10+ Inspiring Traditional Japanese Bathroom Design Ideas to Create a Tranquil Oasis

Traditional Japanese bathroom design offers a unique approach to creating calming and harmonious spaces that encourage relaxation and rejuvenation. Focusing on simplicity, the integration of natural elements, and the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, Japanese design principles can transform a bathroom into a soothing oasis. In this article, we’ll explore various traditional Japanese bathroom … Read more

9+ Japandi Style Bedroom Essentials for a Harmonious Sleep Space

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Discovering Japandi Bedroom Design for Zen Interiors

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Create the Perfect Japandi Style for Your Dining Room, Living Room & Bedroom

Japandi Style is an up-and-coming interior design trend that combines the best of both Japanese and Scandinavian designs. It’s a minimalist luxury style that blends the traditional, natural elements of each nation with modern touches. This style gives off a feeling of calm and simplicity while staying elegant and comfortable. Japandi blends both the traditional … Read more

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Modern Hillside Villa / Japanese project of combining extravagance and unity with nature

Beautiful houses on the slope always look unusual and creative. Many are frightened by gently sloping areas due to the complexity of design and construction of the building. But, casting aside all fears and doubts, on a sloping terrain you can build not just a dwelling, but a real work of architectural art. hillside homes … Read more

55 m² Japanese Minimalism in a Small Apartment

Minimalism style in the interior of the apartment is a design where strictness, restraint in design is sustained. The use of functional objects, a minimum of furniture, and a lack of decor allow you to free up space from a cluttered environment. An important point in the implementation of this direction is the competent division … Read more

What can be a Two-Story Frame House / Japanese Project

Features of a two-story frame house located on the sea coast near the Japanese city of Kobe are manifested in improved indicators of thermal insulation and natural ventilation. frame construction and innovative engineering solutions With a dense coastal zone, the construction of a residential building requires compliance with several requirements: the maximum use of the … Read more

Shed Roof Frame House – Unusual project in Japan

The Japanese have always been able to surprise in the context of architecture. One of the most creative and unusual private houses was a small mansion designed by the mA-style architects architectural bureau, built in the Japanese city of Hamamatsu. This is a frame house with a shed roof, which on one side is practically … Read more