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Stucco Ideas for Home Exterior

Decorative plaster is an excellent way to embellish the facade of a house. There are many technologies, so the developer may not be limited to one design decision. Plaster is considered the most practical building material, which allows you to protect the walls from moisture, and cold, and create excellent noise insulation.

Stucco Homes Pictures

The unusual name for this type of cladding is associated with an external resemblance to the lamb’s fur. Particles of the mortar are formed with a float.

Stucco Colors For Houses Exterior

As a result, the surface becomes embossed. This format is now in great demand, due to its durability and immunity to environmental conditions. The formation of pellets from the plaster on the facade is an excellent substitute for the familiar “coat”, which we can still remember from the Soviet times.

Stucco Finishes Exterior

The material perfectly grips the surface of the wall and is durable. High-performance “lamb” is complemented by aesthetics. The frozen, embossed surface is then covered with a coloring layer.

Exterior Stucco Colors

A more concise and at the same time creative option will be the facade lining with textured plaster. The exterior of the house will acquire a solid, attractive design. The user has the opportunity to impart any pattern to the unattended plaster. As a result, it is possible to cover the surface of the plaster with any color palette at the discretion of the author.

Stucco Designs Exterior

Textured plaster requires preliminary cleaning and leveling of the wall surface. Also, a layer of gray plaster should be covered with white or the same color as the outer decorative layer. This is necessary so that there is no dark lumen. Here you can see a photo of a selection of decorative plasters – finishing the facades of houses photo decorative plaster.

Stucco House Designs

Mosaic plaster has nothing to do with small pieces of tile, which form a single composition. To replace the mortar, a lot of small granules come in different colors. The facade can be executed both in a monophonic format, and a combination of granules of several colors.

Stucco Home Colors

Externally, the finishing works make the wall seem soft, and attractive. So you want to touch the surface of the facade, which has some elasticity. In addition, the material is very resistant to damage and has a wide variety and excellent aesthetics. Imitation of natural stone is also possible with the help of plaster. This style of facing takes the name of the stone travertine, which has a marble, sinewy structure.

Exterior Stucco Design Decorating Ideas

Externally, the facade can have a slightly unfinished surface in different places. This creates an imitation of untreated natural stone. Also, manually using the level of the ruler, you can give the non-stretched surface a linear drawing. This will recreate the outlines of a stone square / rectangular masonry.

Outside Stucco

Stucco – is a kind of decorative plaster, which is used for finishing the facade of buildings. Today, this method is very popular, so we can often notice buildings whose walls have an abstract pattern. An unusual texture of the cladding will make the facade neat and original.

Finishing with stucco is used both in residential buildings and public buildings. The bark beetle is designed to protect the building walls from bad weather conditions.

Stucco Home Designs

The building material perfectly resists moisture and temperature changes. Click on the link – the facades of one-story houses photo stucco, you can see the appearance of the facade in this technology. You can finish with a stucco yourself if you know the technology of execution. The building mix must be ​​considered environmentally friendly, therefore it is possible to work with it without a respirator.

Stucco House Exterior

The stucco is laid on any type of wall: brick, concrete, cement, drywall, chipboard, plywood, foam, and others. This makes the stucco popular among other ways of facing the facade.

Grey Stucco House

After hardening, the plaster will be pleasant to the touch, despite the presence of unevenness.

Stucco Houses Images

Appearance definitely will please everyone – the design looks exclusive, which will give the building a charm. You can color a stucco in any color – there are no restrictions, and you can choose for yourself an individual solution. Today you can meet the facades in blue, pink, yellow, and green colors.

Exterior Plaster Finishes

The finishing of the facades of houses with decorative plaster is carried out in such stages… It is important to thoroughly clean the surface of the facade from the presence of contaminants. Use a filler to help make the surface smooth. There must be no irregularities, otherwise, the result of the plaster will be unsatisfactory.

Modern Stucco House

Further, the facade is covered with a primer and light paint so that the dark color of the putty is not visible through the stucco. The stucco should fit under the primer layer. To apply stucco, use a spatula or a float. Please note: the thickness of the putty layer should not be greater than the size of the granules that are contained in the corona. Distribute the plaster to a small area, so it is more likely to be fixed.

Stucco Decoration

It is recommended to do the work together: one person applies the plaster, and the second is applied a decorative pattern. This is especially important when the wall has a large area. Be sure to remove excess, unevenness of the material. After the finish is completed go to the troweling process.

Different Stucco Finishes

At this stage, many users feel tranquility, as the whole main process is over, and now you can take time to beauty. To make the plaster aesthetic, a grater is used. With its help, so-called lambs are formed, if you use circular grater movements. To form a rain apply direct movements.

Stucco House Pictures

The facade of the house, whose photo we offer in the widest variety, is his business card. Exterior design says a lot about the owner. We offer a unique opportunity to get acquainted with our photo gallery, where the most diverse, interesting, original facade structures are collected.

