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3+ House Wall Decoration Ideas In Your Piggy Bank

Each person has his own idea of what an ideal home should be. It is logical that most of us prefer a spectacular combination of comfort and style.

Of particular note is the wall decoration in a private house. This is an important aspect that emphasizes the originality of the structure. Also, thanks to competent decoration, it is possible to transform even the most problematic part of the wall. Creative approach and creative thinking will help to cope with any, even seemingly too difficult task.

Expressive facade design

U House is an urban private home located in a residential area of South Jakarta near the main road. The area of the plot on which the house is built is 7.5 x 13 meters.

The facade of knowledge attracts the eye. The exterior walls of the private house are decorated in calm and bright colors. Granite and iron tiles are relevant. The texture of the material helps to set the right accents. The finishing touch is the box with live plants.

The windows of the house are not directed to the windows of the neighboring houses, which creates a comfortable and free microclimate throughout the site.

Layout Features

The architects tried to keep the layout compact, and each square meter fulfilled a specific mission. The room is quite spacious and bright with a high level of ventilation.

The house has the following rooms:

This is enough for a full stay of a small family.

Idea # 1

The decoration of the private house inside is designed in light shades that visually expand the space. It is noteworthy that sunlight penetrates into every corner of the room. The intermediate space creates a void in the center of the house, due to which a connection is formed between the remaining zones.

Attic of a private house

A skylight, regardless of the time of year, allows you to receive natural solar lightening throughout the day. Promotes good heat transfer and ventilation, ensuring fresh air.

Wall decoration in the attic of a private house allows you to add a twist to the interior. Slanted walls and ceiling, presented in bright colors visually increase the space.

Finishing the flight of stairs in a private house in harmony with the overall design. A coffee staircase and a bright handrail look attractive. A quality installation allows you to move freely to the desired area of the house. Everything is beautiful and practical.

Recommendation. It is appropriate to adhere to minimalism in the design of the interior, without overloading it with unnecessary details. Let the space “breathe”, then your well-being will be light and inspired.

Idea # 2

Simple and original

Do not be afraid of experiments. Today, designers welcome the combination of different materials that are used to decorate the walls in a private house. The classic white ceiling fits the walls in any design. A large window creates the illusion of freshness and vivacity, and a terracotta hue gives the room a special cosiness and warmth. Living plants emphasize the overall atmosphere.

Tip. Furniture should be chosen, focusing on the design of the room itself. For example, in the living room, a coffee-colored sofa with pillows of gray, milk and mustard print is relevant. A small table and a vase with fresh flowers are appropriate. Keep to minimalism and do not put furniture that will not be used for its intended purpose, but only to play a decorative role.

Idea # 3

Wall decoration for kitchens in private homes
Wall decoration stairs in a private house photo