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Modern Home Exterior Finishing – No borders in the combination of materials

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Facing the external walls of the building changes the appearance of the building. The development of technology and innovative solutions in construction allows you to create the most incredible options for finishing the exterior. In the concept of surface design is laid not only a protective function, but more aesthetic properties. We can safely say that the modern decoration of the exterior of the house goes beyond the decorative perception of the building, striking exclusivity and outrageous.


Modern Facade Decoration
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Fortunately, people are not limited in the choice of finishing materials. Their main types are:

  • Plaster.
  • Siding.
  • Wood.
  • Fake diamond.
  • Front panels.
facing of house facades with modern materials

On the example of the Yarrbat Residence project, we see how the modern exterior decoration of a private house can be beaten by a combination of several variations. The use of two or more materials at once allows emphasizing the structural features, dividing it into separate residential areas, and protecting it from external factors.

Modern Home Exterior Finishing

The determination of the fundamental version of the cladding begins at the design stage of the house. If reconstruction is carried out, then it is necessary to take into account the specifics of construction, compatibility of materials. After all, sometimes visually we see a brick house, but in fact it is built of reinforced concrete. Optical illusion is due to the professional work of specialists and the improved properties of finishes.

Modern Home Exterior Finishing

But, nevertheless, one should not forget about the technical characteristics of each type of cladding. It is necessary to choose the right material depending on the climate of the region, to strengthen the protective properties, resistance to aggressive environments, mechanical damage, temperature extremes. The appearance of the exterior should be maintained for at least 50 years, without losing the attractiveness, presentability of the texture.


Modern Home Exterior Finishing

Looking at the residence, one is amazed at how architects managed to realize several styles at once in one building. The unity of forms, smooth transitions of each part of the house are perfectly combined in one project on a hillside. The construction cannot be unambiguously called a two-story building, since cubic forms are intertwined, creating the impression of a single-level housing.

Modern Home Exterior Finishing

The lower level and the side of the second building are lined with stone facade panels. The urban design in dark gray gives pomposity to the building, corresponds to the classic representation of a residential building along the street. Rectangular shapes are easy to mount on the wall, which are assembled into a single canvas. The main purpose of facade panels is effective protection against atmospheric precipitation, so the architects clearly thought out the sides of the cladding.

modern materials for the decoration of facades of private houses

Легкий вес материала не отягощает сложную конструкцию, а наоборот, придают ей воздушности.


Modern Home Exterior Finishing

The relevance of the natural finish of exterior walls has been maintained for centuries. No matter how the exterior of the houses was decorated with modern materials, the completeness of the building can be emphasized only by the natural texture of the tree. Architects skillfully use wood, imitation timber, various panels. But the truth remains one – not a single material can be compared with the harmonious combination of natural landscape and tree on the walls of the house.

decoration of the facade of the house in a modern style

Important! Visually, the texture of the tree immediately causes a person to associate with warmth, home comfort. The environmental friendliness and harmlessness of the material for humans and the environment is incomparable with anything.

Modern Home Exterior Finishing

Under the wooden cladding in this project, a side part is assigned, subtly passing into a stone panel. Natural finishes emphasized the narrow window openings of sharply protruding forms.

Modern Home Exterior Finishing

Retro classic looks especially beautiful – wood and glass. The concave wall is divided into two independent materials, creating the effect of delimiting the surface. The glazed panoramic zone reflects the pristine beauty of nature, filling it with the inner space.


Modern Home Exterior Finishing

Each property owner is trying to implement the planned projects for the design of the building. This is his self-expression and the ability to protect the family from external danger. Presentable modern home exterior decoration opens up endless design ideas embodied in extravagant ideas.

Modern Home Exterior Finishing

Do not limit yourself in choosing a specific finishing material for the exterior. Each of them will open up new opportunities, ideas, while maintaining an impeccable appearance for many years.

Architects K2Ld Architects
Photo Jeremy Wright