. Presented in the photo one-story house with a shed roof located on the slope of the valley near Hood River is a … Read more

Choosing Projects of One-Story Frame Houses?

The projects of one-story frame houses with a photo report are presented to your attention. We have collected your answers to all the most popular questions on the construction, decoration, and arrangement of a one-story house. Modern house combines functionality, style and gives comfort to the owner, so its construction requires considerable effort. The most … Read more

One-Storey Wooden Barn House from Germany: Timber House

What can more naturally and organically fit into the natural landscape than a one-story wooden house? Of course, an architectural ensemble of two such buildings! It was this statement that guided the creators of a country cottage on a high plateau in the Upper Palatinate, which is located in the central part of Bavaria, Germany. … Read more

3+ Original Ideas For 1 Storey Frame House

A frame house is a prefabricated house with a supporting structure, the components of which are interconnected. Due to the manufacture of elements from wood, housing is environmentally friendly, and light, it has a comfortable microclimate. The architects of AL PEPE architects presented original ideas – the frame house turned out to be innovative in … Read more

How to Make the Design of a One-Storied Brick House Stylish and Original

Brick is considered one of the traditionally traditional building materials. Housing from it is distinguished by a conservative design, rigor, and restraint. This is because the material itself is a symbol of housing construction in the classical sense. But OfAA architectural bureau showed how to make the design of a one-story brick house no less … Read more

Inexpensive Wooden One Storey House with Interesting Roof Shape

A limited budget is not yet a reason to abandon trendy ideas in the construction of suburban housing. Architectural bureau Duarte Fournies Arquitectos presented a small wooden one-story house with an interesting roof shape, corresponding to fashionable trends in housing construction for little money. The object was built of wood using frame technology, which made … Read more

One Storey House with a Gable Roof – Transformation of Classic Motives

A one-story house with a gable roof is a classic of private housing construction. But the architects of the FGMF Arquitetos bureau showed how to implement this rather banal housing option in a new manner. The project is fully consistent with the ultra-trendy minimalist high-tech style while remaining the same ordinary traditional house. The minimalistic … Read more

3+ Ideas for How to Furnish the Interior of a One-Story Stone House

Architectural bureau GRX Arquitectos presented a stylish project of a house made of natural stone. The cottage is located in the Spanish municipality of Puebla de Don Fadrique. Along with the unusual exterior, the interior of a one-story stone house remains no less interesting. The architects have achieved a close connection between the interior space … Read more

Colorful One Story Modern Farmhouse Design

This light, laid-back, simple cabin in the middle of the forest is designed for a couple engaged in agriculture, and gardening. Hiding under the dense crowns of trees, housing adapts to the landscape, therefore it becomes an integral part of it. This one story modern farmhouse uses traditional materials in the colors of the environment, … Read more

Impressive Projects of a Beautiful Single Story Houses

Seibert Architects, P.A. presented a unique project of a beautiful single floor house, which is closely connected with the local area. It was created on the basis of an old building that underwent reconstruction. In the building, internal partitions, walls, doors were removed as much as possible, and an open facade was made from the … Read more

Beautiful Single Story House with Patio Yard

The task of the architects was to reconstruct a traditional small house in Malaysia for the modern needs of the residents. The problem was that the building was originally closed, cramped, it did not receive enough daylight, and it had an irrational layout. After the modernization of the object, the owners received a beautiful single … Read more

Multi-section Beautiful Roof of One Story House

The roof of the house, gables, cornices are the most important aesthetic component of the building. At the same time, the configuration of the roof can greatly affect the functionality of housing, its perception, internal zoning and spaciousness of the premises. In the project by the architectural firm Plan:b arquitectos, a beautiful roof on a … Read more

One Story Brick House Up To 100 m²

For those who do not like multi-level housing, a single story brick house with a small area is ideal. Compact construction is suitable for suburban real estate, where you can have a great time, relax surrounded by nature. Modern living conditions are suitable for permanent or temporary residence. This cottage provides for several bedrooms, a … Read more

Compact & Stylish Small One Storey House

Not everyone can take root in a large and noisy metropolis. Everyone has his own reasons for this. And, if you are attracted to secluded and quiet areas, choose housing there. Of course, this will attract positive changes in your life, filling it with new meaning. Choose a beautiful small one-story house. Such buildings have … Read more

Beautiful Architecture One Floor Reinforced Concrete House

If you want to live in a unique, beautiful country mansion, you do not have to look for offers or build a cottage with several floors. The original beautiful house architecture can only be on one level. And due to the features of the monolithic construction technology, this building can be made a real exclusive. … Read more

Small One Story House / 33+ Modern Designs

The projects of small one-story houses are specially created for those who consider life in a small area. The construction of such facilities will cost the future owner much more affordable, and with the right planning here it is possible to place everything necessary for a comfortable stay of the whole family. This is the … Read more

3 Small Flat Design Ideas

Flat ideas in the design of a small house help to rationalize the space inside and outside, achieve its ergonomics, spaciousness and provide all the necessary functionality. This solution was used by the JMA architectural bureau in its next project. Consider the basic flat techniques used in the presented villa. It has two symmetrical recessed … Read more

How to Integrate a Modern Monolithic One-Storey House into Nature

The ideas of the architect Giannina Cabal showed how to make a monolithic one-story house one with nature. It is quite difficult, since the technology of building cottages from monolithic reinforced concrete is innovative. Reinforced concrete buildings have little to do with living environments, and are mostly characterized by ultra-modern urban design. Absence of boundaries … Read more

Barn Style One Story House without Attic / Avatar Home

A one-story, loft-style barn house surrounded by wilderness has become a refuge from the noisy, dirty city. There is only freedom, clean air, incredible views and an atmosphere of complete bliss. It was not in vain that the architectural bureau Devyni Architektai chose the barn style for the construction of the cottage, and applied a … Read more

How to Build a Modern 1 Story Stone House with Attic

The Krafna architectural bureau presented a small 1-storey stone house with an attic area of 45 sq.m. It was built on the territory of a former vineyard in Portugal and outwardly fully corresponds to the traditional local housing – small windows, compactness, stone walls, roof tiles. But at the same time, housing is adapted to … Read more

1 Storey House with Large Windows / 4 Ideas How to Equip

By properly equipping a one-story house with large windows, it will be possible to maximize the potential of panoramic glazing, to make housing in a modern, comfortable and stylish way. Glazing into the floor alone will not be enough to achieve the effect and functionality of a home to meet the needs of a modern … Read more