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Exterior Wood Siding

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Wood, perhaps, is the most traditional type of exterior cladding of facades of houses. It is extremely versatile and available in many different styles. Each style is beautiful and adds a sense of traditional charm to any home. People love wooden wall paneling for their beautiful and natural facade design.


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The most commonly used species include cedar, pine, spruce and mahogany. You can either leave the tree in its natural state, or paint it to fit its look even more to your desires. In addition to the types of wood and color, you can additionally vary the different types of profile in which wood is applied to your home.

The most common profiles for wood siding include:

  • One of the classic options is a fence, a shed type of wooden lining, consisting of wide boards joined together and a batten nailed to the connection of two boards to close the gap, creating a vertical design
  • tile type or overlap are long thin boards or individual platinum mounted horizontally with a slight overlap.
  • thorn – groove. Like panels, the top of each horizontally mounted panel fits into a groove on the bottom edge of the board above it.
  • Vertical boards – a series of wide boards is placed vertically with a row of narrow boards between them.
  • Wood sheet siding. Plain plywood sheets in exterior wall finishes commonly used on low-cost buildings.
  • Block House – imitation of the appearance of a wooden house

Each of these subtypes has its own set of pros and cons. For example, many people prefer the classic type of tile, but this is the most expensive option. Sheep – the groove is the cheapest. The advantages of all types are their impact resistance, natural beauty and almost endless color variation. The tree is also relatively quick and easy to install. This is one of the best options for projects “do it yourself”, although professional installation also does not hurt.

Unfortunately, wood is not without its drawbacks. In addition to the regular maintenance that it requires, it is also susceptible to damage from termites, woodpeckers, and rot. The cost of preserving the appearance of wooden wall paneling and protecting it against common threats can quickly compensate for and reduce installation costs. Finally, the wood is not fire resistant. This can be a major deciding factor if you live in an area with a dry climate, where forest fires usually occur.


This type of facade finish allows you to work creatively, since you can use boards of various lengths. Some of the types of wood used are pine, fir, cedar and mahogany. Although wood is the most commonly used material, artificial wood and wood-look vinyl facade panels can also be used.


  • This makes the house taller because it is usually installed vertically.
  • You can choose between real wood, vinyl and engineered wood.
  • The tree is easy to install and operate.
  • You can be creative and use the size of the tree that you prefer. You can also install panels vertically or horizontally.


  • Wood can rot or become infected with pests if they have a low degree of processing.

Material price:

  • $ 3-5 per square meter


Block house allows you to make a house that looks like a real wooden or village house. This is done using cypress, mahogany, pine or cedar logs. House block slats must be dried and processed to give them a longer service life. They can be painted in color, although their use in the natural state is preferable simply by adding a transparent coating.


  • This gives the house a natural, rustic look.
  • The appearance of the block house is durable, if you make it using high-quality wood and with proper maintenance.


  • The initial costs are high because the material is more expensive than ordinary wooden lining, as well as the cost of maintenance.
  • Decorating a block house requires regular maintenance to prevent insect infestation. Cracks in the slats should be sealed to prevent decay.

Material price:

  • $ 5-10 per sq. M


Facing wood panels panels are made using single wooden blocks that can be cut into different shapes. The machine cuts to ensure evenness and smoothness. They are mounted on top of each other – overlapping. Some of the types of wood used are mahogany and red cedar. Facing material of this type is environmentally friendly and gives the house the appearance of an old village house.


  • cladding material gives a home a natural look that blends well with the environment, such as water bodies and forests.
  • finishing the facade with such siding is cheaper compared to brick and stone with its similarly rich appearance


  • cladding material needs regular maintenance, including compaction and painting so that they are not affected by the weather.
  • Moisture and mold and moss may form if not properly maintained. Insects and wind can also damage wood; it can warp, twist and crack.


The appearance is made using thin wooden strips arranged horizontally, in some cases using a spike groove. Wood helps create a rustic feel for the home. Some of the types of wood used include cypress, pine, fir and spruce.