Stucco Ideas

One of the most interesting variants of modern facing of buildings is decoration with the help of plaster stucco. As we see in the photos, this technology is suitable for private houses, high-rise buildings, and public buildings.

Stucco Wall Construction

Interestingly the origin of the name of this technology. We all know that stucco, which with its sharp teeth destroys the bark of trees. Woody’s “coating” becomes corroded, which immediately gives out this small pest. So it’s here. After the application of the plaster stucco with special technology, the facade of the house is obtained in an interesting structure: it seems to have been damaged by all the beetles described above. But if in the case of trees it is not very good, then here – originality immediately strikes the eye.

Stucco wall texture

Considering the facades of houses, the painting in the photo is represented by a wide variety of colors. This is another advantage of this technology – the ability to choose the right coloring. Beige variants are interesting, green, but also popular gray, and even red.

Stucco And Stone Exterior

The great advantage of our photo archive is that here you can find a wide variety of photos, which show the most diverse options for finishing houses.

Brick And Stucco Exterior Pictures

For example, concrete – is stylish, modern, and practical. And forget the words of those who say that this way the house looks like some kind of production workshop. Nothing like this. Concrete, several plastic panels, many windows – and you get a beautiful, original facade.

Stucco Molding

Stucco molding for the facade – excellent, durable, original version. The most interesting thing is that it is manual work. Accordingly, there are many advantages to creating something unique. You can order a variety of facade pediments, sculptures, carved patterns, and much more.

Stucco House Siding

Siding – a popular method for today, but which appeared not so long ago. But already now you can see photos from different cities of Ukraine, where this original method is applied. In addition to its practical advantages (high degree of thermal insulation, ease of installation), the material has excellent decorative qualities.


Finishing the facade with a fur coat is currently a popular way of decorating a house. Shuba is called decorative plaster, which looks like a lump, which makes it look like a fur product. To achieve an effective result, you need to use the technique of throwing, and spraying the solution on the wall surface. This will create a bitmap that will be an excellent design solution.

Stucco Maintenance

To properly apply the fur coat, it is necessary to prepare the surface of the wall in advance and to straighten the irregularities.

Stucco Installation

High-quality plaster is the key to the success of further work. It should be made of a mixture of cement and sand, and have a good adhesion index for secure bonding of the decorative fur coat. When performing measurements of the wall plane, you need to check its differences. If the indicator does not exceed 0.5 mm per sq. Mm, then during the plastering it is possible not to install beacons.

Stucco Removal

For large deviations of the wall plane, it is required to use a fur coat with a larger fraction – 10 mm or more.

Stucco Finish Coat

If you want to place a fur coat on a specific place of the facade, make a decorative pattern, or form facade protrusions, you must first perform these elements with a solution for plastering.

Concrete Stucco

To do this, you do not need to make a whole pedestal, and the decorative facing is placed on specific parts of the facade, which are limited to racks. The fur coat itself is an invoice surface, therefore it is not required to process the plaster with a construction float. Only when the facade is leveled from unevenness is required to perform mashing. Rules for stirring the solution of the future coat

Synthetic Stucco Repair

After the walls are ready for plastering, you can start preparing the finishing solution. It is prepared in proportion: one part of the cement to three parts of the sand crumb. The larger the fraction of the solution, the thicker it will be. Remember: the thicker the plaster in consistency, the larger it forms a spray. You can choose a convenient method for yourself:

Stucco Wall Repair

Distribution of the building mass with a broom, or stick.

Stucco Coating

Spreading the solution with a mesh.

One Coat Stucco

The application of a decorative fur coat by a special machine that simplifies the entire process and makes it ideal.

Acrylic Stucco Finish

It is possible to use a compressor.

Styrofoam Stucco

17+ More Amazing House Front Stucco Ideas

Decorative stucco molding on the facade is a versatile solution that allows you to individualize the appearance of a house and add originality to it. It can be straightforward and austere, or patterned and delicate, giving the building charm and sophistication. The fanciful ideas of stucco molding for the house’s facade turn even a nondescript, modest cottage into a real creation of architecture.

The amount of this decor can be minimal – it is not necessary to strive for an abundance of patterns and shapes. Even simple window frames and expressive cornices add completeness, aesthetics, and neatness to the building.

Attractive laconic ideas of stucco molding for the facade of the house

It’s amazing how simple and delicate lines on the façade transform an ordinary house into a classic estate. It is enough to select the openings and frame the structures along the contour, draw the line separating the first and second floors, and contrast the pediment.

The result of such a simple and unobtrusive decor strikingly transforms the cottage and adds sophistication and high cost to it. If arched structures are also present here, the effect is enhanced by the dynamics of straight and curved lines. The decor becomes the first thing that pays attention to in such a house.

