7 Home Improvements to Make Before Selling

Planning to sell your house? You might have already heard that remodeling key areas before selling your home can increase its attractiveness and resale value. 

Home renovations are more beneficial in places like Tampa Bay. Despite an overall slowdown in the US real estate scenario, Tampa Bay’s real estate sector has remained strong and competitive. Population growth and better employment opportunities are some of the contributing factors. The average price of a house in Tampa Bay in August 2023, according to Redfin, was $460K, up 21.1% compared to last year. So, if you live in a place like Tampa Bay, you should be very particular about improving your house before selling it. 

Below are some renovation ideas for improving your house before selling it. 

Bathroom Renovation

When inspecting a property, the bathroom is often the focal point for potential buyers. Therefore, bathroom renovation should be part of your home renovation project. 

Bathroom upgrades don’t need to be extravagant. They should only include the upgrades that make sense without straying from the existing material. For instance, consider replacing faded, chipped, and broken tiles if your bathroom is tiled. If the tiles are fresh and look modern, refresh them by reapplying the grout. 

Upgrade the primary bathroom first, where the potential homeowners will spend most of their time, ensuring that private space stands out. 

When considering an upgrade, consider your budget and the ROI of the project; after all, the project’s purpose is to fetch a better price for your house. 

Cost analysis is especially important when living in a place like Tampa, with a higher average bathroom remodeling cost. The average cost for remodeling a 5×7 square bathroom is $24,218, while the country average is $27,164. 

However, hiring experienced remodelers can help you save on your Tampa bathroom remodeling cost by providing options suitable for your bathroom. You may also get discount deals on your bathroom remodeling project. 

Improve The Windows 

While a window upgrade might not bring a hefty return on your investment, outdated and worn-out windows are still nothing less than an eyesore. Foggy window panes or faded and warped sashes make your house look tired and neglected, reducing potential buyers’ interest in your property. Therefore, replacing windows with more energy-efficient alternatives should be a top priority on your list of potential home renovation projects when preparing your house for sale. 

The choice of window for your house depends on the style and design of your home. For instance, if you have an artisan’s style house with wooden windows, replacing them with black aluminum is not an option, even if it is the most economical option. Similarly, you won’t install stained glass windows in a modern house. Hence, consider the design of your home before selecting windows. 

Improve The Door Knobs, Handles, And Pulls 

Improving door knobs, handles, and pulls in the house is a small but powerful change, contributing to the aesthetic value of your home. The small touches always catch the attention and make the house valuable in the eyes of potential buyers. 

Consistency is the key to getting the most benefit out of any change. Ensure the door knobs, handles, hinges, and pulls throughout your house maintain a consistent and uniform design approach. If you have chosen a modern design theme, ensure all these elements at various parts of your home reflect that choice. This cohesiveness will convey your attention to detail, leaving a strong and positive impression on the potential buyers.

Avoid the traditional gold doorknobs and polished brass when selecting the door hardware. Instead, opt for a modern, sleek fixture with stainless steel or brushed-nickel finishes. However, regardless of the style, always prioritize quality, durability, and efficiency, adding a sense of luxury and practicality. 

Add New Appliances

The kitchen is often the heart of a house; therefore, your home renovation project is incomplete without making some upgrades in the kitchen. One of the ways you can upgrade the kitchen is by replacing old and malfunctioning appliances with new and modern ones. 

Choose stainless steel appliances as they are durable and compatible with various kitchen designs. 

Avoid mismatched and colored appliances as they can quickly limit your décor options and become outdated, aging the rest of the kitchen. Potential buyers are often impressed by and attracted to your property integrated with top-of-the-line appliances. 

When making replacements, focus on the dishwasher, hood, stove, and microwave since they are the most used and apparent appliances. You don’t necessarily need to invest in upgrading refrigerators, as most house sales don’t include refrigerators. 

Improve The Kitchen Floor If Needed

Replacing or improving kitchen flooring can be a prominent upgrade, but it can also be one of the costly ones. Therefore, only consider this upgrade if necessary; otherwise, dressing up the rest of the kitchen can draw buyers’ attention away from the faded kitchen floor. 

However, consider upgrading the floor if it is chipped or cracked. This can revitalize your kitchen without changing the existing structure. 

When upgrading kitchen flooring, you have two options:

  • Install the same floor as in the rest of the house
  • Add a unique floor that makes the space different from the remaining house

Though modern décor emphasizes simplicity and consistency, adding a different type of floor in the kitchen is a great way to make your kitchen stand out.

Paint Your House

Fresh paint is the simplest and most cost-effective way to upgrade even a tired house and boost its resale value. Paint can hide imperfections, cracks, and stains on the walls, giving your home a crisp feel. Consequently, it makes buyers feel they are inspecting a newly built house. 

However, it is important to consider that the colors you choose must blend well with the design and décor of your house. You don’t want everything else to look mismatched or have the budget to change everything to match the paint. Considering this, choosing neutral colors is a safe option. They appeal to most home buyers, giving them a blank slate to decorate their walls. Plus, neutral colors also make your house look more spacious and airy.

Update The Roof

Roofs protect your house from above from natural elements such as rain, hail, and extreme temperatures. Therefore, most home buyers ask about and inspect the roof when buying a house. If your roof is outdated, they might hesitate to buy your property.

A roof needs a replacement if it is completely shot, but if it needs minor repairs, you can call a roof replacement expert for a thorough inspection and suggest the repairs. However, if your roof requires a replacement, a new one will pay for its costs by increasing your house’s value.  


Selling a house is a huge undertaking; from listing your property on popular websites to attracting potential buyers, several aspects are involved. However, preparing your property for the impending sale is also important. Making obvious yet essential upgrades in your house can make it stand out among other listings, allowing potential buyers to easily envision it as their own. 

We hope the upgrades included in the above article will give you an idea about upgrades you must consider before selling your house.