This gives the house a classic country look and improves attractiveness.
The wood is environmentally friendly.
Wood can be of various textures and colors.


  • The exterior requires regular maintenance so that the wood does not crack, rot, deform and not collapse. The facade should be repainted or repainted every three to six years.
  • Initial costs are high, especially if you use wood, such as mahogany and cedar, which are considered resistant to decay.
  • Wood is susceptible to damage from water and insects if not treated properly.


In this case, wooden strips are placed vertically, which can help highlight the height of the house. Like horizontal stripes, they are joined together by a spike slot. The forests used are pine, spruce and cypress.


  • This gives the house a classic country look and improves attractiveness.
  • The wood is environmentally friendly.
  • Wood can be customized using stains and paints.


  • The exterior requires regular maintenance so that the wood does not crack, rot, deform and not collapse. The facade should be repainted or repainted every three to six years.
  • Initial costs are high, especially if forests are used, such as mahogany and cedar, which are considered resistant to decay.
  • Wood is susceptible to damage from water and insects if not treated properly.


Artificial wood siding (wall paneling) looks almost exactly like real wood, but it is made of composite materials. Unlike vinyl or fiber cement with drawings of wood, the basis of artificial wood siding is real wood. Different fibers and parts combine to create an authentic finished product.

The main advantage of artificial wooden lining is the presence of real wood. It costs much less than natural wood. Engineered wood can also be made to your personal preferences. It is available in a variety of styles that imitate different types of wood and colors. Not only does it look like a real tree, it also has a pronounced texture. Another advantage of this material is its durability. Expect your engineering wood to last at least 20-30 years. Engineered wood withstands extreme temperatures, humidity, fire and insects well. She needs a little maintenance.

The only real flaw that should be noted, besides the fact that engineered wood is not very real, is that you cannot repaint or restore it. The color that you initially choose is a color that will remain forever, you can not repaint it.


In the design of the cladding of this house with wooden clapboard, modern facade trim panels are used – the result is stunning. This couple created the perfect property for their family, located on the island of Hwasser. Due to the impressive weather of the island and the open location of the house by the sea, wood with a low level of maintenance was required that would withstand all weather conditions.

This striking home should have stood out from the more traditional cottages in the area. However, the owners also believed that it was important to look to the future and build a house suitable for today, with the ability to meet the needs of their dynamic family. During the summer, the family can enjoy the open space from the roof terrace, which offers a breathtaking view of the natural environment.

Outdoor siding panels

The terrace is built with finely adjusted handrails that work like walls to create a protected lounge suitable for a relaxed time. When the weather worsens, the sliding doors leading to the terrace close and the family can enjoy the magnificent view regardless of the weather.

Wood cladding panels

After prolonged exposure to the weather conditions, the facade of the wood panels took on a silver-gray tint that allowed the exterior walls of the house to reproduce the colors of the natural stone next to it. The decoration of the facade, flooring and terrace smoothly moves into the landscape. Weathered patina improves the appearance of untreated wood, without affecting the durability and dimensional stability of the applied cladding material.

As an environmentally friendly product, modern wood panels were selected for the facade primarily because of their durability and naturalness. In addition, it was especially useful that such facing material for the facade of the house does not require substantial maintenance, except for ordinary cleaning, with a guarantee of 30 years even in the northern climate.

Outside wood paneling

Norway’s patented technology for processing wood panels for facade cladding uses an environmentally friendly process that constantly improves the properties of coniferous wood using a biological fluid obtained from crops. Thanks to the polymerization of the walls of the tree, the durability and dimensional stability have improved significantly, giving it characteristics similar to those of tropical hardwood.

When choosing materials for the facade of the house, it was especially important that the wood did not need maintenance, which allowed the owners of the house to make the most of their free time for walking with children. This house is a perfect example, demonstrating how a tree takes a silver-gray patina over time, adding beauty and natural identity to the design.


