What Are Common Plumbing Repairs and How Should You Address Them?

Picture this you’re walking to your bathroom to discover that the toilet is running and there is water leaking from a pipe. This common plumbing problem requires a professional to come out and fix it before it becomes a more significant issue.

Whether you’re renting or owning a home or apartment, it’s crucial to understand what common plumbing problems you might face and how to address them. Understanding these things can help you to remedy an issue before it causes significant damage to other areas of your home.

Dripping Faucets

One of the most common problems that people face is a leaky faucet. This needs to be fixed because a leaky faucet will cause a slow waste of water, which can increase your utility bill because the faucet is constantly running until it’s fixed.

While one faucet leaking might not cause a tremendous rise in your water bill, it can add up quickly if you have multiple faucets running. To address the problem, the best thing to do is replace the o-ring on the tap, but of course, this is something that could or could not work based on the type of faucet you have in your home.

Clogged Toilet

When your toilet is clogged, it affects everyone who has to use it. Not only can the toilet overflow, but if there’s something in the toilet, it can create an odor, which is why calling Emergencyplumbersperth.com.au is the next step to take. They will come out and assess the problem, but before they leave, you can rest assured you’re going to have a working toilet.

The reason you want to call the professionals out is that when your toilet is clogged, there’s no way of knowing where in the pipeline the clog has occurred. It could be anywhere and can also be due to a problem in the pipeline connection.

Non-Working Water Heater

When you get in the shower, you expect the water to run hot or at least warm, but when there’s a problem with the water heater, you’ll find your system takes longer to heat water or doesn’t heat it at all. There are several problems that come from a water heater not working, with the first being the valves not working.

When the valves don’t work the way they were intended to work, it can lead to the water heater flooding the area where it’s housed. Another issue is the water heater becoming corroded, which can lead to contamination of the water inside the tank.

While some of these issues can be fixed, if your heater has a leak, you have to replace the entire water heating system.

Common Plumbing Problems to Address

No one enjoys dealing with a plumbing problem, but when one arises, you’ve got to act quickly. Is your toilet stopped? Is the water heater not working?

We’ve provided examples and remedies above for you to try. Ensure you take time to scroll through some of the other posts we have created for you.