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Trendy Black And White House Exterior Design

The stylish black and white exterior design of the home is a trendy solution in line with the trend of emphasizing with contrasts.

The idea is suitable for cottages in ultra-modern hi-tech and minimalist styles. There is practically no decor here, and color, shape and texture remain the priority design tools.

The project of a fashionable building with white and black facade structures was presented by the Vasco Lopes Arquitectos architectural bureau.

Black and white house exterior design as a trend

It is based on a light, neutral, visually pleasing white shade. Expressive elements in black helped to get rid of the sterility and melancholy of the object. Against the background of a snow-white tone, they look even more distinct and effective.

Black structures go into the facade. So that they are not shaded even in the evening, the architects have thought over the lighting. This made it possible to emphasize their expressiveness.

The light also got rid of the dark, gray corners. In these places, snow-white would lose its charm and purity without proper lighting.

The ease of black and white house exterior design on the verge of solidity

The snow-white tone reflects purity, ease. It adds weightlessness to the object, successfully integrates it into the environment, harmoniously combining with all natural shades. But the monotony in white can make the subject look boring.

A small number of black designs helped to dilute the atmosphere and add severity and solidity to it. The window frames are made in a contrasting tone.

They create the coziness of the house in their own way and focus on panoramic glazing – so the windows have become more noticeable and expressive against a white background.

In general, the black and white design of the exterior of the house is a creative solution to achieve harmony, home comfort, warmth and effect of the building. The colors compensate for each other’s shortcomings, emphasizing the perfection of the cottage.

ArchitectsVasco Lopes Arquitectos
ImagesLuis da Cruz