Want a warm feeling from your exterior – clapboard cladding will give you it! Check out these photos of houses lined with wooden clapboard, and you will be convinced of this. The benefit of modern protective materials for a long time not to think about the restoration of the facade of the house of wood.

Do not be afraid to apply new technologies to old, proven materials and you will receive ultra modern facades of wooden houses that will delight you every day!

Exterior home siding

The one-story wooden house is located on the island of Orcas, one of the archipelagoes of San Juan Island off the coast of Washington, USA. The house is equipped with retractable panels that protect it from very windy storms, the prevailing ocean currents that come ashore in winter. Located on the coast of the island, the house uses both retractable wood panels and the surrounding forest as protection in winter. On the facade and in the interior of the house lining is widely used as a finishing material. But look at how the trim looks very modern!

On the south side of the house there is a rocky shore, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The architects, answering the question of how to sheathe the facade of the house, used the natural colors of the cedar cladding of the facade to harmoniously combine this wooden house with the surrounding landscape. Lining material for external covering of the house local.

Modern exterior wood siding

The surrounding forest helps to protect the house from weather conditions that are harsh quite often.

Wood exterior house

The stone collected on the site was used to level the area under the house. The occupied place was compensated by a green roof on it.

Exterior wood siding styles

The site is located on an island with clean coastlines and marine life, so carefully designed stormwater flows were designed to repeat conditions before construction.

House exterior wood siding

Wall wood panels are installed on the rails, which allows them to close tightly or open within wide limits, depending on weather conditions.

Exterior sheet siding

When the weather is good and the panels are open, behind them is a wall of large panoramic windows, which can also be closed or opened wide, so that it is easy to go outside.

Exterior wood lap siding

This double sliding panel system is used both at the front and rear of the facade of this modern wooden house.

Home exterior wood siding

When both sets of sliding elements are open, you can easily pass through the house from the front yard to the rear deck without opening the door.

Wood look exterior siding

The wide open spaces of the house ideally allow ocean species to travel freely around the house and into the courtyard.

Exterior wood veneer panels

The wide open spaces of the house ideally allow ocean species to travel freely around the house and into the courtyard….

Exterior house siding panels

The open porch of the house also boasts a large size, which allows you to enjoy your meal outdoors.

Exterior clapboard siding

The magnificent outdoor dining table was made of two boards of naturally weathered building material.

Wood siding exterior walls

The lining of the roof overhang and deck flooring is western red cedar.

Wood panel exterior house

Around the back of the house, the niche is also lined with red cedar clapboard, and the open deck is left uncovered in weather conditions.

Exterior cedar siding

The rear deck descends to that part of the landscape that was leveled for the foundation of the house.

Rustic exterior siding

Inside the house, the wooden floors, ceiling and walls lined with clapboard act as a frame for impressive views.

Exterior wall siding

Even the view from the front of the house is magnificent and constantly demonstrates the life of local animals.

Pine exterior siding

When the wall panels are closed, the view on both sides of the house is still not completely closed, and natural daylight can illuminate the interior areas.

Exterior siding ideas

On cold days, when the house closes – a wood burning fireplace is used for heating. The design with open square shelving on both sides is the main focus when closing wall panels. Even the clapboard ceiling cladding of this wonderful interior does not create the impression of a grandmother’s dacha. As a reference to the color of the ocean and sky, several interior fragments have rich blue hues.

Exterior cedar paneling

The internal dining table is made of Fir wood slab, but unlike the outdoor dining table it was not processed for outdoor use. The kitchen overlooks the side façade and deck. It has four small storage rooms on the side walls. The ledges on the other side of the house are longer and contain the master bedroom overlooking the side garden and the ocean, as well as the guest room overlooking the side garden and the main bathroom overlooking the front yard. Unlike the social zone, there is no wooden clapboard in the bedrooms, bathroom and toilets.


This modern house, decorated with wooden siding on the facade, is less than an hour from Auckland in a new area filled with family houses and trees. A stylish modern house hides its inhabitants from prying eyes, while its fence of average height surrounds the property from all sides. Gray wooden front siding contrasts with darker roof cladding and black steel window frames. Huge windows – an indispensable attribute of a modern house in our time.

