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Dark House Exterior – 3 Design Benefits

The dark graphite exterior of the house is a trendy, modern living solution with a touch of futuristic design. With a large amount of glass and natural wood, such a facade does not look gloomy, but differs in an expensive stylish appearance – the N.A.O.

dark house facade

Consider 3 benefits of dark in the context of cottage facade design.

dark cladding of the exterior of the house

The showiness of the dark exterior of the house

The matte graphite color looks fashionable and expensive on the exterior. Due to the corrugated surface, depending on the position of the sun, black stripes are formed on it, adding dynamism to structures and surfaces.

dark decoration of the facade of the house at night

This color effectively emphasizes the modernity of the building in ultra-trendy minimalism. At the same time, it is combined with natural brown, beige, light tones and allows you to create a clear border between the inside and the outside.

dark exterior of 2 storey building

To complement the showiness of the graphite façade, the architects have provided panoramic window frames in the same color.

dark exterior of the house with large windows

Accentuating the home with a dark exterior

The graphite-colored facade looks harmoniously next to the natural shades of wildlife and at the same time stands out in contrast against the background of greenery and blue sky. This puts the house in the spotlight.

dark exterior of the house combined with light interior

It is successfully played in a meadow surrounded by a forest. And due to the fact that natural wood is partially present on the facade and in the interior, viewed through panoramic windows, the cottage is literally integrated into the environment.

The originality of the exterior of the house in a dark color

Despite its impressiveness, a dark exterior for a residential building is an atypical solution. Such a house does not go unnoticed in almost any setting. This is the choice of connoisseurs of unusual and bold enough, but beautiful ideas.

dark exterior of the house with wood cladding

The dark exterior of the house looks austere and laconic, in line with the latest trends in design and architecture. The main feature of a graphite facade is visibility and beauty. But for this, it is important to correctly beat such a finish so that the object does not look boring and gray.

PhotoShinichi Hanaoka