5 Types of Businesses That Could Benefit From Rolling Stools 

Are you in a profession where you need to move around a small space quickly? Do you need to vary the height you are at to service vehicles, assist patients, or access resources like computers or high-tech equipment? Instead of constantly bending over or squatting and putting pressure on your back, you should consider using a rolling stool. Rolling stools can be purchased with or without back support and come in a variety of heights and adjustability options, making it easy to choose one that is perfect for your work goals.

Here are five types of businesses that could benefit from rolling stools. 

Massage Therapists 

Massage therapists usually have to go from standing to sitting several times during an appointment and need to be able to move quickly from spot to spot to provide efficient service. A rolling stool can help a massage therapist get the leverage he or she needs to produce the right pressure and reduce the chance they will develop neck or back problems. 


Aestheticians are professionals who provide skincare services such as facials, chemical peels, light therapy, laser resurfacing, pore cleansing, and waxing. They usually need to sit to be at the right height to see their client’s skin clearly and may need to move around quickly to access different types of equipment or to position themselves correctly to provide their services. A rolling stool can be the perfect addition to their business to help them provide excellent client service.

Eye Doctors 

When eye doctors and their assistants see patients, they usually need to sit at specific heights to administer eye tests, look at their patients’ eye health, and use various types of equipment. A rolling stool helps them easily move between computer monitors, their patients, and other pieces of equipment.


Mechanics need to look at every part of a vehicle including the roof, the wheels, and underneath the body. They also have to be able to access a wide variety of tools depending on what job they’re performing. A rolling stool assists them in getting around a garage or workshop and lets them adjust their height to access the parts of the vehicle they are working on. 

Medical Offices 

Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and physician assistants need a versatile seating option that maximizes their mobility and takes care of their posture and spine health. A rolling stool helps them take care of patients as well as taking care of their own health.

Finding the Best Rolling Stool for Your Needs 

If you are in one of these five professions or are in another type of profession where you need to move around quickly and adjust the height at which you are sitting or standing, you should consider investing in a quality rolling stool. Stools are available in a variety of materials and sizes with different features like heavy-duty carpet casters, seat angle adjustments, thickly padded seats, and back or backless varieties. To ensure you are purchasing the highest quality rolling stool, research online and local stores and choose one with good reviews and high marks for customer service and quality.