Installing Electrical Equipment: What to Consider Before Starting Work

Electricity is the cornerstone of modern civilization; life without it is inconceivable today. Every home is filled with a myriad of electrical devices, making the installation of electrical equipment in Miami—or any other city—a near-universal need. It’s crucial that such work is done to a high standard, with a strong emphasis on reliability to prevent future accidents. In Miami, many turn to the management company Alexcom Engineering for these services.

Alexcom Engineering has been operating in Miami for five years. Residents who are looking for cost-effective installation of various electrical equipment turn to this company for several reasons:

  • The installation services they offer in Miami adhere to the highest standards.
  • High-quality workmanship is paired with affordable pricing.
  • Warranties are provided, along with advantageous post-warranty service options.
  • The company employs highly-skilled professionals who are experts in their field and bring extensive experience to the table.

Alexcom Engineering serves residential, commercial, and industrial properties, offering a wide array of services in this domain.

Electrical Panels

The central distribution panel is an integral part of any building’s electrical supply system, and no installation of electrical equipment in Miami would be complete without it. It typically resembles a metal cabinet housing automated equipment. The installation of a central panel is preceded by the creation of a distribution diagram and is carried out in the following steps:

  • – The cabinet is mounted to a wall or placed into a specialized niche.
  • – Wires are stripped to improve contact with the terminals.
  • – A mounting busbar is installed inside the cabinet.
  • – Various components, including the electricity meter, are secured to the busbar.
  • – Jumpers are cut from wire.
  • – All elements are connected into a single scheme.

The final step involves connecting and sealing the electricity meter, usually in the presence of a representative from the regulating authority.

Indoor Lighting

By indoor lighting, we’re referring to illumination within buildings. There are five main types of indoor lighting:

  • – General lighting illuminates the entire space evenly.
  • – Task lighting highlights specific areas within the interior.
  • – Work lighting caters to the specific needs of tasks performed and meets occupational safety standards.
  • – Emergency lighting comprises a set of backup fixtures that come into play when primary light sources fail.  
  • – Decorative lighting adds a special flair to the interior.

When planning interior lighting installation in Miami, numerous factors are taken into consideration when selecting lighting sources—from ceiling height to room humidity. The specialists at Alexcom Engineering offer detailed consultations to help you make the right choice.

Outdoor Lighting

Electrical equipment installation in Miami often includes outdoor lighting, which can serve both decorative and practical purposes. This can be further divided into architectural and façade lighting. The former is used for buildings, fountains, statues, and other structures, while the latter focuses on entrance points, individual elements, or the entire façade.

Various types of fixtures are used in both cases:

  • – Faсade lights
  • – Linear lights
  • – LED lights
  • – Laser lights
  • – Spotlights of varying power

By combining diverse light sources, the experts at Alexcom Engineering create truly unique lighting solutions, making electrical equipment installation in Miami a creative process.

Other Equipment

Alexcom Engineering offers installation services for a variety of equipment:

  • – Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • – Presence sensors with varying sensitivity levels
  • – Sound systems in bars, nightclubs, dance floors, and similar venues
  • – Cable TV

Tankless water heaters are quite popular in Miami. These units provide hot water on demand without storing it in a tank, heating the water as it passes through the unit. In addition to instant hot water, their compact design makes them especially convenient.

Ceiling fans are another popular installation service. These come in various styles. Universal models often come with remote controls and are suitable for any room. Residential fans combine moderate power with aesthetic design. Outdoor fans feature anti-corrosive coatings and temperature fluctuation protection. Special high-power, long-life fans are designed for shopping malls, public spaces, and industrial settings.

No matter what type of equipment you’re considering, rest assured that any electrical equipment installation in Miami will be completed to the highest standard.