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3+ Benefits of Using Glass Block Walls Exterior

Glass blocks are translucent sealed products made of glass plates. They are used in the construction of private houses for the construction of translucent walls and windows. An example of a house based on glass blocks is a mansion from the architectural bureau Sibling Architecture. The facade of a small cottage with an area of 100 square meters is almost entirely made of glass structures.

Let’s consider what advantages a house with a facade made of glass blocks received compared to a traditional glass panorama.

Exterior glass block 👉 High-quality sound absorption

The house is located near the motorway and airport. Transport noise has become one of the main problems in this area. Conventional glass panoramic structures are not able to sufficiently block sound. Therefore, glass blocks were used as an alternative. In the context of sound insulation, they are an average version between traditional stone or brick walls and ordinary glass.

The soundproofing properties of glass blocks are sufficient not to let noise from the yard into the house. The owners will always be able to relax near the glass wall with a book in almost complete silence. No wonder it is in this area that a small home library is equipped, as well as a place to relax.

Glass block exterior window 👉 Translucent but private facade

Despite the fact that the facade of the house is made of glass, it is practically not visible from the outside. Through the glass blocks, only silhouettes and basic forms of the interior are visible. Due to the glass structure, the facade is perfectly translucent with daylight. Additional windows in such a room are needed only for organizing a panoramic view.

In the presented house, next to the wall of glass blocks, an ordinary window is also installed, from which views of the adjacent landscapes open. It was foreseen in the recreation and reading area – here high-quality lighting and a view will be most useful.

Glass block walls exterior 👉 Striking, unusual design and practicality

The outer wall of glass blocks makes the house unusual both inside and outside. The façade is a honeycomb glass structure. Inside the building, such a wall looks like an accent element of the interior. The light comes from here, it looks original and stylish.

Unlike ordinary glass, the glass block wall has high strength. The material can withstand impacts and can even resist stone. Glass blocks are simple enough to keep clean – no need to devote as much time and effort to washing as traditional panoramic glass structures.

Glass blocks in a private house are a multifunctional solution that allows you to make your home open to the penetration of daylight, but private in the context of the views from the outside. Glass constructions add originality to the interior and exterior, visually expand the space, and provide exceptional insolation.

ArchitectsSibling Architecture
PhotoKatherine Lu

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