Top tips for avoiding issues with a house build project

If you’re currently in the middle of building a property, then you’ll no doubt be eager to avoid making any avoidable mistakes which could cost you a significant amount of money, time, or even endanger yourself and your workforce. 

As you’re most likely aware, engaging in a house building project is no mean feat. It’s a daunting task that will challenge you every step of the way. Indeed, it’s imperative that you learn more about how to manage a house build properly as you go along, to make sure you’re on the right track and to find new ways of completing jobs in a more efficient way.

As with most large-scale projects, managing a house build project is more about avoiding catastrophic mistakes than it is about some silver bullet. By understanding common mistakes and hurdles that are apparent on all property development sites, you’ll stand a far better chance of doing a good job and avoid falling into any traps.

With this in mind, here are some top tips for avoiding issues with your house building project:

Make sure you create a realistic budget

One of the most common pitfalls that property developers trip up on is the budget—or, more accurately, not keeping within it.

If you stray over the pre-agreed budget, there could be serious consequences. If it’s your own money that you’re investing, for example, then you may fall into financial trouble and be unable to progress with the project. 

This in itself could cost you even more cash, because if the project grinds to a halt when the structure is vulnerable to the elements, you might end up wrecking whatever progress you have made already. What’s more, you may end up in trouble with a bank or financiers, which can lead to serious legal recriminations. 

Instead, you need to create a realistic budget and then stick to it. Make sure you have all the contracting costs worked out—such as with a roofing company—beforehand. 

Have planning permission in place for your land before you start building

Another common mistake that you need to avoid if you’re embarking on a property development project is to check that proper planning permission is in place for the land you’re building on before you start.

Depending on where you’re building, the local authorities may be strict or relaxed with planning laws, so make sure that you have the correct paperwork in order. 

This will prevent you from having to tear down the house later on and avoid unnecessary legal issues further along the line.

Make sure the contractors can work in sync with each other

A further challenge that you need to avoid if you can is time delays during the project. 

Most commonly, these delays are due to the contractors that you’re using only being available at certain times. This means you could finish with the plumbers, only to have to wait weeks for the plasterers, for example. 

Try your best to orchestrate a seamless transition between contractors to get the project over the line as quickly as possible.