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How the Gable Roof with Attic can make Life Better

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If you dream of a nice little house, where it will be nice to return after work and where you want to spend every weekend, then the gable roof with an attic is a must have in this building. Being in a cozy room of a triangular shape, when the street is gloomy and cold, is an ideal pastime for everyone. A small bed, mini fridge, laptop – and the upper part of the house turns into your personal paradise.

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Gable roof with roof attic
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The building with the attic in the photo looks infinitely stylish, a special taste is felt in every detail. The prevailing black color in the home is excellently combined with white, which makes the building elegant. The facade of the house is complemented by plants. It is best if they are palm trees, because then the monastery looks like it is placed in an oasis. Greens can be in large pots, selected in accordance with the general style of the building.

A rafter gable roof with an attic means ceilings under a sharp slope and an indescribable feeling of comfort in any corner of the house. Inside, the room will look even more extraordinary than outside. Much, of course, depends on the finish, but if your plans include a rafter system of a gable roof with an attic, then it is a good idea to decorate the interior with wood. Naturalness and naturalness – that will allow you to relax in such a house, give you the desire to make a cup of cocoa and forget about the plot of an interesting book in your favorite armchair.

Milan Kundera once said: “A person who dreams of leaving the place where he lives is clearly unhappy.” Is this not a reason to make your monastery a place where every thing will give you a feeling of happiness?

A gable roof with an attic with your own hands is a rather complicated idea, but creating a project yourself, you can realize any ideas. At the bottom of the structure you can install a small pool. It will be pleasant to plunge into it in the morning, cooling the body in hot weather. Wicker chairs and a very small table look appropriate at the water. It definitely fits two cups of coffee and a few croissants or a plate of fresh fruit.

Gable roof with attic: how does everything look inside?

There are dozens of options for how to decorate a house with a gable roof and an attic. And what features will the interior of the attic itself have? How to make this room beautiful and practical at the same time? It is worth considering immediately that standard furniture is unlikely to fit into such a space. For example, a typical rectangular cabinet can only be placed exactly in the middle of the room. Much more interesting is the idea of installing ceilings and cabinets, the walls of which exactly coincide with the angle of the roof.

If in the attic you plan to engage in creativity or study, a table with a comfortable armchair will be appropriate. It should be installed in a place where the sun’s rays fall. So while writing notes or learning French, you will get the maximum coverage that will increase the efficiency of your work. In the evening, in the attic under a gable roof, light will come from an attractive volumetric chandelier with a simple but stylish design. And by the bed you should put a lamp on a wooden footboard, in which the brightness of the light is regulated.

We get down to the lower part of the building and see here a smooth continuation of the image of the whole house. Wood with a natural color is present in the design of a table, chairs and even a sofa with large soft pillows. This natural beauty is complemented by several flowerpots. Greens always look incredibly attractive in rooms in the interior of which mainly neutral colors were used. The winding branches of ampel begonia, for example, will sometimes delight not only with lush green leaves, but also with charming flowering.

The project of a house with a gable roof with an attic should include creative ideas for both the upper part of the structure and the lower one. For example, what will be the view from the window when you sit on the ground floor and watch a romantic movie on TV? And what will the window itself be? Panoramic is a wonderful option. Directly through the large wide glass, a pool of water is clearly visible. A huge amount of light and heat will enter the room.

Gable roof with attic: charm on all sides

When twilight comes down to the earth, a house in which there is a pent roof attic (photo) acquires a special charm. The soft light that pours from the bedroom windows makes the image of this building incredibly charming, delicate. Relaxing on the veranda in the warm July 18:00, I do not want to occupy myself with the screen of a phone or tablet, because the surrounding views are so beautiful. Long thoughts and quiet conversations are what it is worth doing a house project with a gable roof with an attic.

Inside the house is decorated with small but significant details for the overall impression. These are small atypical gizmos that occupy a minimum of space, but give a maximum of beauty. A couple of tiny pots with cute succulents is a modern decor, because cacti and other representatives of this group of plants have not lost their popularity for a long time. Bright pictures, like mottled spots, stand out against the background of black and white design. And a long lamp in a wooden case from the first seconds of being in such a house makes it clear that the building is not included in the category of typical ones.

Remember the words from Shrek:
Well, a hole! And what kind of fool has settled here?
I am. This is my home.
Oh, what a delight! Just wonderful! You have an amazing taste. This is not a featureless typical building.

Such phrases will definitely not sound at your monastery if it will be a house with an attic, as in the photo, and a gable roof. A properly selected location for the construction of such a structure is half the success. It is much more pleasant to go out onto the veranda at sunset when your house is surrounded by the same buildings with an elegant facade or majestic mountains.