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9+ High Ceiling Modern House Designs

Ceilings of 4-6 meters have become an integral part of elite suburban housing. With the right interior design in such rooms, the atmosphere and scale are breathtaking. But unlike the classics, when this space was filled with massive, pretentious elements of decor, structures, furniture, achieving majesty, the modern design of a house with high ceilings implies rationality, simplicity and openness. Now we are not afraid to leave emptiness, and even, on the contrary, we focus attention on it, which allows us to emphasize the spaciousness and comfort of housing.

All this volume must be made light, light, to achieve a pleasant, friendly atmosphere in it. Consider the techniques that help achieve the following effect.

Simple Scandinavian modern home design with high ceilings

One of the best tricks for creating a comfortable, homely and modernly stylish, practical environment in a house with large open volumes is the use of the Scandinavian style. Lightness, naturalness, environmental friendliness and a lot of light have become the dominant characteristics of the interior.

At the same time, the modern design of the house with high ceilings fills the space with a special atmosphere. It is especially well emphasized if the window overlooks a panoramic view of the natural landscape.

Minimalism in modern home design with high ceilings

Do not be afraid that without rich decor, a large number of functional elements, furniture, the space will look dull and dry. A few accents are enough and a bright, open space turns into a comfortable human environment.

In this case, it is recommended to use only neutral and natural tones. Basically, white colors become a versatile canvas for the integration of stone, wood, glass.

To minimize the effect of emptiness, the high ceiling itself can also be made in contrast, trimmed with boards, laminate. Complement it with appropriate materials in your interior by using them on floors, furniture or other surfaces.

Light and modern home design with high ceilings

A prerequisite for the design of large spaces in a modern style is high-quality natural lighting. The room should receive enough light, look light and open.

If there is a second light, a large panoramic glazing can be made here on two floors. The space not only receives a sufficient amount of light, but also closely contacts the environment, expanding visually.

It is even better to use large panoramic windows from two or more sides in a modern design of a house with high ceilings. So the space will be minimally shaded, will receive uniform natural lighting, which will affect the comfort in its perception. The room will visually become light, open.