Modern house siding

It seems that the facade of the house consists of several supporting walls that protrude and partially mask the numerous windows. All the lines of this modern house tell us about its modern design, both outside and inside.

In the back there is a glass entrance and only a couple of windows. Extra light in the room is provided by skylights in the roof. Facade siding, which sheathes the house, even suitable for shower space.

Modern home siding

The main entrance with a garage creates the impression of an impregnable fortress due to the absence of windows. The garage door is covered with the same wooden siding as the facade of this modern house.

Modern wood siding options

Gravel, slightly diluted with greenery, surrounds this one-story house. Mostly weeds grow on wooden beds, but how do they correspond to the wooden cladding of the front of the house! The color combination of light and dark facade cladding with wooden siding visually lengthens the walls of the house. The slope of the roof further enhances this effect.

Modern home wood siding

The interior of the house also has a large amount of wood. White plastered walls balance it, creating a more modern look. Tiles in the bathroom and kitchen add another interesting element to the interior. Numerous places to relax make full use of huge square windows. Although the overall decor seems rather minimal, wood texture and natural lighting do a great job, giving it many details.


The mountains envelop a cool modern villa in the forest of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. The ultramodern building boasts a sophisticated structure and a spacious well-kept fenced lawn.

The single-storey villa, built entirely of wood and lined with wood paneling (siding) in a modern style. It is located at the foot of the hill and occupies its upper part by one of its floors.

Exterior house siding

Its side sections of the public area on the basic structure gives the villa a distinct rocky silhouette, which also creates an internal architecture. A lot of floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors provide easy access to outside grass and open to the surrounding forest views. Each level has its own outdoor lounge where its inhabitants can enjoy nature to the fullest.

Outside house siding

Inside, modernist aesthetics dominate each room, using nothing more than light wood and black steel. When fog sets in, the villa gains more mysticism. Raises his head and shows his wooden teeth out of the fog. It seems that no one else can see this, since the structure is artfully inscribed into the environment.

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Lining – wood or PVC boards, which are used to sheathe walls. Natural lining is made from a single piece of wood. The billet is treated with a special agent against pests, drying out, resistance to fires and moisture. As for PVC lining, it is more budgetary for the buyer.

Outdoor siding options

The material is able to perfectly simulate the texture of a tree, to be executed in absolutely any given color. This option is used for both facing the facade and internal walls in the room.

The following advantages of lining can be noted:

  • Durable and durable material.
  • It is considered to be the easiest to install.

Outdoor wood siding panels

On a natural carpet we can use paint and varnish, toning means.

Outdoor cedar siding

Installation of the lining provides for the presence of ventilated channels. This eliminates the formation of condensation between the wall and the outer lining.

Outdoor wood paneling

The facades of single-storey houses, as well as cottages in several floors, are now popularly decorated with block-house. This is a kind of boards for wall sheathing that imitate the shearing of massive cylindrical logs. With the help of block house it is possible to make the facade more durable, and visually reliable.

Outdoor wood siding options

The common material is wood from pine or spruce. Cedar, linden, aspen, larch create an exceptionally elegant texture of the facade. Ideal forms of block house are achieved by chamber drying of wood. This makes it possible to make the material very durable, resemble prestigious and expensive cylinder-shaped log buildings.

Wooden outdoor panels

Planken is a board with oblique profiles. With the help of it, it is possible to achieve maximum aesthetics and modernity in the design of the facade. Ideally smooth, smooth surface – the features of the planken board. This is an excellent finishing material, which is particularly resistant to negative environmental effects.

Outdoor house paneling

Outwardly, the house will look European in an original way and restrained, an impression of the well-being of the owner will be created. Panels can be made from natural wood, and PVC, which accurately repeats the texture and color of the tree. Siding is very easy to install, due to the presence of special connections on each side.