Buying real estate in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has been growing in popularity and value in recent years. It has made a name for itself with its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The pleasant and hospitable Cypriot people, the unspoiled traditional buildings and the nature of the villages are quite remarkable for real estate investors.

Popularity of Northern Cyprus and investments

There are a lot of new real estate projects in North Cyprus right now. North Cyprus has a booming economy supporting growth and development. Buying a property here, you guarantee yourself a good investment. The infrastructure here is incredible – even if you decide to stay here, you will be pleased with the level of medicine and education. Your children will receive an excellent education, the level of which is quite high.

There’s a charming ex-colonial atmosphere at every step of the way, from the local Anglican church to the legacy of charming former colonial buildings.  The pound sterling is the unofficial international currency, British pound bills are accepted in all stores and restaurants, and all property is valued in them.

Why North Cyprus?

Let’s take a look at a number of advantages that will allow you to make the choice to invest in North Cyprus.

  • Climate – with over 300+ days of sunshine a year, it’s an incredible place to winterize the cold weather and fill yourself with Vitamin D.
  • Safety – Northern Cyprus is considered one of the safest places in the world due to its low level of crime. 
  • Highly developed infrastructure – from shopping to medical. In North Cyprus you will be able to find your second home, which will not be inferior to the comfort of life. 
  • Nice real estate prices – the island atmosphere offers much lower prices than on the South Side, as an example.

A great asset for your future

If you are wondering where to invest your money to bring income, then real estate in North Cyprus is one of the best options. This trend is expected to continue due to the country’s favorable investment climate, attractive property prices and high quality of life. Investing in Northern Cyprus today offers an opportunity to capitalize on this upward trend.

Housing in North Cyprus is a true slice of paradise where you will find constant sunshine, friendly residents, high quality of life and much more. Staying here will be a real vacation, but in your own place.  Are you thinking about buying? Prime Pro Investment company will tell and advise you all important details!