3+ Impressive Kitchen Design Ideas in a Country House

How to make kitchen design in a country house unusual – modern ideas from designers with photos and descriptions.

country house kitchen ideas

The kitchen area in modern country houses, as a rule, is much larger than in apartments. In addition to the square, a rather large space is allocated for the dining area here. In such housing, it is customary to put a large table at which you can accommodate the whole family, and even receive guests. Due to the large area of the room, the kitchen design in a country house has practically no restrictions – here you can implement the most daring and creative solutions.

Consider 3 unusual tricks when arranging this space with examples:

Hanging tabletop

The first kitchen interior design in a country house is the arrangement of an island-style cooking zone. But instead of the traditional floor design with cabinets, the designers suggested hanging the countertop on a fixed steel frame. Hot plates were installed directly on the suspended surface. It seems like the structure is floating in the air. Communications to the stove were carried out in a metal frame from the ceiling, and they are completely invisible.

country house kitchen ideas

The idea in the design of the kitchen of a country house was successfully beaten in an ultramodern minimalist setting. The non-standard solution did not affect the comfort of the cooking zone, since due to a large amount of space all the kitchen utensils could be placed in the headset under the wall. On it, there is another countertop with a sink. Creative high chairs complement the decor.

High-tech and rustic style in one room

In the next kitchen interior design project in a country house, experts combined two contrasting styles – rustic simplicity from the past and cutting-edge manufacturability. The object has acquired a fairly creative and practical look.

country house kitchen ideas

So, the area for the feast turned out to be neat and homely, with a dim light. This setting is exclusively suitable for a family feast, or a romantic evening. An ultramodern set is installed at the cooking place. Its manufacturability and convenience guarantee impeccable comfort in cooking. It was harmonious to combine the zones and emphasize their unity with the help of lamps and the floor. The floor covering throughout the area corresponds to the rustic style, and the lighting is provided by modern lamps in minimalism.

Island kitchen made of stone

Worktops made of artificial or natural stone have already become familiar with the design of expensive interiors. But modern technology allows you to implement much more interesting solutions from this material. In the presented project, the island construction in the kitchen is completely made of stone – a durable, effective monolithic product.

country house kitchen ideas

In creating a creative kitchen design in a country house, all these ideas can be implemented even in one space, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to focus on each of them. Therefore, moderate use of innovative solutions is the best option to make the room unusual. This principle is sustained in each and submitted project.