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Exterior Wood Slats / Trendy cladding solution

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Bureau Solomon Troup Architects provided a revolutionary way of facing the house exterior wooden slats. The external walls are finished with traditional material, but at the same time they are completely devoid of signs of classic and familiar design. The facade combines elements of environmental, style, minimalism, modern and hi-tech. Consider the features of the wooden exterior of a private house in a trendy direction.

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Facing the exterior of the house with lamellas with gaps made it possible to realize a unique idea – quite good lighting and view characteristics from all sides, and panoramic glazing hidden from the eyes from the outside.

On the facades of the house installed screens with lamellas, controlled by an electric drive. This is a kind of blinds that cover the whole wall of the house. Convenient and practical solution for maximum privacy of housing with a large area of glazing. In the open state, a sufficient amount of sunlight enters the house through the blinds, and at the same time, views of the surrounding areas open from the inside.


One of the main tasks of the ultra-modern cladding of the house with slats is a modern design. Using traditional, natural finishing materials, designers managed to get rid of the boring and familiar appearance of a wooden building – now it looks like a cottage of the future.

Moreover, the facing material is absolutely safe, non-toxic and has a long service life. With virtually no decor, the building looks unusual and reliable.


This beach house is situated on an open, sunny location. In the hot time of the day, buildings in this environment get very warm. The sun’s rays are especially active in heating rooms through windows. Wooden lamellar exteriors from the screens make it possible to completely close either side of the house from the scorching rays, and to ensure the optimal flow of light and heat through the ajar slots between the screens.

From the side of the private territory from the backyard, there is no need to increase the privacy of the windows, so there were no lamellas installed there. And in order to hide the premises on this side from the hot sun, windows and an entrance group were installed in the so-called niches. They obscure the rooms, but do not close the panoramic view.

Finishing the exterior of the house with lamella screens is an idea for people with radical, innovative views on housing architecture. Such a country house is distinguished not only by an unusual design, but also by a number of unique functions.

Architects Solomon Troup Architects
Photo Benjamin Hosking