33+ Cool & Modern House Front Stone Designs

The facade decoration of a building determines its status and operational properties. The frequency and complexity of maintenance depend on it. One of the best in all these plans is the modern exterior stone cladding.

Strong, solid walls provide a high level of sound and heat insulation and are also a real decoration of the building, its feature against the backdrop of modern architecture.

The project of a house with a stone exterior was presented by the architectural bureau Walker Warner Architects. This is a spacious 474 sq. m. with a modern configuration – ergonomic, open spaces, panoramic windows from floor to ceiling, and impressive creative design.

Effectiveness of stone cladding for exterior walls

The first thing we pay attention to when we see this cottage is its solid appearance. It looks expensive, and sturdy, and corresponds to the high status of the owners.

stone cladding for exterior walls

Due to the stone cladding for exterior walls, it resembles a century-old fortress, not subject to the influence of natural factors and humans. It is a kind of shelter that embodies the reliability and comfort of traditional housing.

The palette is selected by fashion trends, so the stone looks spectacular when implementing innovative solutions. You must admit that panoramas and terraces, a minimalist design would not be so harmoniously combined with the gloomy range typical of old stone buildings. The neutral tone of the facade finish successfully adapts tradition to modern rules.

stone cladding for exterior walls
stone cladding for exterior walls
stone cladding for exterior walls
stone cladding for exterior walls

The practicality of outdoor stone cladding

Now let’s consider such a cladding from a practical point of view. The stone, in principle, does not need maintenance. It is resistant to wind, moisture, and temperature extremes. Such a house will look like new even after decades.

outdoor stone cladding

At the same time, it can be said with a high probability that even after 50-100 years it will still be fashionable, and the cladding will not require replacement or repair. The cottage is easy to maintain well-groomed and tidy – about the facade, minimal maintenance is needed here.

outdoor stone cladding

Modern exterior stone cladding is the choice of people with conservative views. But against the background of the architecture of the new XXI century, it looks quite expressive and unusual. This is an example of that tradition, which, due to the development of new technologies, has become almost exclusive, but still not inferior to fresh solutions in the context of functionality, convenience and practicality.

outdoor stone cladding
outdoor stone cladding
outdoor stone cladding
outdoor stone cladding
outdoor stone cladding
ArchitectsWalker Warner Architects
ImagesMatthew Millman

3 Reasons to Choose Stone Facade Cladding for Houses Exterior

The architectural bureau GRAUX & BAEYENS Architecten presented an ultra-modern hi-tech house. An object of class “elite” with an area of 173 square meters was built in the Belgian municipality of Buggenhout. Its feature is a stone facade cladding.

stone facade exterior

In the example of this project, we consider 3 reasons why you should choose this type of cladding.


The house has a pronounced environmental friendliness due to the emphasis on the naturalness of materials. The facade decoration in stone looks harmoniously surrounded by the natural zone – the object is located in the forest area. A house made of wood here would have looked somewhat corny and not so contrasting, but the stone facade cladding gives the building an individuality, making it stand out among greenery. The cottage has become an accent point on the site.

stone facade cladding

Using traditional elite materials, architects managed to circumvent the classic features in the appearance of the building. This was made possible due to minimalist forms, straightforwardness, and the unusual appearance of the cladding itself. Instead of the classic massive slabs or tiles, the facade used a shallow mosaic cladding of a rectangular shape.


Finishing the facade of a house under a stone is practical:

  • the surface is unpretentious in maintenance;
  • will last more than a hundred years;
  • protects walls from external factors.
stone wall facade

House with stone walls looks expensive, massive, and respectable – the choice of connoisseurs of luxury, those who stop at the best of the best.

stone facade panels

The stone advantage in finishing the house is that it increases the energy efficiency of buildings. Such a surface is harmless to residents and the environment and withstands moisture differences, heat, and frost. It is a wear-resistant material that can withstand extreme conditions. It is resistant to rodents and insects.


Stone has become one of the basic materials used in modern design and architecture. It blends perfectly with trendy minimalist elements, places emphasis on certain areas, and highlights them.

modern stone facade

Finishing the facade of a house under a stone looks stylish and expensive along with modern glazing systems, including panoramic windows on the floor. The building is faced with light gray and light brown stone – these tones are in harmony with glass, and aluminum structures in the windows. This natural material also looks attractive next to plain wooden, metal, and reinforced concrete surfaces.

stone facade for houses exterior

Because the finish creates the necessary accents, the rest of the surfaces can simply be done in a plain white or pastel color. Architects adhered to this technique when designing a Belgian hi-tech house. The white tone has become the main one in interior design. In contrast, solid black elements are provided here – niches, parts of walls, furniture, doors, and window frames.

outdoor stone facade

Stone facade cladding in a minimalist style is a fashionable and practical element in the construction of a cottage. This cladding looks self-sufficient, therefore, does not require additional decor. With the correct implementation and selection of material, a house with stone walls looks futuristic and solid. Here, emphasis is placed on environmental friendliness, reliability, prestige, and high cost – one of the main criteria of modern luxury housing.

grey stone facade
Architects GRAUX & BAEYENS Architecten
Photo Luc RoymansDennis Desmet