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Lightweight Steel Structure House Design

The usual vision of metal as a heavy, bulky material gradually fades into the background. The modern design of a steel structure house by architect Jan Kinsbergen demonstrates the ease of perception of steel in a new generation of buildings.

The cottage in the form of a cube is suspended in the air, resting on a single massive reinforced concrete support in the center. There is a spacious parking under the building with good natural ventilation. Let’s consider the main features that made it possible to beat metal so easily, unobtrusively and imperceptibly.

Glass house design from steel structure

Although the building’s frame is made of metal, it remains almost invisible due to the abundance of glass facades. Almost all external walls are panoramic windows, thanks to which the object is literally viewed through.

The only massive structures here are terraces escaping from the facade, also made of metal. But at the same time, they are framed with thin steel handrails, and the fence itself is glass. This visually lightened their silhouette.

The frame itself is also not an accent design element of a steel structure house. All supports, beams are made extremely thin. Therefore, the attention is drawn to the glass, which is easy to perceive. And it is framed with black steel slats to emphasize the strength of the structure.

Monolith in steel structure house design

The concept of building using monolithic technology helped to get away from massive metal structures. In fact, the main load-bearing elements here are not metal supports, but reinforced concrete.

The use of this technology made it possible to visually lighten the structure even more, since there was no need to build a large number of load-bearing walls and columns. The space has received a free, open plan.

From the inside, the building also looks light, airy and open. There are no classic walls with windows. All enclosing structures are panoramic windows overlooking the adjacent areas and the panorama to the horizon.

The modern design of the steel structure house is a comfortable space filled with air and light. Metal is the least noticeable here, and the main attention is drawn to glass and reinforced concrete elements of impressive strength. In turn, steel gave the frame of the house the necessary strength and rigidity, eliminated fragility and added expressiveness to the contours.

ArchitectsJan Kinsbergen
ImagesGeorg Aerni