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Barn House Metal and Stone Project – 5 Modern Features

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The modern barnhouse is a project of a spacious house made of metal and stone, stylized as a farm building – a barn, a barn. At the same time, fashionable architectural and design ideas are implemented here – open ergonomic spaces, panoramic glazing.

Barn House Metal and Stone House Project - 5 Modern Features

Thus, architects need to strike a balance between elementary rural architecture, modernity and functionality. To do this, when building a barnhouse, you must observe several of the following rules:

traditional planning

The modern barnhouse project is a housing with an emphasis on practicality and configuration comfort. On the ground floor, a spacious functional social space is provided, closely connected with the surroundings and smoothly flowing into private spaces.

bio-tek in priority

The main idea in the project of a modern barnhouse, both in the arrangement of the interior and in the decoration of the facade, is the use of only natural, natural materials. Metal, stone, wood and glass are widely used in the presented object.

Due to the simplicity of materials, lack of decor, natural palette in the modern barnhouse, there is a reference to the Scandinavian style. At the same time, loft and minimalism are used here. But the basis is the eco-direction. Moreover, the eco-style is played here so that the barnhouse-style house is integrated into the natural environment in which it is located. It must correspond to it in terms of scale, type of materials, atmosphere.

simple geometry and gable roof as the basis of the barnhouse project

With its scale and spectacularity, a modern metal and stone barnhouse is combined with simplicity and rural life. Smooth lines, elementary architecture. The house is being built according to the hangar principle – a tall, spacious, spacious building with wide entrances and windows.

Even with a rather complex configuration, which distinguishes the presented project of a modern barnhouse, it is characterized by laconicism and the absence of complex forms. The cottage has solid walls, a traditional gable roof, but in addition a flat roof can be used.

balance between simplicity and manufacturability in a modern barnhouse project

Ease, rural motives and routine should be played in a modern manner. This will provide residents with the level of comfort and convenience they need.

Do not forget that this direction in architecture is only a stylization for an agricultural building. This is a modern comfortable suburban housing with innovative technologies up to the “smart home” system.

open and bright space

The interior of a modern barnhouse visually practically goes beyond the building and finds continuation in the local area, nature. This effect is provided by panoramic glazing. Due to it, the cottage is light and spacious throughout the day.

The modern barnhouse is a project of a house made of metal and stone in an eco-friendly direction, integrated into the natural environment. The simplicity of architecture is combined here with cutting-edge technology, spaciousness and openness.

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