Using Eyelets In Artwork: 4 DIY Ideas And Inspirations

Eyelets are versatile and functional embellishments that add elegance and durability to various art projects. These small metal rings are commonly used to reinforce holes in paper, fabric, leather, and other materials, preventing them from tearing or fraying.  

Beyond their practical applications, eyelets have become popular elements in art and craft projects, offering an array of creative possibilities to artists and do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts. Furthermore, this article explores eyelets in artwork, along with DIY ideas and inspirations to spark your creativity.

Best Eyelet Punchers

To begin, having the right tools for the job is essential. Eyelet punchers are specialized tools for creating holes and securing eyelets in various materials. Maun eyelet pliers are the easiest and most durable tool to install multiple eyelets for your projects.

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In addition to eyelet punchers, specific tools may be necessary to execute your artwork effectively. For instance, a pair of pliers can be used to firmly close and secure the eyelet in place, ensuring a tight and reliable hold. Pliers also come in handy when dealing with thicker or tougher materials where additional pressure is required to set eyelets properly.  

Remember, when purchasing tools for your art projects, choosing reputable businesses like is best to ensure you get high-quality products that will effectively meet your crafting needs.

DIY Ideas And Inspirations For Artworks

Once you have the necessary tools, you can create artwork with eyelets. Here are some imaginative projects to help ignite your passion for art and tips on achieving them.

Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art is printed or painted on canvas, a durable and versatile material commonly used for paintings and prints. These artworks are often stretched and mounted on wooden frames, making them ready for wall display to enhance interior decor. 

You can incorporate eyelets in canvas wall art to hang the artwork with a stylish and contemporary touch. To do so:

  • Attach eyelets to the corners of the canvas.
  • Make sure they’re evenly spaced for balanced hanging.
  • Use decorative ribbons or metal chains to hang the canvas, adding an extra flair to the overall presentation. 

For example, you can paint a scenic landscape and insert eyelets along the top edge to create a nature-inspired canvas with eyelets. Thread a rustic jute rope through the eyelets to give the artwork a rustic and earthy feel when hung on the wall.

Framed Art Collages

Framed art collages are creative compositions that combine various elements, such as photographs, illustrations, papers, and objects, within a single frame. These collages allow artists to tell a visual story, express emotions, or create thematic displays that are both visually striking and deeply meaningful. The elements are arranged and adhered to a backing board before being enclosed within a frame, creating a cohesive and eye-catching piece of artwork.

Adding eyelets to framed art collages can help secure various elements like photographs in place. It’s best to use eyelets that match the frame’s color and style for a cohesive look. Arrange the collage elements on a backing board, and insert eyelets at strategic points to hold everything in position.

For instance, to craft a family photo collage with eyelets, arrange printed photos on a foam board and insert eyelets near the corners of each photo. Using metal clips or mini clothespins to attach the images to the eyelets creates a heartfelt family display within a decorative frame.

Outdoor Garden Art

Outdoor garden art refers to artistic and decorative elements specifically designed for outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, or landscapes. These art pieces can include sculptures, statues, wind chimes, metalwork, mosaics, and other creative installations that enhance the beauty and ambiance of the outdoor environment. This adds a touch of artistic expression to nature’s backdrop.

You can incorporate eyelets in outdoor garden art to add durability and versatility to the pieces. Remember to use weather-resistant eyelets made of stainless steel or brass. Attach the eyelets to garden sculptures or wind chimes, allowing them to withstand outdoor elements.

For example, you can make a wind chime with eyelets using metal pipes or wooden pieces for the chimes and attach eyelets at the top of each piece. Thread strong fishing lines or metal chains through the eyelets, securing the chimes to a decorative metal ring. Hang the wind chime in your garden to create soothing sounds with a touch of artistic charm.

Altered Art Projects

Altered art projects involve transforming and repurposing existing items or materials into new, artistic creations. You can take everyday objects—such as books, boxes, or found objects—and use various techniques—like painting, collage, and embellishment—to give them a fresh and artistic identity. This often incorporates elements of vintage, steampunk, or mixed media styles.

Eyelets in altered art projects can help add dimension and create interactive elements. You can use it secure small hinges or fasteners to make doors or flaps that open and close. Moreover, choose eyelets that match the altered art piece’s overall theme and color scheme. 

Construct an altered art book with eyelets. Create pages from various materials like cardboard, patterned paper, and fabric. Insert eyelets along the binding edge of each page and attach them using metal rings. Add small doors with eyelet-hinged flaps to reveal hidden messages or images, making the altered book a captivating and interactive artwork.


Eyelets are practical tools for reinforcing holes and offer endless possibilities for artistic expression. Incorporating eyelets in artwork adds versatility, durability, and a touch of creativity. Experiment with different materials, colors, and styles to discover unique ways to integrate eyelets into your artistic projects.