Merging Wood and Concrete in the Relogged House Design

In the vast realm of architectural design, where creativity knows no bounds, the Relogged House stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and modernity. The house, with its intricate interplay of wood and concrete, narrates a story of timelessness, evoking emotions that resonate with both the past and the future.

Architects: balbek bureau / Photographs:Andrey BezuglovMaryan Beresh

The Timeless Appeal of Wood

Wood, with its rich grains and warm hues, has always been a favorite among architects and homeowners alike. Its natural charm brings a sense of coziness and nostalgia, reminiscent of ancient log cabins nestled amidst dense forests.

The tactile sensation of wood, its intricate patterns, and the memories it evokes, transports one to a world where nature reigns supreme. Every plank, every beam tells a story of trees that once stood tall, of seasons that have come and gone.

In the Relogged House, wood is not just a material but a character. It speaks of traditions, of homes that have witnessed countless sunrises and sunsets, of families that have shared laughter and tears.

But wood is not just about the past. In its modern avatar, it speaks of sustainability, of a world that is increasingly looking towards eco-friendly solutions. It represents a bridge between the old and the new, a material that is as relevant today as it was centuries ago.

The choice of dark wood in the Relogged House is a bold one. It brings depth and drama, creating spaces that are both intimate and grand. It is a reminder that in design, as in life, contrasts can be beautiful.

Concrete – The Modern Muse

Concrete, often seen as cold and impersonal, finds a new meaning in the Relogged House. Here, it is fluid and dynamic, shaping spaces that are both functional and artistic.

The gray of the concrete, with its subtle variations, provides the perfect canvas for the play of light and shadow. It speaks of urban landscapes, of skyscrapers that touch the sky, of a world that is constantly evolving.

But in the Relogged House, concrete is more than just a building material. It is a reflection of the modern ethos, of a desire to break free from conventions and to explore new horizons.

The smoothness of concrete, its ability to take on any shape, gives designers the freedom to experiment, to push the boundaries of what is possible. It is a material that challenges, that inspires.

Paired with wood, concrete becomes softer, more approachable. It provides the perfect counterpoint, creating a balance that is both harmonious and exciting.

The Dance of Shadows and Light

In the Relogged House, wood and concrete come together in a symphony of shadows and light. The interplay is magical, creating moments that are ephemeral and yet deeply impactful.

As sunlight filters through the wooden slats, it creates patterns on the concrete floors, ever-changing, ever-evolving. These are moments of pure magic, where light brings the inanimate to life.

The contrast of the dark wood against the gray concrete is heightened by the dance of shadows. It adds layers to the design, making it rich and multidimensional.

Evening brings a different mood. The soft glow of the lights makes the wood come alive, its grains more pronounced, its warmth more palpable. The concrete, under the artificial lights, becomes more muted, more serene.

It is this dance of shadows and light, this constant change, that makes the Relogged House a living entity. It breathes, it feels, it tells a story.

A Symphony of Textures

The Relogged House is not just about colors and forms. It is about textures. The roughness of the concrete, the smoothness of the wood, together they create a tactile experience that is both raw and refined.

Running your fingers over the wooden surfaces, you can feel the history, the years that have gone into making it what it is. It is a sensation that is both comforting and inspiring.

The concrete, with its imperfections, tells a different story. It speaks of the here and now, of the challenges and the triumphs of the modern world.

Together, wood and concrete create a tapestry of textures. They challenge the senses, making one see the beauty in the mundane, the extraordinary in the ordinary.

It is this sensory experience, this journey of discovery, that sets the Relogged House apart. It is not just a house; it is an emotion, a feeling, a memory.

Nature Meets Urbanity

The Relogged House is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and urban design. It’s a space where the rustic charm of wood intertwines seamlessly with the industrial allure of concrete.

The house stands as a sanctuary amidst the urban sprawl, a place where one can reconnect with nature without losing touch with modern comforts. The wooden elements echo the whispers of ancient forests, while the concrete structures resonate with the heartbeat of the city.

Every corner of the house is a dialogue between the organic and the man-made. The juxtaposition is not just visual but also tactile. The cool touch of concrete is balanced by the warm embrace of wood, creating an environment that caters to all senses.

The outdoor spaces of the Relogged House further accentuate this blend. Native plants brush against concrete patios, and the sound of rustling leaves complements the distant hum of city life. It’s a reminder that even in our urban existence, nature is never too far away.

The house, in its essence, is a reflection of today’s world. A world where we yearn for the simplicity of nature while cherishing the conveniences of modern life. It’s a delicate balance, and the Relogged House captures it beautifully.

Sustainability and Design

In an era where sustainability is more than just a buzzword, the Relogged House stands as a beacon of eco-friendly design. The use of wood and concrete is not just an aesthetic choice but also a nod to sustainable living.

Wood, being a renewable resource, underscores the importance of using materials that have minimal impact on the environment. The dark hues of the wood in the Relogged House are a testament to the beauty that can be achieved when design aligns with eco-consciousness.

Concrete, often criticized for its carbon footprint, is used in the house in a manner that emphasizes longevity and durability. It’s a reminder that sustainability is not just about the materials we use but also about creating structures that stand the test of time.

The house also incorporates energy-efficient designs, from natural ventilation to optimized lighting. Every element is thoughtfully designed to reduce the environmental impact.

Beyond the tangible aspects, the house also promotes a sustainable lifestyle. The open spaces, the connection with nature, and the emphasis on natural materials all encourage a way of life that is in harmony with the environment.


The Relogged House is more than just a structure; it’s a philosophy. It embodies the belief that design can be both beautiful and responsible. It showcases the magic that happens when tradition meets innovation, when nature meets urbanity. In its walls, in its spaces, in its very essence, the house tells a story of a world where contrasts coexist, where the past and the future merge into a present that is rich, vibrant, and endlessly inspiring.