Impressive rich decor in stucco ideas for front of house

Massive, patterned, swirling decor with pronounced floristry is suitable for large, dimensional houses. Such decoration of the building gives it the charm of a real palace.

Exclusive patterns over windows, doors and richly patterned rosettes are eye-catching. The facade wall turns into an object of art. You need to be a real artist to create such a creation and achieve harmony in every element.

The rich ideas of stucco molding for the facade of the house reflect the high status of home ownership, emphasizing its belonging to the segment of luxury housing with exclusive design. Accordingly, the cottage itself, the style, and the design of the site must meet high criteria.

It is worth applying the ideas of stucco molding for the facade of a house in a laconic design or implementing a rich pretentious decor, taking into account the appearance, size and configuration of the house. It is important to achieve balance here and not to overplay the decoration. Several examples presented show the relevance of using one or another option on cottages of different classes.

Simple Stucco Ideas For House Facade

In the era of the popularization of minimalism, it has become easier to achieve the originality and showiness of a classic house. Now there is no need to chase pretentious patterns or massive decor. Fashionable and effective ideas of stucco molding for the facade of the house imply a simple, laconic pattern and light, unobtrusive lines.

It is enough to harmoniously and neatly frame the entrance, and windows, and make a simple but expressive cornice under the roof, between floors. As a result, the cottage acquires clear features of the classics and looks stylish, fashionable, and sophisticated.

Minimalist Stucco Ideas For House Facade

The easiest but most effective way to add individuality to the house, to emphasize the refined taste of the owner, is to make simple stucco structures on doors and windows without massive and detailed patterns.

White frames, cornices, and simple classic pilasters without massive capitals and brackets will become an elegant decoration of the building. Such an idea of stucco molding for the facade of the house looks fashionable and modern.

Do not overload the appearance of the building with patterns – you can completely abandon them. Straight contrasting lines are enough. To make the house look finished, and the stucco look harmonious, you can make rustic stones at the corners.

Sophisticated Stucco Ideas For Home Facade

If you still want to add high cost, charm, and originality to the cottage, you can use some stucco patterns. Simple curls over windows, doors, in the pediment, austere locks, and a light cornice pattern will add elegance to the building.

Such a house will truly reflect the classic motives and the traditional views of the owner on architecture and design. This is a discreet way to demonstrate the conservatism of housing.

In this case, as a rule, the classics should be traced in the interior as well. This is necessary so that the stucco molding on the facade has a logical explanation. Note that minimalist stucco decor without patterns could be successfully combined with modern, stylish trends in home decoration in the same Scandinavian style or even hi-tech.

Therefore, it is also necessary to decide on the idea of stucco molding for the facade of the house taking into account what you want to do inside – pretentious, restrained classics, or a spectacular, fashionable interior in a trendy direction. Also keep in mind that it is important to play a sophisticated stucco pattern with floral motives in landscape design. The decoration of the local area should be traditional and equally sophisticated.

9+ More Best Stucco Trim Ideas for Facades

Stucco molding on windows, facade, and porch is the outfit of your home. In the same way, as you choose clothes and accessories for yourself, it is important to orient yourself correctly with the style, size, saturation, and high cost of the stucco pattern. Successful stucco trim ideas create a unique, harmonious image of the building.

It is an element of individualization. And although it seems to many that the stucco pattern turns all houses into one face, this is far from the case. Depending on the pretentiousness, massiveness, wealth, and style of stucco molding, the house can look like a palace of the last century or like a new, modern mansion with a classic touch.

Concise styling ideas for styrofoam decoration

If the goal is to achieve the modernity of a classic cottage, an abundance of forms, patterns, and decor is not required here. In this case, the main thing is to create a harmonious framing of windows, doors, pediments, bay windows, and the facade as a whole. Clear, strict lines should create contours for each opening, otherwise, the structures will look inappropriate, and inharmonious.

The best stucco trim ideas for small, humble homes also involve restraint. Do not overload the cottage with patterns and massive decor. Even a small number of stucco elements will sufficiently emphasize the belonging to the classics. But this pattern should be uniform throughout the building.

Most impressive facade stucco trim ideas

The rich stucco decoration transforms the mansion into an object of art. But the idea is implemented successfully only if a solid base has been prepared for the stucco molding – the house itself should almost resemble a palace or residence.

Thus, to dwell on a successful stucco decoration, you need to analyze what style of stucco is suitable here, depending on the configuration of the building.

There is the same tendency as when choosing clothes for a person – the advantages of the physique are taken into account, which needs to be emphasized, and the disadvantages – must be hidden.

A variety of stucco trim ideas allows you to create a completely different mood in the design of a house and emphasize a particular style in it. Although they are all united by the general concept of a classic facade, the best options clearly distinguish the buildings from the total mass of cottages in the classic directions. Some reflect the Renaissance era, others reflect the color and comfort of English architecture, and still others reflect the restraint and practicality of modernity.