Construction Workhorses Are Being Redefined

Major equipment manufacturers such as Sunward Europe and Takeuchi have met the challenges posed by engines in order to render their equipment as being compliant to the Tier 4 Final emissions standards and currently focusing on excavators that offer more power and more productive.

During the MATEXPO in Belgium recently Sunward Europe unveiled the ‘game-changing’ 15-tonne zero-tailed SWE 155FW excavator. Based on Sunward’s ‘IF Design’ the latest compact excavator model has been declared as a super-efficient machine that is both robust and versatile. 

The SWE 155FW is expected to quench demand for more productive excavators that has been stemming from the excavator for hire market. The machine categorized under the 15T umbrella has been designed to handle an assortment of tasks boasts a 2 piece boom and offer an operating weight of between 14,700kg to 15,400kg.

Equipped with a Cummins engine (QSF3.8) and capable of producing 155 kW at 2,200 rpm, the manufacturer claims that they have achieved ‘near-zero’ emissions without any compromising performance, power or fuel efficiency. The low level of emission is attributed to the inline 4-cylinder engine design that is coupled with a 3.8L displacement sip fuel system that enhances fluid efficiency by 3% and delivers an additional power of more than 10%.

The machine according to an insider is the result of a partnership established between Sunward and Hengli that led to the creation of a positive flow control mechanism that is effective in reducing power loss significantly. According to John Whitman who is the owner and sole proprietor of a heavy machine rental outfit based in the heart of Melbourne, this is the kind of machine that businesses that offer heavy machines such as compact and standard excavators for hire have been waiting for.

Whitman added that this machine is not only fuel efficient and versatile, but the machine is also more durable attributed to the structural steel of the machine which is deemed as both ‘high-strength and high-ductility’ steel.

Based on the current transition from smaller excavators to 15T excavators as construction workhorses by major manufacturers, Takeuchi has also launched their latest 15 tonne excavator, the TB2150R. The new 15T model also happens to be the manufacturer’s second largest excavator after the TB2150.

The difference according to David Caldwell who is the manufacturer’s national product manager between the TB2150 model and the TB2150R is the latter’s fixed boom configuration and the tail swing design which has been reduced. It is the perfect compact workhorse that offers powerful performance that is capable of taking on any type of urban revitalization projects and tasks linked to general construction indicated Caldwell.

The TB2150R is also being targeted towards the 15 tonne excavator for hire rental market which has made it clear with regards to their preference of excavators with larger operating weights than that of conventional smaller models below that were below 10T and yet smaller than standard excavators that come with operating weights of above 20T. 15 T excavators are the middle ground that gives contractors the best of both worlds to manage construction projects in urban areas.